Both EU servers down?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ancalagon, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Ancalagon

    Miller shows as population Very High, but Server Unavailable. Briggs shows 0% across all empires.

    What gives?

    Announcements have no info about server outage.

    So what is going on? Are we not going to be able to play today or something ???????????
  2. direwind

    aye, i spent like 1 hour in a defence, and now i lose the defence bonus due to server crashing.
  3. Herbaceous

    I just logged to quickly do something and now I can't get back in to Miller. I'm guessing the server cap is on atm...
  4. ChipMHazard

    Same here. I am righly impressed by their server stability...
    I wouldn't worry about getting to play today, they are going to get it sorted... Then the servers are probably going to go down again. Rinse and repeat. :p
  5. Jac70

    I was on about 25 minutes ago but it now appears to be down again - like a bride's nightgown ;)

    Some official notification would be nice!
  6. BlueSmiley

    Make a second character on a US server. I did that too.
    If my server (Miller) is full or offline, I'll go to the US server.
  7. OneManArmy

    This is really bad start.
  8. Ancalagon

    Sorry, got servers mixed up. Briggs is the AU one and that is listed as having maintenance.

    The second EU server is up, Woodsman.

    However, given the fact that any station store purchases such as camo, armor and so on are locked to ONE CHARACTER only, I have no intentions whatsofrackingever to create a new character on the other EU server just to help alleviate any server stress issues there might be on Miller.

    Make station store purchases global (i.e. account bound and not character bound) and I may consider filling up a less populated server.

    As long as station store purchases are character bound, you might as well (as far as I am concerned) remove all other servers from the server listing and only display the one I am currently on. All others are 100% uninteresting.
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  9. WeEdNL

    Even the beta was more stable than this.
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  10. qazqazqaz

    I was going through certs when DC hit me.
  11. Aggserboel

    In the server list they are rated as "High" for me, but they are unavailable.

    How hard is it to make an announcement, either before they are taken down, or immediatly after they notice the intern pulled the plug. A lot of people are waiting for news.
  12. FonS²

    Only Miller, Briggs and Waterson server are off
  13. Sh00rs1gn

    As it might not be fantastic that the servers are down I am undoubtedly sure that they are aware of it and doing their best to fix it. As the servers crashed earlier I anticipate that they've got people picking over the remains of the hamster that exploded due to exertion at this very moment.
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  14. dwaightskihd

    i got disconnected... WHAT THE...
  15. Vindicar

    don't be a drama queen...
    I've been playing for 13hours with only thoz two server crashs... game's smooth and I was a really enjoyable first night.
    that's a pretty decent launch to me.
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  16. Valkar

    Im off work in an hour and was hoping to play after only getting 1 hour last night due to the download taking so long... gutted if its down. They shot themselves in the foot by restricting SC purchases to 1 char. It should be that your char can log into ANY server so one week you can fight on Miller next woodman. I know poeple like to have a single server to get known on and all that jazz, but in situations like this it would be nice to have my time invested in a single char and not put back by a single server having issues whilst others are doing better.
  17. Proqx5

    I guess its a crash due the big battles.
    I got disconnected (Miller) and was not able to login after that, because of the server which was not available.
    maybe they fix this :p , meanwhile I have to do a school test :).
    I guess that they fix it when I am back :D hf ppl!
  18. Noobv8

    This is where Roaming characters would come in handy tho, I mean than you can at least progress your character on an other server yay problem solved^^
  19. Ancalagon

    I find it astonishing that after the beta runs and the amount of people who were signing on then, they still have issues with server stability. Should have been pretty clear that there would be masses of players joining.

    For some reason companies never learn. Every launch, with every game the past years have been haunted with server instability issues. And devs never seem to figure out there is always a massive influx of players in the opening weeks, then the numbers die off after the initial release.

    So we are stuck with broken servers and frustration on forums while our days off from work are bleeding away ~_~
  20. Shrak

    Please give us back our beta test game... It was more stable than this... omg...
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