By the way, Smedley made a big post on Reddit

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Copasetic, May 7, 2015.

  1. HadesR

    Star Wars Galaxies Deja Vu
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  2. JobiWan

    Maybe if people didn't call him an a-hole on here, he'd be more inclined to post on here.
  3. OldMaster80

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  4. zaspacer

    What are you talking about? I can tell you are sarcastic, but I have no idea what you are referring to.
  5. Haquim

    Maybe if he did what he is supposed to and posted it where it belonged in the first place he would get a better reception.

    Also posting some kind of "everything under control" message while posting it on reddit instead of (not additionally to) his own forums makes it feel a bit like he is driving on the wrong side of the highway while assuring his passengers that everything is ok.
    Or put another, less metaphoric way: The action of posting it exclusively on reddit does not match the words of wanting to improve.
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  6. HadesR

    Well someone has to ..

    As an interview post issues :

    Well I guess technically if they don't ask us , and I can't remember being asked or having a " New Game mode " Roadmap feature, then they don't have to listen to us ..

    Now unless the game mode is the Intra-Facility Missions nothing has been mentioned ... It's just going to be dropped into our lap by a Smiling Smedley with a Taaadaaaaa


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  7. LeFitz

    Very encouraging, I guess a lot of people will be looking at September. I hope the team will succeed in creating an interesting resource revamping that will in turn finally generate some meta game.
    Re the game mode, I join the rank of the people not wanting it for the obvious reason that anything instanced is at the expense of the world population. (and as mentioned above, I don't recall anyone mentioning they wanted such a thing).
  8. toast2250

    I also hope that they would someday turn this game around to something interesting in terms of resource system, owning and capturing.

    The only reason why I still hang around here is because there are things that they have proven that they can pull off certain things, unfortunately bad things sort of a outweigh the good things and the going back and forth circle jrking is a waste of time and resources where it should have been made sure to get it right the first time.

    PS2 specific, things like:
    - Aim sights (reflex sight) rework
    - OMFG patch
    - Some additions to the settings page
    - Showing good will and admitting mistakes

    The bad:
    - Bad reputation (Star wars smthing), bad decisions
    - Going back and forth with the concept, circle jrking balance, performance,.. (which is pretty much everything)
    - The balancing rampage ruined a lot of things in this game starting with ZOE, not because balancing was not necessary, but because it was not done right. The chart was simply leveled.

    They may be kind and work hard but unfortunately most of the work doesn't show, its just not good enough and it needs/should have changed already, the right buttons need to be pushed.
  9. RykerStruvian

    This game is doomed and has been doomed. Granted, I don't have stats, but just about everyone I know who played Planetside 2, include myself, quit playing. We all like the game a ton but we can't stand for the amount of stupid crap which we've been put through/have to deal with. No one is forced us to stick it out but we chose to do so because we believed in the game and we believed in the developers.

    But SOE/Gamebreakers did so much stuff which wasn't funny. They basically tried to force something to work and it didn't. We clamored for the longest time, GIVE US DEFENDABLE BASES. They were in the alpha screenshots yet they (SOE) tried to force us to do something else and it didn't work. The same goes for that AWFUL MLG push...MLG decals, MLG tournaments, MLG 'skirmishes'. Ugh. What an awful idea and look where it got you.

    The original development plan is long gone, the game itself has been broken ever since release. Aside from being broken from a gameplay perspective, and a balancing one, the engine itself is by far the most buggy engine I've seen in an MMO game. I've played a lot of MMOs, the only one that is even compares to is the one used for Anarchy Online.

    Goddamn. You made Planetside over ten-years ago. You already had something laid out which worked just fine (not mentioning any dumb crap like BFRs). You could've just improved a formula which already existed but instead you did this, crapped on a lot of the original fanbase, and now you keep pissing people off by implementing awful ideas.

    Last but not least, I'm still complaining about this. You also messed up the sales a lot too. In particular, I had purchased the annivesary package last year for Planetside 2 only to have it get reduced in price for cyber monday when it wasn't supposed to be on sale. Not only this, but before that popped up a bunch of people got stuff from the package for free. And all SOE did was go *shrug* "tough luck". Well, tough luck for you since I haven't given you any money since and I even quit the game.

    Whatever SOE. Just whatever.

    FYI, I keep posting here even though I don't play the game because I sit sometimes and think "Wow, wouldn't it be fun to reinstall Planetside 2?". Then I come to the forums, read whats been done, shake my head, and move on again. "Maybe it'll be better in another six months." :rolleyes:
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  10. Hicksimus

    In as few words as possible this is the issue. Take Cities Skylines as an example. A 13 person dev team copy-pasted a lot of aspects from the great/old city builders and added some modern touches afforded by modern processing power(curved roads, modern interface design, individual simulated citizens) and it became their best seller. They didn't try anything crazy and they didn't try to steal ideas from trendy games as BF3 did with CoD and PS2 did with BF3.

