Best Empire for the LA?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by HeadHuntr, May 27, 2013.

  1. Farlion

    Honestly, NC or Vanu is the best by a long way. TR doesn't even have a real long range carbine like the Razor, due to our horrendous recoil on most weapons. That also negates our advantage of having 10 more rounds. Additionally, our damage sucks utterly compared to NC.

    Secondly, our CQC advantage is virtually useless with all the shotguns and SMGs in the game. If you play TR LA, you're going to face a lot of frustration, especially when coming up against carbines like the Merc/Razor or virtually recoil-less Vanu.
  2. Wolfwood82

    1. The T5 AMC is our long range carbine like the Razor. They are direct counters to each other.
    2. I use carbines more then shotguns and have never felt any weakness in CQC. Sure you aren't just misjudging the issue?
    Have you joined an organized outfit? It kind of sounds like you are zerging more often then not. You can usually tell the difference between a zerg group and an organized outfit by how the opposing faction moves in groups like that. It's a huge difference.
  3. agrueeatedu

    TR is probably the best for LA, but the differences between factions for LA aren't huge. I'd take the Trac-5 S over my Gauss Compact S any day, but beyond that and TR's superior SMG's, they're the exact same.
  4. Farlion

    You're comparing the piece of crap that the T5 AMC is to the Razor, which is probably the best carbine in game?
    Oh, sure. You're telling me CQC between the T5 AMC and a piston is balanced? If you do, you're deluded.
  5. jak

    I prefer the NS-11C for mid/long range and either a shotty or the Serpent for CQC, though the SMGs are very effective in CQC as well. In summary, it doesn't really matter that much because you can use "common pool" weapons to be just as effective on any empire.
  6. HeadHuntr

    I did. But when I'm online, there's at least one other guy from the outfit online, So not that much teamwork or organization or anything...
  7. HeadHuntr

    I am actually searching for an empire that utilizes teamwork best! So far, the TR is my best bet! As I heard (it may be old news) but the TR are slightly overpowered, which gives an advantage?
  8. Wolfwood82

    Find a bigger outfit. The one I joined has at least one full squad (usually a well manned platoon) almost 24/7.

    I thought the Jaguar was the best carbine in the game? o_O

    Your opinion is your opinion.
  9. vaxx

    Oh gawwwd. No, TR is not overpowered. People who only play one faction tend to cry about the others being OP. Playing TR LA you will soon find that most carbines are carbon copies of each other. You will have a limited of choice of really unique weapons, compared to VS or especially NC. While I like the TR weapons just fine, they limit different play styles.

    As someone said earlier, changing factions, will not make you better at LA. Period.
  10. belthazor3457

    Oh-ho-ho, you want to play light assault, eh?

    And you want to know what faction to play, eh?

    Allow me to assist your decision making process. Join TR, and you can be like this:

    Good sir, TR light assaults gain 4 extra bullets for their carbines and generally have high damage per magazine. Also, the two close quarters carbines for TR (jaguar and lynx) gain a .75% ADS movespeed multiplier instead of the .50% that other carbines get.

    Now, that latter benefit is only useful if you wish to use specifically a carbine. The shotguns are almost the same across all the factions, so if you are a shotgun user, weapon choice will be much less useful.

    And I am observing, based on your comment, that you feel panicked when playing light assault? I am afraid, in that issue, switching factions may not help you. A light assault must have the courage and iron will to be a shock trooper and lead the assault.

    When the enemy scattermax crash comes, a valiant light assault of the glorious terran republic is there to multi-kill max units.

    When the enemy sunderers start spewing infantry at the bottom of the elivators at biolabs, it is the valiant light assault who destroys the sunderer.

    You, as a LA, are a shock trooper. Playing timid will generally harm you a lot more than it will help you. Your KD is unimportant. If you go 1 kill per 2 deaths, it matters not, when most of those kills are max units or vehicles. I strongly encourage you to invest some time into researching light assault guides before you consider switching factions.

    But, of course, TR is still the best faction, as demonstrated in the video above.
  11. vaxx

    4 extra bullets? You mean 10, right?

    Shotguns are not almost the same across the board, they ARE the same. The only difference is VS shotguns with slugs being able to actually use the no bullet drop to a very slight advantage.

