[Suggestion] Balancing Suggestions To Retain Player base.

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  1. darktr00per4

    1) For starters many players if not the majority would like to see a balancing pass or rework of the infiltrator class. The Devs need to rework this class and fix the problems in order to try and retain what's left of the games population and maybe bring some people back. The class has to much flexibility with weapons and abilities. More content should be added in game for the Infil class to do other than to piss off the player base.

    Being able to cloak and have shields is something that needs to be addressed. The class is too strong with its current abilities. I have seen infills take out maxes just by cloaking and decloaking while spray with an SMG all the while taking shot after shot but still remaining alive because of the shields. The infiltrator class needs more trade offs and reduced health.

    -Infills need to trade shields for cloaking ability.
    - cloaking ability should be limited to secondary weapons. Not Main SMGs and you cannot ADS while cloaked.
    - Infills equip with a sniper rifle or main weapon will have access to shields but not a cloaking ability.
    - Incorporate more Hacking elements into the game for base captures and to bring more content to the infil class other than pissing off the player base.

    These frustrations need to be addressed by the Devs with a rework or balancing pass.

    2) Magrider Movement speed Needs to be adjusted. I see them moving at excessive speed around the map that completely outclasses other tanks. I get they should be maneuverable but this is extreme. They are the only tank that can find their way on to roofs and mountain tops with out needing to be dropped int as a war asset.. They need to be brought more inline with the other tanks and their abilities.

    3) VS Weapons - Lasher splash damage radius needs to be reduced. It has more splash damage radius than the thumper and having an entire squad with them is worse than a squad with HE. They do not have drop over range and have plenty of ammo to spam splash damage through out a room. Great for the VS not so much for anyone playing against them.

    4) C4 - please change C4 to a class specific item such as for LA only instead of giving it to everyone and their mother on this game. It would help bring more class importance to the game instead of zerg with heavy and medic.
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  2. OneShadowWarrior

    1. They need to give infiltrators a role like in the first Planetside. Funny how during Alpha testing cloakers had shotguns.
    The sniper rifle, scout rifles and SMG do not belong in a class that is invisible. They never were in the first Planetside. They hacked doors, put up booby traps, hacked vehicles, later they could put viruses in facilities and of course hacked capture point terminals faster.

    2. There are mechanics already built into the game that can change all this to spot infiltrators. Headlights on all vehicles can be like a darklight and they can be spottted. Flashlights which are already built in, once you buy it, can be a auto attachment at no cost of taking a slot. They’ll have to work that much harder on stealth.

    2. The Magrider needs to be canned in present form and a 360 degree rotation for the gun needs to be
    implemented just like all the other tanks, same with Chimera tank. In order to be fair both these tanks have to turn there rears to run and it puts them at an unfair situation.

    3. Lasher is no where near as annoying as a Jackhammer. You get to secondary slot a free shotgun as ASP. The heavy weapons across the board need fine tuning. I am fine with a Lasher as a high laser firing minigun like the Canis to trade for less splash damage or effects. Ammoless would be nice, same with Lancer. Givem heat mechanics.

    4. Lastly they can add a darklight implant under exceptional that you can click on and off, like for maxes.

    I tried to tell the developers that construction bases was a step in the wrong direction, but was not heard. Now half the player base has dropped.
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  3. Ps2 player

    infils have the lowest shield and health, oh my god they killed a max? March the streets and NERF them.

    what do you play that makes you hate infils so much, as theres always two sides of the story like you and many other players who moan about infiltrators ? they already been nerfed many times, and if you still die to one, its most likely skill issues or that player is just better and just because they are bettter than you at the game doesnt mean they need a nerf.

    Edit: ah yes all i am seeing is skill differences.
  4. Somentine

    For a reason, and they're still broken.

    Because cloak and radar are absolutely broken mechanics that dictate how you play the game. Medic revive is another such mechanic.

    And if the person complaining both plays Infil and does better as Infil than other classes?

    Verifiably false. They are the most buffed class next to LA.

    NAC, which was by far the most broken ability slot in the game, received a nerf.
    EMP, which was by far the most broken grenade in the game, received a slight nerf.
    Recon darts went from 20 (LOL) down to 6 (STILL LOL) max active at a time, per Infil.
    Daimyo, which was such an unbelievably moronically designed weapon, allowing 4 chances for a OHK, got a nerf and then a body shot buff.

    Other than that you have to go back years to find a small nerf to Recon darts no longer being real-time tracking, in a patch where they ended up buffing both recon darts and radar along side the tiny nerf.

    If you die to X, then never can that mean X is broken because someone is just better.

