By the way, Smedley made a big post on Reddit

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  1. The Funk

    Meh I've been through a struggling game with open world PvP that introduced instanced PvP "game modes" and it did not go well. Hurt PvP a lot more than it helped and wasted Dev resources that could have been put into things people wanted.

    Might have been a good idea when the game first came out but with current population issues I don't see how pulling players out of the "real" game and into instances is a smart move.
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  2. Acceleratio

    Isnt it kinda scary how much this makes sense? ^^
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  3. Turekson

    Could be so. It could also be that he thought more people can be reached via reddit, or that it would sound more 'authentic' if he posted it personally there.

    Seriously though, I think what he wrote was pretty good when you take the situation (corporate buy & console porting) into account. I haven't been around from beta or anything so I don't know anything about past broken promises, but would still try to maintain some careful optimism. Before this I was kinda mentally prepared for that the game would just die off on PC during the next two-three years or so.

    I think it's better to hear some promises, than none. He did give a date and some pretty concrete descriptions what they are about, also bringing back old devs once they have already left is not usual and could be seen as an indication of real commitment to the game. PS2 is quite an unique franchise, so the new owners (CN) might even think it could smart from a purely economic point of view to let people in who have their heart in the process at some level, instead of just looting the carcass.

    Only thing I'm sceptic is the new gamemode and how it will affect the game as whole, but I then again I might be wrong there. So overall think this was a positive thing.
  4. Iridar51

    Nice words, let's see what's behind them. I've always wanted an arena or battleground style gamemode for PS2.
  5. OldMaster80

    A small continent like battle islands could be nice. What I hope never to see in PS2 is instanced fights like 6 vs 6 or 12 vs 12. This is not Titanfall.
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  6. Endlave

    I will not say negative things about the game mode before I actually know what it is, but I sure hope it has some connection to the fights happening on the continents. If it is something instanced, I hope winning the game mode at least has a meaning for the faction you are fighting for.

    But anyway, it's nice to hear that new things are coming.
  7. sjtw_w_stot

    Why does it take a 3rd party (a player no less) to copy/paste game updates from a 3rd party site (reddit) to keep us informed? Nothing under NEWS on the Official Planetside 2 website, nothing from the Planetside 2 twitter account and nothing posted here under news/announcements...

    Just curious because it makes no sense.. Can you say weak?
  8. Revel

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  9. JudgeNu

    Hmm, Game-mode sounds fun.

    Taking away from the General Pool?
    Possibly on population down-times, but could give those players a different option. *shrugs*
    High times with 33%x3, you still have a good amount of other players on another continent.
    There are those who like to stay on Non-alert Conts, because they enjoy the smaller battles, albeit this game is about the large scale battles, I think there is room for some variety.

    I particularly wouldn't want it to be a "last man standing", too ego centered for me.
    In a game as big as this, focusing on one player is just blah.

    "CTF" 'Capture the Facility' is already a game-mode, could it work as a Novice Instance? idk.

    Could it be a sort of "Dungeon" where it ties in with a revamped resource system?
    Is there room in this game for Gear?

    Queue with Pre-mades? Randoms?
    I think a lot of us have experienced the random groups in PvP instances.
    What is the reward system in a PS2 PvP instance?

    I also think they should add an Outfit Friendly Recruitment System.
    Maybe just a Recruitment Tab that can be toggled off.

    What my fears are and will always be with new "incentives" for gameplay is this.
    Faction Stacking.

    My 2 Certs
  10. Sulsa

    "In the near term, we're adding more people to the Planetside 2 team (hopefully bringing some people back that were former team members)..."

    This part made me sit up and take note.
    It seems that a post this long and this indepth wouldn't have happened unless they really are looking at PS2 to continue to be a major player in their catalog of games.

    My reasoning:
    The game is in a good enough spot to limp along for another year or 2 and make them a bit more money. Smed could have said 'Hey PS2 players! All is good! More stuff coming soon!" to appease the masses and then never really deliver on anything aside from a few shiny new objects.

    Instead, he gives some lengthy insight into what they are expecting to be able to achieve in the next 6+ months onwards. I think this bodes well for the future of PS2. It really is an extraordinary game with huge potential with a small but passionate community and Daybreak seems to recognize this. They also seem to understand the value of trying to keep it's community engaged and included in certain aspects of the development cycle.

    I think this is all good.

    ...and seriously, what else would I play?
  11. SlamBamBOOM

    Reddit... Sigh..
  12. TheRunDown

    All I want for Christmas is some PlanetSide in PlanetSide 2..
    And not a Hud Waypoint "Suggestion" telling where I should attack or where the next objective is..
    Infact Give me the ability to TURN IT OFF.. I don't need that huge HUD Icon blocking my view.. I've been playing this game for over 2 years, I really don't need telling where to Go.. just because I'm "near" an objective.. Only a idiot would need to follow a waypoint in to the cannon fodder for a "Rewardless" objective.. i.e Single EXP rewarded to the person who Overlaoded the Generator.. and second Dog piling a SCU which ruins the fight..

