Best Vanu LMG?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by TJUK7337, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. TJUK7337

    Title says it all really, whats the best lmg for the vanu heavy assault?

    Thanks TJ
  2. Shahnaz


    I've tried the other ones and Orion is simply the best all-around weapon. You don't even need a Forward grip with it. Just put a Laser Sight and the reflex sight and you've got yourself one of the best LMG. Don't let the ''small'' clip fool you.

    Though in the end, it's all about opinions. People like the LSW but it's garbage without a Grip.
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  3. Ganjis

    I have only used the Orion and the one that came with Alpha Squad. I like the former, but feel the latter does very little damage.
    I use the Orion as a heavy AR and the Lasher as a support weapon.
  4. TJUK7337

    I do like the Orion like you said it is one very well rounded all round weapon, so I guess I could save my certs
  5. Grotpar

    The fast reload and low recoil on the Orion is the reason I prefer it.

    You really don't need all those bullets, a magazine of 50 is just fine in most cases.
  6. Zarkanius

    I'm really disappointed in the Pulsar LSW. sure it has the 75 round clip but it doesn't seem to have near the accuracy it had or the attachments. i hope they adjust the certs available for it to make it a viable weapon.
  7. Sancus

    Orion's the best close/mid-range LMG, SVA-88 is nearly as good close range but has single shot mode and 6x scope if you want better long range capability.

    The other LMGs have more disadvantages than advantages.
  8. Archangel89

    Having the Orion to start is fantastic for beginners to the Heavy Assault Class. It's high rate of fire and fast reloads allow for a lot of error; however, from an efficiency standpoint I believe the Flare is a wiser choice for seasoned veterans.

    With it's multiple firing options the Flare is more suited for a wide variety of combat situation from a variety of ranges. It's high damage shreds enemy troops in shorter time with less ammo required. Heavy Assaults need to keep in mind that the Flare has an almost painfully slow reload time, so you'll need to position yourself in a safe zone for reload times. That being said the longer reload time gives a Heavy Assault who properly manages his or her shield boost time to recharge the shield and reload. Given enough patience and the lack of a hangover, I rampage with a Flare.
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  9. Grognard

    I was going to write out my opinion, but ArchAngel made it so easy, since this is my opinion, word for word...
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  10. HumsterMKX

    Flare user here. 2x Rex, high V ammo, compensator and either grip or laser
    Now I got 1 weapon for all situations.
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  11. Grognard

    Im thinking about going with two versions:
    Field Work: Flare / 4x / Compensator / Grip / HighV
    Urban Work: Flare / 2x / Compensator / Laser / SoftP
    That should be all I need for my playstyle.
  12. CorBlimey

    while i hate to disagree with archangel...
    i will champion the polaris
    Huge clip (100) coupled with decent defences... means not only can u outlast long fights u can lay down a huge amount of suppressing fire. Regarding additions.. i use none while it has a slight climb u can easily self compensate. Where the polaris really shines is sustained assaulting.. yes the reload is slower than the Orion which is a fair trade off.
    regarding my gameplay...i do 'tank' for those in my outfit around me so the large clip enhances my ability to simply draw fire from enemies, but then again my outfit has godly medics.. which helps :cool:
  13. Deathrus

    Polaris user here.

    Love it!
  14. Kairus

    Am I the only one who really likes the SVA-88? I find the larger magazine worth it over the Orion, and the Flare fires just a bit too slow for me.
  15. Trysaeder

    Pulsar LSW. Lower DPS than the Orion but with less first shot recoil and a larger clip (and therefore more ammo). Higher DPS than the Flare with lower CoF recoil.

    In the context of VS LMGs it has the second highest DPS with equal best ADS accuracy.
    Its only downside is that it doesn't come with the best upgrades (no compensator and advanced grip options).

    All VS LMGs are respectable, you just have to choose one that fits your playstyle and tastes best.
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  16. Vollkommen

    After playing with the Orion throughout the beta, I tried out the SVA-88 once the game went live and haven't gone back to the Orion since. I won't say the Orion is bad (it isn't), but I like the way the 88 feels in general.
  17. Timperium

    According to the spreadsheet, the Flare has the worst TTK and the Orion has the best with the SV-88 a close second.

    Does this sound accurate ingame?
  18. Dovahkiin

    A certed Flare > Everything

    I think the Orion has limited certs, so don't go for it.
  19. Fear The Amish

    I really like my Pulsar LSW, It is NO WERE as good as it was in beta. But even without compensator it still rips apart enemy infantry and in CQB throw that bad boy on rock and roll and just mow people down.
  20. Inviso

    The SVA-88 Is the Orion with a larger clip.

    The ONLY DIFFERENCE is that it has a slightly higher hipfire cone.

    However, since 0x Reflex and IRNV have no zoom, and are the best all-situation sights, you should NEVER be firing from the hip anyways.

    SVA-88, Compensator, Fwd Grip. 0x Reflex or IRNV depending on lighting.

    It all comes down to preference. But considering I'm in the top 10 for kills on Waterson, and 90% of them are kills as infantry. I'd say it comes with a little bit of bias.

    The ability to move into a room and blast off 10 shot strings dropping multiple people in a clip, is amazing.
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