    Beyond being an inane stance to take, fueled by either ignorance or massive copium, the logic doesn't play out; even some of the best players in the game, who are also extremely good Infils, claim Infils are broken.

    Post stats, u won't.
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  5. Aris12

    I agree that Infiltrator could use a rework.
    These suggestions seem sensible.
    Here are a few other ways though (just to brainstorm a little more):
    Split the current "Infiltrator" into a "Sniper" and a "Spy" class, and, no, they won't have jarate or the sapper.

    Sniper: (basically, let's sort of plagiarize the "Recon" class from BF4)
    • Retains the spotter capabilities but forfeits cloaking ability from the original "Infiltrator".
    • Access to Bolt-actions/DMRs for their primary.
    • SMGs/Sidearms for their secondary.
    • Shield capacity upped to 500 from 400.
    • The new class ability could be an additional gadget. Say, they can carry routers or deploy that spotter drone that DBG teased years ago,
    Spy: "More of a saboteur"
    • Retains the cloaking abilities but forfeits the spotter abilities from the original "Infiltrator".
    • Access to SMGs*/Sidearms for both primary and secondary. *SMGs can only be equipped if the "Spy" does not use Stalker cloak.
    • Hacking abilities augmented + a new gadget that lets them disable enemy equipment.
    • Enemy equipment, while disabled, can be hacked to make it switch to "Spy's" faction. Found an enemy AI/AV mine, c4, Spitfire, Ammo Pack? Disable it, hack it, it's now yours.
    • Can now inately firewall friendly equipment.
    • Enemy spies, who attempt to hack friendly equipment that has been firewalled, die upon hack's completion. Now, someone can take the fight to the terminal campers!
    • Spies get another gadget that let's them check for firewall prior to conducting hack. The check takes 2x~3x the time to hack. Upon check's completion, any existing firewall is removed, normal hack may safely proceed.
    Please! These things are annoying AF.
    From the vehicular perspective, I would also pay attention to the Saron HRB and the Lancer/Vortex.
    The no-bullet drop is an insane advantage in vehicle fights (namely because NC/TR/NS vehicle projectiles are THAT much more lethargic than infantry projectiles). The longer the range of the vehicle fight, the more rotten the VS cheese gets (due also to your point #2). As far as Lancer/Vortex, it's a miracle that they are not used more often (powder keg).
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  6. JibbaJabba

    I left after 9k hours or so because:

    1. They kept destroying old content to make new content instead of just making new content. I miss a lot of bases, I miss non-ctf bases, I miss... an entire continent really. If new ideas are good, add them. just add. don't replace some favorite bases. It's like deleting your music when you add something new to the playlist. You'll miss that song and your library is now worse for it. Like who takes something people LIKE TOO MUCH and destroys it? Ti/Crown bridge? Wrel is gone, fix his ****.

    2. The uncontested highest KD class in the game. The infiltrator. An invisible player in a pvp shooter? ok, but you're going to have balance challenges. Oh? You also have clientside network mechanics and firing upon decloak? Impossible. You can't balance a player that can kill you before the network says you can see them. I don't care about losing. I care about fairness.

    If I were to return I would need to see a patch that:
    1. Returned a significant portion of bases. Make a 2fort clone if you want but indar ex, crux, westpass, and a bunch of others need to be returned to traditional capture. I don't expect biolabs on esamir again (old esamir WAS better), but knock it off with the destructive changes going forward. Add content as the years pass, never remove. Imagine what the game could have been.
    2. Nerfed the everliving **** out of the cloak. You've been so worried about these players quitting you've lost orders of magnitude more from what they do to game balance. Move the cloak to a weapon slot. Make a decloak take the same time I have to switch weapons. OMG so hard!
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  7. Botji

    Its been said before many times and its worth saying again, one of if not the change Infiltrator needs is a increase to the decloak duration/time it takes before they can fire by at least 1-2 seconds.

    The vast majority of Infiltrators would then at least be visible for more than 0.01 seconds before they shoot you dead because they dont have that bad of a connection.

    It would be well worth to even BUFF the cloak in various ways to make it less of a hard nerf and instead a shift in how the cloak is best used, increase the duration the cloak lasts, make it even harder to see them when cloaked. It would be fine because they cant just decloak in your face and expect to win, instead they have to get to a 'safe' position and decloak to wait out the timer, kill some people then activate the cloak and disappear.

    Would still be a very strong ability but not a combat ability like now where it gives "peekers advantage" on demand where they get free time to aim and fire before people can reasonably react to it.

