Betelgeuse 54-A is OP

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  1. Mekk_TR

    Title say it all..

    VS is OP by definition.....
    Vs whith a gun with the betelgeuse-54 ? wow i can only be killed by that weapon.... but each time, it look like im not doing damage at all when im fihgting a VS with that gun...... like the betelgeuse is acting as a shield same time as a OP weapon ????

    Seriously Im the only one who think this weapon is OP ???????????????
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  2. Inogine

    Mm, while I do think the VS arsenal as a whole is more usable than the others due to various factors... I don't think it quite works like that. Accuracy, fire rate, and handling seem to be the main staple of some of their guns however, seeming to let them come out on top more often than not. Clientside doesn't help with that problem either with a few different factors.

    Game basically speaks in fire rate and accuracy though. Lynx for the TR was a good example of that, but it was nerfed into the ground so there's that.
  3. HomicideJack

    If you think it's bad on PC because of VS (who usually by the way are out of region or have bad internet), whew, you ought to see it on PS4. I swear the VS are always the one doing something suspicious. And I mean SUSPICIOUS. I can handle an NC guy planking me from 200 meters because their guns are accurate and hit hard. I can't mentally comprehend getting killed in under half a second by a VS enemy who had his back turned to me when I started shooting him first. And it usually is with the Betelgeuse. Of course there's skilled players, and I don't want to sound like I'm just poking for a straight nerf or whining, but it really does always seem like when something shady is going on, it's a VS player.

    I can never quite place it, and I don't think it's always just lag. Statistically VS guns aren't anything special, but they somehow manage to always be incredibly effective. Hell, I've taken a crack at using VS weapons myself and I go on a tear with them. NC guns are also the best overall, but they have the stats to prove that. TR guns no the other hand... tend to be pretty bad, I find. The only ones I trust are the 167 damage guns anymore. Even then I tend to lose to VS starter guns quite easily, but I can hold my own up against NC players quite fine.
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  4. chamks

    the betelgues unlike other auraxium LMGs doesnt have the forward grip, laser, compenstrator or attachments benefits. its a stock orion with heat mechanics. with that being said, it is op in the right hand in the right senario
  5. Mekk_TR

    ok gUYS..... KEEP FOCUS! the thread is about BETEGEUESE OP... please dont talk about NC...
    BETELGEUESE IS OP., I dont give about stats and numbers...i m talking about MY EXPERIENE IN THE GAME OK ??
    EACH TIME I GOT KILLED BY VS, IS BY THE BETELGEUSE.... IS THAT NORMAL??? and guest what ??? it look like im not doing any damage to the guy using the betelgueuse ?? IS THAT DOUBLE NORM'AL ?
    I play that game since 4 years.... i use the lynx and all goods weapons in TR arsenal... but no one can match the Betelgeuse... IS THAT CLEAR ??

    So , solutions are :
    1- NERF the betelgeuse
    2- give others faction (NC INCLUDED ) equivalent weapon
  6. Inogine

    Sounds like clientside which could be any number of factors... Up to and including lag switches. It's hard to pin down really.
  7. Campagne

    I mean, all the Betelgeuse is missing out on is either a grip or a laser... For a short-mid ranged LMG I don't think that's a huge penalty in exchange for the heat mechanic.
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  8. FLHuk

    Playing all three factions tells you enough. You defo see one a LOT more than the other two :D
  9. Brad seven

    An lmg doesn't need some special scenario to become useful lol, and in the right hand do you mean someone who has used it for a few hours and is used to it, I'm going to use that as an excuse for anything OP now lol. its ttk is insanely low, it needs a nerf.
  10. Twin Suns

    *spots* the torches & pitchforks off in the distance. Going after the Betelcheeze crutch now? You won't win.

    That's like trying to take Smeagol's precious.
  11. AlcyoneSerene

    May I suggest, owning both the Butcher & Betelgeuse, that what is being observed is being wrongfully attributed to VS gear when it may well be ping differences (on both ends of the spectrum, higher and lower ping - something that should have been buffed out by the original game developers), and outright illegal modification of said gear - I won't share details, the little evidence & observations I have managed to gather has already been submitted to customer support.