    In PlanetSide 1, no one would attack the Generator, it would just ruin the fight and Half the EXP.. the only time a Gen was drop, was during a Full Empire defence and getting a Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky Infiltrator down to the basement with a Telepad.. but none of that epicness exists in PlanetSide 2, and nor will it..

    I want a better lattice system, less outposts linked to the Lattice.. more focused on big outposts and mainbases only.. Less chaos, more tactical game player..

    I also want all Generator EXP to be rewarded to the SOI and Half the Captured base EXP reward if the SCU is down at the time of capture, like it was in PlanetSide 1.

    Add a new EXP system: Command Points
    And new Rank: Command Rank, Command Rank to contains;
    Communications, Coordination and Logistics.
    To unluck Command Rank abilities, you need to be a squad or Platoon leader and earn Command Points from base Captures/Defends and Objective EXP, and to spend Command Points in to Command Rank. Such as 30 Command Points to unlock Spawn Beacon 1 and so on..

    AND FOR GOD SAKE! Change Redeploy..
    It shouldn't be a method of Zerging across great distances..
    It should only allow you to go to the next connected base, or to simply respawn at the nearest base or Warpgate..
    The current Redeploy is being abused by ZERGFITS who mass spawn in to defence bases, like a disturbed Ants Nest..
    Literally every single base your empire owns that is counting down can be spawned in to from "ANY" Location and sometimes even off continent.. It's a F*&^ing Joke!

    If it's not ZERFITS using it, it's solo and lonewolf players looking for easy kills, it's more benefitting for a Redeploy Farmer to defend than it is to attack. Keeping a Higher KDR..

    Instant Action is Redundant because of Redeploy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111!!
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  13. Hypersot

    Couldn't say it better

    also, as long as we only see *users* doing their best to inform us about the game instead of those that it's their job to do so, I can hardly consider any news about the game as serious
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  14. FBVanu

    Did I miss this post on the Official Website of or was this never posted on the forum?
  15. Arsinek

    I wonder if theyll ever disclose why they released the game with no point.

    Its most likely because they ran out of money and had to release the game to start recouping costs.

    So another unfinished game that was released anyway.
  16. Takara

    Well all of the things he said sounded good....basically he talked about putting in about as much content that has been added since this game started. Which is a new continent/resource system/metagame. I took 2 years to get here. And I think with that much on their plate it's going to take another two years to get there. I was excited to read about it all. But I'm pretty sure there will be by the time it hits there won't be much left.
  17. Ronin Oni

    Would make sense since trying to pigeon hole NTU runs into the existing framework would just be asking for troubles.
  18. IPLAYTF2

    none of that will ever be implemented

    real talk
  19. ronjahn

    And I thought the new roadmap was a step in the right direction lol.

    They said that they would post information about every item being worked on. Why is it then that they had a secret "small subset" of an incredibly small development team spending weeks of their time on a new game mode, but that development magically didn't make it onto the "in progress" roadmap the dev team promised to be open about and update regularly?

    If they've spent so much time and there has been enough development on it to say that it's definitely going live, then why not just tell us what it is instead of this nonsense hush hush secret new game mode? This is why no one trusts this company. They promise to tell us openly about everything they are developing, but only a few months later admit to hiding a major update to the game.

    I guess secret content and updates isnt a bad thing overall, I appreciate new content and all, but this company contradicts itself constantly. He says right in the letter that they want the community to be involved in the development, but then a few sentences later say that this new system is going live but haven't told us what it is or let us provide feedback on it or suggestions for improvement.

    And none of it is posted in an official or professional manner at all. Couldn't a letter from the President of the company been presented somewhere other then the scummy pits of reddit?
  20. Gemenai

    Well Smedley two minutes two late.
    I'm sick and tired of those promises and announcements - or better said, no one believes this BS anymore ( beside the new console peasants maybe). Maybe you or your fellows didn't notice. You've reached the point where only actions can convince the majority any more.

    "Oooh until September we will working really hard and do stuff and implement thingies, duh..." as if.
    It will be more likely, that you throw out some camos or helmets once or twice in a while, trying to grab money again and the whole implementation of new things will take extra one and a half year or will it just be skipped in the end. And as allways, not without (re)implementation of 5 bugs for every bug "solved".

    But hey you know what community? It doesn't matter what i say here, no one with any power to do something in that corparation, is reading this forum. No instead they are still on reddit. To be honest, if the OP didn't had posted that here, i wouldn't even took notice about it.

    So while still taking a break and playing other games than this - my sincere regards.