    Best of all is it could literally be done in a few minutes just by tweaking a few numbers. Splitting the class or moving cloak to a weapon slot would also work but in comparison its a lot of work to be done, lots of testing and not likely to happen.
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  8. Money

    I have never understood the thought of putting invisibility into a shooter. I know they are completely invisible. But when you are moving quickly and constantly checking angles and clearing rooms, having to worry about an enemy appearing out of thin air and stabbing you in the back or one shotting you in the head. What do they give up other than a few health points. It's ridiculous
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  9. darktr00per4

    If your not going to add to the conversation then please refrain from idiotic mouth breather insults and pointless posts. These are issues that need to be addressed in order to grow and maintain a player base. These are constant issues I see and hear of every day I am on this game.
  10. Ps2 player

    nice troll attempt, you must be following me since i hurt some reddit feelings. Infiltrators have already been nerfed Via Kill cam, and their cloaks are now easier to see at all graphic levels, if you cant see them thats your on fault, not the games. they already nerfed alot of the faction specific weapons, mainly removing the TR's semi auto as the starting rifle.

    no matter what yall complain about infiltrators they are never removing the cloak, why? because this game lacks flora and fauna, and they cant hard code it in to be on all graphic settings because you all would complain that the game is unplayable because your Cheeto PC specs cant handle it, and the devs know that the remaining playerbase are mostly people who are running mid tier PC specs and play planetside because they cannot play any newer generation games because of the system requirements.

    Also if you are complaining about snipers or CQC SMG users, you must not have the IQ to use Fireworks to brighten up the night, once fireworks blow off you can even see infils much easier, Smoke grenades also reveal infiltrators much easier.

    All your reasonings have no evidence other than "verifiably false" with little to no context on why its "false" to begin with but go on lets hear what you have to come up with, most people already know this is just another baiting Infiltrator post nerf attempt as most are.

    if infiltrator cloaks were that bad they would of removed them years ago, but guess what? they arent, and its just a skill issue.

    Also, Crossbow with sensor darts exist, use it, stop relying on other people to do it for you.
  11. Ps2 player

    none are insults or mouthbreather posts, youre just one of the many people who posts the same topic about infiltrators that has been seen many times across both social media platforms complaining about the same thing. its not the infiltrators, it is you, and the gameplay style you are trying to play, you have yet to talk about what class and gameplay style you are playing which lead you to make a post about infiltrators.
  12. Ps2 player

    Most infils with high KDS are the ones who camp sunderer spawns at a 3 way fight like nasons. There is one specific Infil main on emerald who does this and is top leader board. People like to press on the cloak so much but are too lazy to help the team out by putting down sensors and always expect somone else to do it for them
  13. Somentine

    You're on a throwaway account, how would I even know? Your posts are just bad.


    No, they are not. In fact, on most graphics settings they are harder to see now than ever before. The only thing I think you're thinking of is the first few months of the upgraded graphics like 3 years ago, but that was fixed.

    NSO cloak is still busted and stands out far more than others.

    1. LOL
    2. LMAO
    3. That isn't a nerf. But let's pretend it is, it only affects new players and is remedied the second you buy your desired weapon.
    4. Where's the rest of the 'nerfed alot'?

    Don't want cloak removed. The idea behind cloak is fine, and I'd actually support cloak being more invisible so it isn't a hit and miss. The problem is the instant cloak and decloak.

    Is this seriously how you think?
    Enough **** talk, post your stats or ****.

    Because it's verifiably false that Infil has "been nerfed many times". Learn to read. But, go ahead, scroll through the patch notes and find any more than what I listed, while completely ignoring all the buffs and new toys they've had.

    There are plenty of things that went years without ever being touched; NWA, Maxes, Mauler, to name a few. Try again.

    1. Those are garbage and worse than rank 1 darts: "these bolts only provide recon for ten seconds, have a noticably reduced detection radius of ten meters, and the weapon is only capable of maintaining four active bolts at once (firing any more will remove the oldest bolt instantly)."
    2. They shouldn't exist in the first place.
    3. They take up a secondary weapon.

