Best Empire for the LA?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by HeadHuntr, May 27, 2013.

  1. HeadHuntr

    I've been playing Planetside 2 for about 3-4 weeks now. My favorite class is, of course, the Light assault. As my current Empire is NC, it seems that things don't seem to be working out very well. First, I seem to panic or feel pressured while playing; Second, I seem to not get that much kills with it...

    I am considering of Switching Empires, or my active empire, to another, but I can't decide and I have quite a lot of stuff in my NC Character such as C4 (which was really long to save up for). I don't want to let it go, but I have a feeling I should. All I'm facing now is choosing a new empire; but I can't decide between TR or VS as my new Active empire. Any suggestions or encouragement would be appreciated! ...
  2. andrewasdf

    If you're switching factions to hopefully do better because maybe some other faction has a stronger LA, don't waste your time.
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  3. HeadHuntr

    No, It's because the NC doesn't seem to match my play style. I thought hard-hitting is my style, but It doesn't seem to be.
  4. Azze

    The playstyles don't realy differ that much between the factions to justify throwing away weeks of playtime.
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  5. Syphers

    TR for the extra 10 bullets, the jaguar is by far my favorite carbine it has a good ADS accuracy with the grip and an excellent and tight hip-fire so you dont need the laser sight at all. Their shotguns also sound and feel much better imo.
  6. PaperPlanes

    If you suck as a NC LA, you'll suck as a VS or TR LA.

  7. y3ivan

    if you like C4 stuff, join TR/VS and drop C4 on NC vanguard or MAX. They are pretty much sitting ducks.
  8. ViGiLi

    I'd say maybe giving Vanu a chance, although I mainly play NC.

    Main reasons are:
    • Their default weapons are, IMHO, better than NCs, - except maybe the Gauss Saw, although I'd personally take the Orion over it any given day, since you can strafe with it easier and reload faster.
    • Fast firing standard weapons (higher RPM than NC)
    • Faster reload times
    • Better recoil (imho - I always do better with solstice than AF mercenary)
    • Cooler, more relaxed sounds and music that don't give you a headache. Hopefully they won't change them soon...although they said so.
    Overall, I think Solstice is a pretty nice starting weapon with very nice recoil and you can always add a laser to make it even easier to hip fire. I was able to put down lvl 50+ players with the default loadout with ease, while I couldn't do as good with the NC's counterpart weapons.

    When you can get 250 certs, get the shotgun with slugs. It's better than any rifle/carbine in Close Quarters Combat (CQC) and you can insta-kill or two-shot kill most enemies (except MAXes) quite easily.

    TL;DR: Play VS, try the solstice, get a shotgun later, enjoy cool sounds and music.
  9. Batisat

    NC's default gun is a bit hard on the new player, the AF14 Merc, just get a x1 reflex sight and you'll be good to go. If you want, the NC also has a fast firing gun called the GD7F. The Merc is a good gun, just gets a while to get used to.
  10. HeadHuntr

    No. I don't suck. I'm just not happy with the difficulty as playing an NC. Mainly, because this is the first FPS game where you have to prioritize teamwork. It was hard for me to say good bye to my Lonewolf style, So starting with a fresh K/D also makes me comfortable!
  11. HeadHuntr

    I got C4 on my NC. Found it hard to kill maxes with it...
  12. altonyc

    As someone already mentioned, you could give the GD-7F (or even the NS-11C) a try if you like the rest of NC, but want a rapid-fire TR-style weapon on your LA. Otherwise, I'd say TR (if we're just talking about Light Assault, and assuming relatively closer-quarters at that), though the VS have some good factors as well. The TR carbines all have an extra 10 rounds per magazine compared to the VS carbines, and one of their rapid-fire carbines has the wonderful .75 ADS moves speed multiplier (makes it so when you're aiming down sights, you move faster than you would if you were aiming with a different weapon). The VS, however, have the Serpent (currently only 250 certs, down from 1000 pre-Game Update), which is tied with the NC's GD-7F for fastest carbine fire rate, and the VS's VX6-7 (my personal carbine of choice) has one of the best ADS accuracies in the game.

