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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Demigan, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Demigan

    All the ps2 community does nowadays is complain about everything. People on one hand complain that the devs dont listen to the community, on the other hand that the devs listened and that was the peoblem. Theres the people that blame Wrel for everything, the people that blame the devs for only improving their own gameplay and the people that blame the devs from not playing their own game.

    How about a little positivity. Name one thing that you agreed with, no matter how small.

    Heres one: 360 turret turn on the Valk, much asked for change that improved Valk gameplay.
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  2. Rhello


    They deserve the ****storm. Of all things that are currently just wrong in the game, they chose to replace the flawed implant system which had too much RNG by ... MORE RNG !
    I don't like dizzyknight, because he's a tryharding nerd and whatnot. Yet I feel sorry for the dude, he apparently wasted over 50k certs, not getting any of the rare implants. And this is not the only case of massive cert gambling turning really short. They done ****** up, and people are rightfully complaining. Putting your head into the sand won't change things.
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  3. BrbImAFK

    I'm looking forward to trying out the new Hardlight Barrier on my Medic/Engy main. It has some interesting tactical (and trollin' :p ) possibilities.

    I'm not much into construction or PMB's, but I guess OS's are alright for those who are, and it is nice to see a return of one of PS1's most iconic effects.

    That said.... the new implant system and their massive P2W grindwalls can still go suck a bag of dicks.

    [edit] WTF is "dicks" not censored out on the forums, given that they censor pretty much ever other ******* thing?
    [edit 2] ^^ my point exactly.
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  4. AllRoundGoodGuy

    I like the fact that they are actually making changes to the game (for better or worse, idk yet), but I'm happy that they are doing stuff.
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  5. Calisai

    Hmm.. about this patch or just recently?

    Changing the E & W AV turrets from the crown. The W one was just used by players who sat there all day picking at TI alloys at render range. It wasn't even very useful for base defense. (At least the AI turrets make sense in that situation)

    I like the Idea of the deployable cover. That's a cool idea that should have been added long ago... (You know... I've been using AI turrets more for cover than the weapon itself)
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  6. Liewec123

    if we have to be positive i'll say that the removal of implant energy was a very good change.
    though i wish they'd simply stopped there with the implants, that is all that was needed.
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  7. Villanuk

    yes your right, lets give them some love for...........

    Taking away thermals with no cert refunds...
    Taking away chargers with no refunds...
    Adding mirror cloak that the community were dead against......

    which of these improved the game play....??
    which of these should we thank the devs for improving game play??
    Which of these should we not blame the devs for NOT listening to the community?
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  8. MasterOhh

    I haven't noticed any major f**k ups this patch and most changes are quit nice.
    I was in an enemy player made base and could sprint from cover to cover without getting torn to shreds by AI turrets. The ammo printer implant allowed me to operated behind enemy lines for over an hour with my maggy. I've seen several orbital strike modules being build, but none of them could fire because there were no target around when they were fully charged. :rolleyes:

    Yes the implant system is a two edged sword. I got lucky because apart from the 3 everyone seems to miss (battle hardened, counter intel and minor cloak) I got everything else with 3 9er packs (I had 6x safe landing in the last one :confused:)
    I have enough Iso4 to max out 3 to 4 implants and can get the rest to rank 4 if I want to.

    So surprisingly I kinda like the patch.
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  9. BrbImAFK

    Well.... except that it ran MASSIVELY over time, and completely overran EU primetime.... and the fact that TI Alloys spawnroom pain-field now kills friendly targets..... and membership benefits being completely broken, in that they don't actually provide any benefit, so you're paying for nothing (and DBG seem in no hurry to fix it) ..... some of the implants not performing as expected..... new freezing and CTD issues.... a bug letting people in VR unlock all the implants virtually for free..... then DBG closing down the VR indefinitely..... possible issues with the HL Barrier (incl. not stopping projectiles and deployable in places that lock your allies into the spawn tube etc.) ..... in some places the spawn-shields are not actually IN the doors or windows, allowing enemies to shoot into the spawn..... equipment terminals in bunkers don't disappear when the bunker does, and they're all VS to boot.....

    Aaannd now I'm bored. But I think you get the picture.

    This is absolutely a 100% bug-free, gold-plated patch, for which we should be singing joyful hallelujahs to the devs! :p

    That said... it IS nice that we're still getting new stuff, and the game isn't completely into maintenance-mode yet!
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  10. FieldMarshall

    All the little server and client performance improvements they have made over the years since release.
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  11. DeadAlive99

    I like more things about the game than I don't like, which is why I've spent over $200 in the last year.

    A short list:

    * Lots of vehicles and classes

    * VP system and cont. lock

    * Construction, although still needs a good amount of work and integration into lattice to reach its' potential

    * Various base changes over the last few years, to alleviate trouble spots, such as adding the jump pad on the south side of the Crown.

    * Base experiments, such as SubTanNan, which I do like btw (like, not love). Much better than playing at a Lab.