    Try again, again.
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  14. Ps2 player

    there is nothing to "Try" keep the reddit ego to reddit

    Most graphic settings? thats pretty funny as i can see infiltrators on my javelin over 70-100 meters away. and on foot. now youre just lying and trolling for sure. they even nerfed the cloak visuals for this. whatever point you are trying to make i can gladly make a full video proving you wrong. i will even pin point markers on infiltrators to show distance, on all graphic levels, none of this involves "StATs."

    instant cloak and decloak? guy, they added a obnoxiously loud sound effect when the animation happens. theres nothing preventing you from shooting when they cloak and un cloak either. ive never encountered a latency side infil shooting me first just cause he came out of cloak, thats easily a placebo effect you are putting on yourself thinking instant decloak is the cause of your death when the fact is infiltrators can shoot just as quick as a non infiltrator you just think they can just cause they are cloaked.

    theres no amount of evidence you can throw at me when i have seen myself the sweatiest heavy mains on emerald easily spot infiltrators over 70-100 meters away and gunning them down before the infil can even shoot to begin with. want proof of that too? i can easily film that. its all skill issues and lack of system requirements, not the infiltrators.

    out of all the infil classes, VS obviously can be hidden a little bit more because of the way their armor is designed, and you said yourself NSO is the only one that can be seen, so? whats the best way to fix? redesign the infiltrator classes armor so the dont have smooth textures.

    also you seem to be seething about infils so hard as i went through your own profile posts, what class are you playing that makes u so triggered?

  15. Somentine

    They are literally 100% invisible at those ranges, by design. Either you don't know in-game ranges or you are lying out your ***.

    Let's see the patch notes.


    The stats is due to your **** talking; either keep it to actual facts and discussion or show-up. But we can always have a dick measuring contest either with stats or in-game, if you want.

    The sound effect is delayed for the same reason the visual is delayed; clientside, server delays, and network.

    I can literally prove it to you, DIRECTLY, in-game if you want. I guarantee that I can kill you, on your screen, before I am even visible.


    No, the best way to fix it is to stop the obnoxious instant cloak and decloak. What you suggest just adds inconsistencies, and NSO is still invisible for the most part. The same way they should all be the same level of invisible across all graphics (which should be near 100%).
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  16. Ps2 player

    "Heavies are by no means bad.
    The adren nerf wasn't needed, but beyond that it's more the fact that Infil has always been a broken *** class with bloated, game changing mechanics that has needed nerfs since the Infil patch like 2 years after launch.
    LA has been buffed to high hell by Wrel and needs some toning down (prefrably by making a specific movement state for jetpacks and actually balancing the accuracy for each weapon...being lazered by someone midair, floating 2x the walking speed is pretty bs)."

    wasnt hard to find you on reddit and see the things you post. i no longer need to reply !
  17. Somentine

    100% facts. Whoever posted that is spot on.

    LOL you found my reddit account that is the same name as my DBG? Amazing detective skills.

    Save face and cope harder.

    I'll be waiting for your videos and/or until you grow a pair and decide to not be a keyboard warrior.
  18. Ps2 player

    Lmfao, how does this guy not see it yet? Theres no need. you just exposed yourself in the IQ department of the type of person i am talking about when there is a infiltrator complaint post made by them.

    You literally have in your comment being so biased about heavy shield nerf and said it was shouldnt have been, clearly showing you are a heavy main. Now, LETS SeE YoUR StaTS Bro? Or are you going to show me an alt character/account with only 1 specific class played on it?

    you are the exact person i been talking about when i made my first reply to this original poster. Youre nothing more than a Heavy assault main who thinks hes so cracked and he can be even more cracked if i can manipulate the devs to nerf infil cloak so now they wont be able to kill me, unloading full clips in doors/cooridoors but always die to cqc infil snipers, OR the engineer guy who slaps down shield walls and turret spams the doors.

    there is nothing to be said now, thanks for exposing yourself.
  19. Somentine

    Oh woe is me, game is so hard: https://imgur.com/bSElhgC
    Oh, so so hard: https://imgur.com/JX18Czu
    Everyone who plays infil is just so skilled: https://imgur.com/B9urjzz
    If only, even as a completely new player, when I had sub 30 fps could I play it: https://imgur.com/bmOQR9X
    Infil needs massive buffs: https://imgur.com/WuLkFVp
    No one can be good at Infil, everyone just plays EZ mode heavy assault: https://imgur.com/oEaBP7L
    Pls, someone show me how to Infil: https://imgur.com/c4RTT5L
    Bonus old char, with my Tengu and Mako soooooo harrrrrrrrrrrd: https://imgur.com/ze1lhXS
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  20. Ps2 player

    guys show cropped out photos. Big Kek im done replying nor caring anyways based off the reddit comments i seen lmao. also your highest cropped photo of 3.5k kills is no where near the amount i have for my javelin hydra kills combined from both my accounts. 3k kills is like a months worth of non stop playing the game 18hours a day which isnt much at all. come back when you actually hit 10k.

    NSO weakest out of them all lmao then goes on saying they completely invisible make up your mind kek.