AMS Cloaked Module Confirmed!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scr1nRusher, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Scr1nRusher

  2. HadesR

    I am calm ... Just stating the obvious that it would be a stupid idea to allow cloaking and firing .. So anyone who would suggest it wouldn't be very bright :)
  3. Scr1nRusher

    No ones been suggesting that............
  4. HadesR

    Read his Tweet .. " If it's suggested i'll fight it " ... and hence my comment he should do more than that ... Jeez :rolleyes:
  5. Scr1nRusher

    I know XD.
  6. MrJengles

    Ooo, it wasn't just copying the Wraith code! It's a cloaking field! Awesome. I wouldn't mind seeing that extended to the deploy shield also.

    IMO, players inside the field shouldn't appear cloaked to anyone else inside - regardless of empire. Outside the field everyone inside the radius should appear cloaked, but friendlies would glow.
  7. FateJH

    I wonder if it's going to be able to hide other Vehicles too, or if that capability should be extended to it.

    Unless it takes up the same slot as the deploy shield.
  8. MrJengles

    I meant the deploy shield becoming a small dome that protects infantry, same as the cloak would hide them.
  9. Ronin Oni

    can't work that way with cloaking mechanics.
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  10. MrJengles

    I think you mean it doesn't work that way.

    Coders already appear to have worked on the module, so I was just suggesting a direction they could take.
  11. Pelojian

    If it's to cloak infantry as well as itself then i think the cloak should project the cloaking field in a sphere anyone outside the sphere looks in by standard cloaking rules but anyone inside the sphere can see each other and the sunderer.

    It's a suitable tradeoff. you get cloaking in the bubble but the enemy can close and negate it if they've spotted you and use the cloaking bubble against you to their benefit.
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  12. Ronin Oni

    Making a cloak aura is MUCH less work than making new special firing rules for AMS cloak only.

    BTW: There's another downside I haven't seen mentioned yet here... YOU CAN'T REPAIR A CLOAKED SUNDERER.

    No firing = no repair

    So it'd be immune to someone running up and throwing ATM's down (though not from >10m above it of course, or driving a C4 ridden Flash into it, running out, then detonating) but any damage it takes is permanent until decloaked.
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  13. Ronin Oni

    That's how it worked in PS1....

    but don't expect that here.

    I'd expect them to lean on existing cloak mechanics as heavily as possible, which just means it will apply cloak to all infantry within 10m of the sunderer.

    Stanadard cloak rules (no firing, cannot be targeted by heal/repair beams, glow faction color for friendlies and cloak ripple for enemies) apply.
  14. FateJH

    If you say so.
    *rolls up in a Sunderer outfitted with Proximity Repair*
  15. Ronin Oni

    #1: As a vehicle, prox sundy wouldn't get cloaked, and now it's obvious where you are

    #2: Not even sure repair works from Prox. Anyone who runs Wraith a lot confirm/deny?

    Either way, the prox repair is MUCH lower than repair guns.... and being in range to prox repair means engies around it would be cloaked and thus unable to repair the repair sundy either...

    Point is, once a sunderer location is known and under fire, Blockade will still remain the best option for survivability as you can stack repair engineers coupled with best damage reduction/"max HP" avail.
  16. sjtw_w_stot

    I usually grab a Harasser when Infiltrator, the turbo boost gets you into places you wouldn't otherwise have access to without flight.