    So please stop trying to nerf VS gear even harder than it already has! It is already exceptionally irritating trying to make use of this nerfed VS gear when both TR (if RoF with FPS wasn't such an issue & hit detection) and especially NC have much equipment that's outright better, be it some highly controllable, accurate, hard hitting guns and other actually useful abilities.

    This won't address what's quite likely 'better' players of PS2 as a game on average who choose VS - in terms of objective play, leveraging game mechanics, power amplifying according to scenario (Ex. repair/revive your maxes!) - very basic things I repeatedly fail to observe on TR & NC, as well as a properly enjoyable social environment that's more the norm than the exception as on TR & NC.

    Also, for clarity, these are just my observations from playing on one server on all 3 factions extensively, they aren't judgment calls or negativity directed at any one faction as I always do my best to support whatever faction I happen to be playing on (having certain slightly OP gear does not help the faction nor bring enjoyment of using said OP gear), and it would make the game overall more fun if there was less of the hostility and negativity.
  12. Nenarch

    What he said. To original poster… weapons matter but players matter way more in duels.

    Would be different story if you'd given your argument with statistics about the weapon… VS weapons have been nerfed so many times, there's nothing to nerf anymore… There's no bulletdrop is supposed to be VS specialty.. bulletdrop has no effect at the range where people engage eachother… I haven't missed single time because of it on my NC or TR alts as my HA ranges are so Small but we Still have no bulletdrop as specialty what has no effect on gameplay for majority of the fights.
  13. chamks

    godsaw and butcher have compenstrator and grip and laser and good ammo and more benefits build in. imagine them like stock but with heat mechanics..... orion, unlike the carv and saw, is the VS close range LMG. now with close range heat mechanics is OP. its like imagine the reward LMGs for tr and nc were msw-r and anchor with heat mechanics, and for the VS its Polaris with all..... wait..wait a second... the VS only have 1 lmg with ttk of 0.6>. so it got to be the orion
  14. Inogine

    The directive weapons as a whole are kinda all over the place... I mean, the NC have a shotgun under barrel on a shotgun... if ya wanna go there.
  15. Yessme

    so many threads in recent years because of this one weapon.
    it is only funny, if there are so many threads because of a weapon in vehicles or air force, these are nerft after 6 months at the latest.
    but somehow, since last years, this weapon is not touched.
    Welcome to wrelside XD
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  16. OneShadowWarrior

    Actually the Betelgeuse went thru several nerfs and is no where near the weapon it once was. It’s basically a Orion with no forward grip and unlimited ammo. Once you overheat it at 50 shots you have a long Cooldown time. If ammo is a concern take a Betelgeuse, if you want accuracy take a Orion.....

    MSW-R works just fine against it and the NC has the Anchor and GR-22 that work fine against it.

    I have racked far more kills with the Butcher or Godsaw.
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  17. Pacster3

    Don't confront them with reality. It's the Betelgeuse...a gun that only few and experienced players have(which screws the stats a bit)...that makes VS win everything. No. Really. /sarcasm
  18. Campagne

    There are over 2000 Betelgeuses being used according to Dasanfall. (2143 users to be exact). Hundreds more than both of the other two directive LMGs and more than any other directive weapon of any type. There's not "only a few" players with one out there.

    Is the Betelgeuse overpowered? Maybe, maybe not. But only an idiot could genuinely say it wasn't one of the best.

  19. pnkdth

    The BG is a slightly less accurate Orion but crucially it has the farmtastic heat mechanic. This means when, and if, you end up in a really good position you will not be hampered by running out of ammo. This mechanics has proven itself to be very strong and certainly why quite a lot of VS players have pursued this directive weapon.

    That said, simply dying to it and saying it somehow more lethal than other CQC LMGs is just in your head. There are better LMGs out there but since PS2 is an open world game and not based on duels and small scale battles the BG with its heat mechanics can really shine.

    To me, the VS LMG directive weapon would have made more sense as a 143/698 weapon or having it has a steeper damage tier degradation to limits range. The former suggestion would also have brought it more in line with the other VS directive weapons. Though I feel this is as an unlikely change as the SAW being replaced as the NC default...
  20. LodeTria

    The betelgeuse is a seal-clubbing gun, used to farm. If you're complaining about it your probably one of the seals, and would get farmed by anything.