    PS2 could have done the same as Cities Skylines. Take PS1 then add modern game engine+modern visuals+modern interface+skill system of choice+modern shooting mechanics+?????+profit. Instead of doing what they were good at they chased a trend. A weird trend at that. What keeps CoD/BF games popular is frequent new versions...even before BF4 was out BF3 had a significantly shrunk community. So why copy those games with a slow changing MMO that you need longevity from?
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  11. OldMaster80

    Blame Higby. Everything we needed was in the roadmap since the beginning and they wasted tons of time and resources to develop things that eventually got abandoned.
    Shall we really be negative if the team seems to be willing to go back on the right track? I don't think so ;)
  12. RykerStruvian

    They're not willing to get back on track. One of the most basic issues we've also been complaining about is how Reddit seems to get preferential treatment simply because more people use it. If I remember correctly, the response to that argument was along the lines of..."Everyone is free to do and post as they see fit." Okay, fine. I get it. You aren't slaves. But then you come to us saying "Oh come on guys, we really want this relationship to work out." Okay. So you want us to dance to your tune while you act as a stubborn little turd.

    I swear, SOE/Daybreak is SUCH a primadonna. Just o m f g. Worse than my ex.
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  13. Atis

    As was said at reddit "No, you see, now that they have less manpower than ever they will get more stuff done than they ever did, and in less time, it makes perfect sense!" (c) wetfeces

    Even if we believe in Smed's good intentions, even if they got tons of half-made stuff, even if they rehire few guys, how can DBG deliver that much in September? Oh wait, Smed said that game "will be here in ten years", lots of Septembers to chose.
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  14. toast2250

    They don't. Its not really a discussion of what amount they can deliver by that time.

    The only significant thing you might get by September is probably the copy pasted H1Z1 instanced match making, which is silly and exciting at the same time.

    The other thing is the resource mining he mentions, I do believe its a bunch of hot air and even if it makes ingame it will something cheap and unimportant to begin with.

    I must see this!:eek:
  15. Navron

    All the people complaining in this thread or that have negative responses about Smed's post are still playing the game.

  16. RykerStruvian

    Thats not true.
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  17. toast2250

    I don't see how you can be satisfied with that. Maybe in LOL but not here.
  18. Shiaari

    Hey Smed,

    I intend to play and support this game until you finally unplug the servers, and then even after that, in my dreams.
  19. MorganM

    Oh come on Kypto you're smarter than that. It's official news from him about the game with dates; doesn't matter where he posted it. You think for one second if they don't deliver he can just say "oh, well, it was just reddit rumors and hearsay... nothing was OFFICIALLY promised... but pls buy more SC because we have more awesome stuff to come!" Like we will all be "OH ok.. it was just reddit... totally gonna re-up my sub bro!"

    Stop making ******** excuses for their piss poor communication. They are inconsistent because they are terrible at it not because there's some subtle nuances around how they deliver their messages via specific social networking platforms.
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  20. Devrailis

    I actually disagree with the assertion that the PS2 designers did not listen to its fanbase.

    They clearly did listen to its players.

    The problem is, they listened to the wrong players.

    Let's not be nice about this. There are a lot of players who do not know what they want and a lot of players who we should not be taking any design advice from, period.

    There's been a constant push pull between players who want a Combined Arms Sandbox with deeper strategic mechanics, and players who want a fast-paced shooter with no downtime and an emphasis on competitive play. Planetside 2 can't be both. It tried, and it failed. I don't know if you remember this or not, but there was this loud and strong push for the game to hit the MLG scene when it was released. Higby himself pushed for it passionately.

    A lot of player feedback was taken in on how to make it more competitive, how to keep the fighting going, etc... A lot of proposals to deepen the gameplay mechanics at the time were consistently being shot down by players who wanted Planetside 2 to out-CoD CoD.

    Even now, if you make a proposal to add more meaningful choice to the game, or to add restrictions that would open up alternative options for gameplay, you're going to have people shoot down those proposals since they would make it harder to mindlessly farm or add an additional layer of downtime between killstreaks. Non-stop farming action can be found in other shooters with less downtime and interruptions between sessions, but PS2 should never have even attempted to imitate those games.

    PS2 is a game that had deep strategic roots and tried to hit the MLG scene. Two and a half years later and we end up with a game that has shallow strategic gameplay, and NO meaningful competitive presence to speak of. We lost on both fronts when we could have excelled in one.

    MLG was the snake oil that poisoned the well and yet even now, we still have players willing to drink that kool-aid.
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