    If you just want to look at default carbines, the TR carbine has a higher ROF and an extra ten rounds per magazine compared to the VS Solstice. The default Solstices has less recoil , faster reload, and no bullet drop (though bullet drop is negligible in carbine ranges).

    If you want more ammo and faster aiming speed, go TR. If you want better hipfire and a bit more range, go VS (I wouldn't change over to the VS from NC just for the serpent, since I don't think it's that much different from the NC GD-7F).
  13. y3ivan

    Warp path Wrel has some good videos, you might want to check it out.

    Although he might give some suggestion on LA builds, Its still very subjective and situational. Also know that, playing a good LA is not easy. You need to know a lot about the terrain and the environment to exploit (usually session players know better)

    As for default guns, VS solstice is excellent choice for hipfiring and the rest comes from experience
  14. HeadHuntr

    I watch his vids! But sometimes when I'm in battle, I eventually find myself having absolutely NO IDEA what I'm doing...
  15. simmi1717

    I have played NC LA for over 4 months. I haven't ever played another faction over BR level 6. I was recently playing VS for the first time, used their LA and tried their gun. Wow I was really impresssed by its accuracy and very little recoil. Killed a bunch of people with everything on default. Went head to head with HA and killed, but I have really good aim and movements. I was disappointed I didn't try out all the factions before playing NC for 4 months. I also like the sound of VS guns, it's like they have a suppressor on them.
  16. simmi1717

    This is what you need to watch.

    Watch his other videos too, they are really thoughtful and will help you know what you need to do in certain situations to farm kills. At the moment, LA class is useful at Bio labs, towers and amp stations. Dont' try to use them in open fields in esamir or you are going to get wrecked. I usually fly, but if I see a tower, bio lab or amp station being attacked by the enemy, then it's farm time. BTW after you have your 2nd C4, you need to invest in a shotgun and buy Gauss Compact S and install under barrel grenade launcher (UBGL) on it. UBGL is hard to use at the beginning, but once you get the hang of the projectile speed and drop off and you can direct hit people, then it's farm time on bio labs. Shotgun will help you the most on tower fights. C4s will help you the most on amp stations to take out tanks using the jump pads and launching yourself to the tanks.
  17. simmi1717

    The premise of LA is... you need to be behind enemy lines or above them. Don't ever try to fight them head on unless you are close up with a shotgun in your hand. A good HA will always kill you head on if you are carrying carbine or unless you are good at headshotting people.
  18. y3ivan

    Some good weapons using NC LA for "fly-by gunning" 10-30m

    - SMG Blitz with adv. laser
    - Shotgun mauler with extended mag for CQC and tower combat.

    dont recommend GD-7, because it drain ammo too quickly
  19. Wolfwood82

    The factions aren't that different from each other TBH.

    If you want hard hitting, you should pick up a shot gun. Doesn't matter what empire you play, all the shotguns are identical.

    If you want more versatility, GD-7F. No matter what anyone else says, the weapon rivals any other CQC carbine in the game.

    The only thing the NC lack is a solid short range carbine similar to the Jaguar. But that's only effective for a set play style, it's a versatile short range carbine but the GD-7F kills faster and rivals it at almost any range anyway.
  20. HeadHuntr

    I understand that. But a problem with my faction in the server, is that it's "Every man for himself" you know. After all my battles that I've been through, sieging, defending and capturing bases, my team is selfish. Some of the Vanu too, in the server When a siege begins the Vanu hails us with their plasma beams and magrider shots, but there is always one guy who gets in the base and attempts to get kills for himself. Rarely the NC or VS utilize teamwork as how the TR utilizes it.

    The TR, as I have observed, are the best empire who utilizes teamwork... In all the times defending bases from them I noticed there is not just one man trying to capture a point, but 3 or so. I don't know, it's just something I realized on Ceres...