    I kind of get you are trying to RP a bit with the whole TR thing, but any faction can so what is done that video. Just saying.
  12. Dr.Insomnia

    While I enjoy the Jaguar on my TR LA I don't think I'd switch sides if I was a NC LA specialist. The Jaguar is a pretty good multi-range weapon, but Cyclone (with extended mags), GD-7F and Razor are all pretty awesome choices. LAs equipped with AF-4 Cyclones tend to own me. They might be better than me, that's a possibility. But considering that I do quite well vs other LA in general it's a weapon I've would love to try out under combat conditions.
  13. New Conglawesomeness

  14. New Conglawesomeness

    Just about every aspect of every faction is the same. Each faction does have their differences, but they're all balanced, and the differences do not impact class gameplay. If you're having trouble with teamwork, the LA is actually a very good solo-type class. You can jump up to places allies and enemies can't get to, and you can easily conduct sneak attacks. Although, if you want teamwork just form a squad. NC is also pretty awesome.
  15. TheUprising

    Pick up the GD-7F and stay quiet. Though the GD-7F imo is far inferior to the Jaguar and Serpent due to its extreme bloom, so if you haven't invested much time in your character, it might be a good idea to jump ship.

    The NC in general have the best mid range Carbines, the TR have the OP trait of having 10 more bullets in the carbine, and the VS have extremely low recoil carbines, take your pick.

    Actually you definitely should change your faction if you don't like hardhitting medium ranged guns, since those are like all our guns in all the classes, sure you can get more specialized lower recoil/higher dps guns, like the Anchor, but they will all still have a medium range focus. If you don't like the gun style, or don't like them for lore reasons like me, then there's no reason for you not to jump ship. Go to the TR if you want higher dps and magazine sizes, and the VS if you want lower recoil and other interesting traits like a higher ADS movement speed modifier.
  16. TheUprising

    Depends on the server, but generally NC is an unorganized zerg, the TR and VS I've found tend to be pretty organized. The VS moreso when they are the population minority, the TR is reliably organized across servers. I play on Waterson because its like the opposite of everywhere else, the NC had to have some degree of coordination to compete against giant TR zerg led by TotalBiscuit.

    After the server's hype went down, the NC here are the organized faction, the TR are the unorganized faction constantly losing, and no one plays the VS.
  17. vaxx

    Ummm... VS on Waterson gets plenty done. Considering we are always severely underpop'd we kick much ***. VS are the most organized on Waterson. Or shall I post all the NC in faction fighting posts that are on the fourm? NC zergs. Period.
  18. Corezer


    LA run into ammo problems, TR minimize this with an extra 30 rounds total. the jag is pretty beast for LA. I feel it functions best as a mid range carbine, but with bells, whistles and perks to help keep you from being too disadvantaged up close

    The MSW trades the ADS speed of the orion for advanced laser sight and SPA. I still feel the orion is better tho, putting a laser on an LMG is like polishing a turd. plus the reg laser isnt TOO much worse... still, a very close second to the other 2 which are tied at first.

    VS is a close second. I like the VX6-7 a lot, although the jag a little more for the long spray. still this weapon does pretty well. Serpent makes stinky all over the GD-7f.

    The Orion doesnt have the bells and whistles of the MSW but it does have one perk, ADS speed. I ADS so much with LMGs do to their terrible hip cones, I feel this advantage is invaluable.

    NC are a bit of a step down for LA imo. They just dont have a good "all-round" gun for mid-close. I am using the Gauss Compact S right now, I used to use the merc but I find SPA > 23 RPM still use laser rather than GL unless im gonna C4 a sundy or ambush a known enemy holdout behind a rock or something

    The Anchor I actually view to be as good as the jag, but in heavy form. a more mid range oriented LMG with the bells and whistles to keep it from screwing you when the enemy gets up close. I would put it even with the Orion easily.

    well thats light and heavy for ya. YMMV
  19. Corezer

    he only said [Relatively] no one plays VS. that isnt a measure of how much they get done. Stop acting all butt hurt.

    That being said, most NC on waterson are pretty zergy. I have a hatred for PHX for how much they accidentally TK me. I mean its on accident so I dont get too mad... but my god, where are the recruiting standards.

    That being said, TIW and DREV seem pretty like minded tactically, and EZC is always very good about performing joint ops

    between those 3 thats a lot of coordinated players, thats why NC have esa and amerish right now.
  20. vaxx

    He also said NC are the organized faction on the server. Which is not true on the whole. TIW is a good NC outfit, I roll with them sometimes. Not being butt hurt, just pointing out the facts.

    Just because NC can put 5 platoons in one area (sometimes by accident) does not mean they are organized.