AMS Cloaked Module Confirmed!

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  1. Atis

    imo, cloacked sundies should have bigger no-deploy zones than normal ones. Now you can have 6-8 deployed amses around average base, 100-200 nanites each. Destroying 6 invisible ones within reasonable time will require even tons of ppl.
    It worked well in PS1 only because of huge no-deploy zones, fragile AMSes, slow repairing and fortress-like bases.
  2. Iridar51

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  3. HadesR

    IMO if they do add the cloak then the mini map changes should be reverted .. Since if the player wants to hide he can fit a cloak .. If he doesn't want to run cloak then tough, the system shouldn't Hide him.

    Oh and I also think that the " We want to keep the fight going " excuse is just that for the majority of people .. An excuse .. Since if the majority of people wanted to just fight the good fight and keep the fun ones going then spawn camping would be much lower than it is ..

    So it's basically .. We want to keep the fight going long enough to camp your spawn and kill the fight ourselves rather than you do it ..
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  4. Subject851

    Weapons would probably disable while cloaked.
  5. Vorpal_Spork

    Because an invisible ATV and an invisible spawn point are totally the same thing, huh?
  6. Dowlphin

    This would cheapen any advanced gameplay without cloak. It's a lameass feature. It's like the Christmas present to all who go: What's most important about deployed Sunderer? Not getting detected. Well, then why don't we just add a cloak? That would make everything so much easier and simpler.
    Isn't vehicle stealth plus parking behind a rock enough anymore?
    Sunderer cloak doesn't vibe with me. There are so many other things the game could use.
  7. eldarfalcongravtank

    i continue to be baffled why they want to increase Sunderer survivability so much. first the deploy shield, now the ams cloak. what's next? a blockade armor buff?
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  8. Sulsa

    I see it as a way to get more creative when facing a zerg rush.
    I love parking my sundies way out in the middle of nowhere as a fall back in case bases around it fall. A cloaked AMS sundy will let me and those specops guys get more creative and dare I say, improve the fluidity of the front line battles a bit.
    For it to change things up, it needs to be cloaked while deployed. I hope that's what they are doing.
  9. MrJengles

    I think you misunderstood me.

    I doubt it was overly difficult to replicate the code from one vehicle to another, even with possible minor tweaks. Same deal with the Galaxy ammo and repair.

    They've been highly requested features pretty much since release. Whether deliberately or not, the timing of these will distract some players from their far more important concerns.

    As I said, it's nice, but it's also ludicrously late and players are currently deeply concerned with the future of the game. I'm just pointing out the context.
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  10. Dualice

    What were the changes? I missed the memo.
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  11. Ianneman

    Give that thing AA guns only that point straight up so they can ambush aircraft but not ground targets.
  12. Iridar51

    Deployed sundies autospot on minimap only within 15m.
  13. Takara

    Cloaking is a defense....what better way to avoid getting shot then not getting seen in the first place.

    This is a boon to infantry if you believe it or not. You have a mobile spawn point that won't show up on the map and is rather hard to see so they can't snipe it from a hill with locked down prowlers a mile out or spam it with A2G from a mile out with out having to first having to find it.

    Cloakable AMS sundies is what people had been asking for since beta.....if you believe it. The original design had the Galaxy as the could land on biolabs and was the most god awful thing in this game. Fights never happened...when ever resistance was put up the AMS just flew to another base and instantly had a better spawn than any defender :-(

    At any rate, if he is getting shot at...he can always undeploy to shoot back if they still let them have weapons. Besides no point is staying deployed if you are getting hit by a tank and they found your hiding spot anyway.
  14. \m/SLAYER\m/

    ... and how to spot it?
  15. Ballto21


    valkyrie 2.0
  16. Mezinov

    We don't even know for sure if it is a deploy-able ability - what if it works like the Wraith module and just lets us park our sundies without them being seen going INTO the parking spot? That combined with the reduced spot range would be useful.
  17. Scr1nRusher

    Its a deployable ability.
  18. Mezinov

  19. Konstantinn

    In PS1 cloak dropped/shimmered for a second while deployed ams took damage. Also troops coming out of a rock/tree/empty spot in the ground is a dead giveaway.... not to mention even in the picture if you get close enough you can see the cloaked transparent outline, which is another good clue.
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  20. Scr1nRusher

    Did you not read the title of the post what so ever?(or look at the picture of the deployed cloaked sunderer?)

    Also its been in works for a while & also its from PS1.