    * Various enhancements, cert lines, new tools and weapons

    * The award and directive system

    The thing is, when people are happy, they're playing the game. You will always have more negative posts about games than positive. That doesn't mean that the playerbase overall actually rates it low. Positive 'posts' are best seen in the gameplay numbers, as in, how many are playing and for how long, and how much are they spending.
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  12. pnkdth

    The devs are still willing to test out new stuff. It is what keeps me coming back.

    One day I can fly, one day I can drive a tank, play infantry, or mix it up. Even just infantry play has a lot variety to it.

    I get all of this for FREE. Sure, it'll take longer but I do not feel that I NEED implants, weapons, and abilities to win. I never used implants before and now I basically throw on regen or whatever.

    There is absolutely no game which even comes close to the scale of PS2. None and if it approaches it in scale never its numbers.

    Everyone I fight against and with is a human player. This means unexpected things and when it clicks into place PS2 deliver some seriously epic fights. Even the frustrating moments are interesting because things shouldn't always just work out. Then you might as well play some single player game which treats you like the hero/the chosen one. It is the gaming high which also keeps me coming back for more.

    Of course there are problems even the most frustrating problems pales in comparison when you consider the good stuff. The thing with humans is we tend not to make much noise when things are good or working, then we are simply enjoying the game, but when things go awry people take to the forums. I mean, it would be absurd to have people constantly posting when things are good in the support section for instance.

    That said, when staying away from the boards I seem to have more fun in game, so there is probably a lot of truth to the claim the weight of negativity impacts us, or at least me, in some way. Indeed, this is why the devs "aren't listening" because many suggestions and feedback posts ranges from bat**** crazy to oozing with faction bias.
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  13. Demigan

    Exactly what I'm talking about.
    They don't deserve the crapstorm. Take the implant system you talk about: A lot of people didn't like it because of the charges and didn't give damn about the RNG. Others did care about the RNG. But since everyone complains and never says something positive the developers never know if their change was good or not.
    Also look at 90% of the complaints about the implant system: People complain about MC and come with the most ridiculous situations that wouldn't even work, and people don't even realize how terrible the MC implant actually is. With complaints that are this off, they can't be sure what the playerbase actually wants.

    All of them, although MC is almost useless and the community complaining about them is exactly the symptom I'm talking about. They gave chargers a "refund" in the form of ISO4. You could complain that it's too little, but you are getting the exact same as others who worked for it. Just because you paid you don't suddenly have to earn more, and because you paid you had your convenience item. Also you knew that the Chargers were going to change and no one asked for a refund beforehand. So it's all about "gee, I don't agree with the system, so I'm going to look for things to complain about".

    Back on topic:
    Yes I know people play the game if things are positive. But it doesn't hurt to say it once in a while! Even the much-requested Valkyrie 360 turret seemed to blow over with I remember only one person mentioning it in passing.

    I liked them giving the LA some much needed love with a jumpjet-oriented update.
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  14. JobiWan

    I quite liked the rocklet rifle update, made me start playing LA more. It's not perfect but it can be fun to use.
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  15. BrbImAFK

    I was amazed at the ideas behind the 31/3 PTS patch. I haven't really played with them, so I can't comment on implementation, but the ideas look awesome!!!
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  16. Villanuk

    Oh really? Show me where when they first came out, they stated, dont get to many we are going to change them. Utter Bollocks.
  17. adamts01

    Removing 1/2 off aircraft from Indar, well, if that change makes it live anyway. I'll hold off on anything positive till that happens. Like pnkdth said, the fact that they're willing to make big changes is something, that's the only reason I'm still logging in to collect my Daybreak Cash. Now they just need to reverse 90% of what they've done and try something else.
  18. TR5L4Y3R

    i literally have a blast with typhoon rocklets and c4 delivery .. easily best addition to LA´s yet
  19. Zathrus


    For what? screwing us?

    For trying to make a money grab look like some kind of game upgrade?

    For taking all of my tier 4 implants that I use regularly... and my tier 3.... and replacing them with two implants that are essentially WORTHLESS TO A VETERAN PLAYER? then exchanging all of my tier 4/3 stuff for friggin points that can do nothing but upgrade these two worthless implants? But wait!! if I want to spend more cash I can have more than these two worthless ones.... great.

    NOPE... done supporting this game.
    I always have appreciated being mugged....
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  20. Zathrus

    When they changed thermal vision so that it became useless for a vehicle to use.... and did not refund us for this loss I did not say a word....

    Sure they let me keep all my thermals I had, but in a tank, infantry is your highest threat, when thermal can no longer see infantry... it is now blind to your greatest threat... USELESS!!!

    Now.. they have taken all of my implants, given me two worthless ones, exchanged everything for points that can only upgrade implants that I already own... which are the two they gave me.

    That... is the straw that broke the camels back so to speak... this is just pure and simple bait & switch theft. I can no longer support a dev. team that has mutated from game dev. to scam builder.... scams meant to separate people from their cash.
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