Best Empire for the LA?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by HeadHuntr, May 27, 2013.

  1. Corezer

    nah dude, you were butt bleeding... You stated one fact using callous word choice at the end, before that it was you trying to defend yourself from a misinterpretation of his words, and then you threatening him with an ability to display faction drama... like that in any way would effect him...

    really dude, really...
  2. vaxx

    Threatening? LOL.

    Coming from Waterson TR....

    really dude, really...
  3. TheUprising

    Lol NC are way more organized than the TR on waterson, who will forever be a zerg of TB's fanbase. And when did I say the VS weren't organized in Waterson? I simply said they have super low pop.
  4. YoXn

    Stick with NC, level up your Character. No faction has the better LA, it's just you need to get better.
  5. RX530SS

    Just stick with NC. Like someone else said it's not worth giving up weeks of playtime. You just need some more practice. The guns don't differ that much between empires, and TR are not over powered as a whole. Also, switching to another empire because you think they're over powered is kind of a dick move..
  6. Corezer

    really dude, effective or not, you were threatening. now you say "Coming from waterson TR like that is supposed to mean something... especially when I mostly play NC.

    ya, really dude.
  7. HeadHuntr

    I found this video very entertaining! I already joined the TR and I'm loving it! Although I found some pros and cons.
    There is always a group with me, I'm never alone.
    Guns have more ammo and are easier to handle than the NC's

    Usually too many people in the group --> Zerg (barely got kill or any deaths [yay!?])
    Zerg makes it hard for my PC to compute data, making it drop framerate during a siege.
  8. HeadHuntr

    Like I said, I UNDERSTAND no faction has a "better" LA. I was looking for a faction that matched my playstyle. I still play my NC some times though, but My new active character is my TR...
  9. belthazor3457

    TR? You made the right call. Light Assault is, as was demonstrated, a manly class, for the manly faction of TR, which is for manly players. Welcome!
  10. HerpTheDerp

    VS LA will have ammo issues.

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