Airplanes is a joke now, lol

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Malphai, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Erik

    I almost never die from flak. If you are having issues then you are probably not playing smart like most people in this game. Over extending, outstaying your welcome, not using cover appropriately, hovering in or near enemy territory, poor situational awareness, ect. Please don't over exaggerate the situation. You can last a hell of a long time in all the vehicles you mentioned and do tons of damage to the enemy if you play smart. Most people don't, they get killed quickly and them come to ***** on the forums. In the end vehicles need to be killed too. You screw up our get outmatched and you go down quick as you should. Play smart and you will be fine, if it is too much then devs will tweek it some more. Crying before even testing the changes for a significant amount of time or at all for that matter is childish.
  2. MistaN

    They changed a few things about the M60 Bulldog mortar & mines
  3. Ranik

    It used to take 300 or so TR carbine rounds to kill an ESF with composite.

    Making it 220 ish is a big deal.
  4. xen3000

    I know about the Bulldogs clip size change, how ere the mines changed?
  5. Gustoril

    Exactly, An AA is designed to destroy air, Aircraft shouldn't be able to Fly in without consequence. maybe now pilots will need to think about tactic instead of flying around carefree destroying everything

    I'm still wanting the skyguard to be buffed. Unload a clip of 50 into a hovering aircraft and it just fly's off with half health without a problem. It only scares aircraft, Dosnt destroy them, and for 1000 cert points and rarely getting a kill, yeah I'm getting my money's worth.
  6. ZoSoGetsu

    Most of my certs are in infantry actually, but when i fly i want to feel like I can be effective, hold my own, and hopefully rack up a few kills. The platoon that clusters itself in the open dry humping their sundy deserves to die by one lucky esf pilot imo, and a people advanced enough to discover a distant alien planet and settle it shouldnt produce anything that cant perform as mentioned above, and that goes not only for air, but vehicles, AA, infantry, whatever the case may be..
  7. Longman

    I allready wondered where all those pilots went. Today was really nice gameplay without the air filled with planes. Add to this that the left buster for max was on half price in the shop. that makes a lot of more AA-maxes. I like the changes. be happy that the OP rocketpod stayed like it was.

    oh, what was it many ESF pilots answered to about weak AA?
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  8. Solvite

    Guys the patch didnt go live yet.

    These forums are atrocious. Even by f2p game standards. I read the Smite forums and it is NOTHING like this.
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  9. Solvite

    Nothing has been changed. The only patch today was to add 6 useless guns to the game.
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  10. Beltway

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  11. Solvite

    People seem legitimately unaware that the AA patch hasnt gone live yet. Just goes to show you that AA isnt underpowered and the whiners are imagining it.

    One day of burster arm on sale and the problem "is fixed".
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  12. Ronin Oni


    If you sit there and get shot by 220 rounds without killing them first....

    you DESERVE to die a humiliating death.
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  13. Spookydodger

    That's the funniest part about this thread. I'm reasonably certain none of these changes have been made yet, as the G2A missile can still dumb fire.
  14. Superdano

    Anyone else notice that the left burster max gun that is on sale 50%, is unavailable?? What is up with that?
  15. iller


    Seriously though .... right now it takes us longer to kill light and medium Aircraft that the whole Squad is focus-firing on than it takes just one of us to go Solo a Heavy-Tank with the stock HA loadout. (or the guided Ground unlock if you're fighting those ludicrous Magriders)
  16. Xae

    Got Scythe.
    Killed 10 infantry.
    Died to idiot in Warpgate while rearming.

    Got Second Scythe.
    Killed 2 Vanguards.
    Flew into a tree

    Switched to TR
    Got a mosquito
    Downed 2 reavers
    rocket spammed so damn many infantry at the crown I lost count.
    Taken out by AA missiles.

    I didn't even realize the AA buff went live.
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  17. D0n

    What is this? are they seriously going to buff AA?

    Have they not learned ANYTHING from beta? Jesus H. Christ.

    I cannot wait to see everyone on a tank again.
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  18. SKYeXile

    Can somebody not ******** please confirm if the patch has gone live.
  19. Ronin Oni

    You use AA?

    You even fly?

    AA is UP when an ESF can attack an AA unit who is looking and shooting at him and WIN.

    Anyways, really is funny to hear everyone whine when the change hasn't even happened. It's all in people heads.
  20. xen3000

    They haven't yet made the change. This is just a bunch of idiots complaining before the changes even occur, and there was a sale on the second burster arm today.
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