Airplanes is a joke now, lol

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Malphai, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. xen3000

    It has not gone live. Patch notes were finally posted, read them.
  2. Xae

    So this entire thread is nothing but ~~~2Pro TopGUNZZZZ!~~~~ crying with literally no changes to the game?
  3. D0n

    Because we know what happens every damn time they buff AA, the entire balance is thrown off completely.

    I blame this on Smedley, I am pretty sure he must have told Matt to change it due to nancies spamming his Twitter. It is all on his shoulders now, from epic sky infested, ground infested battles to a tank war game, that is what is coming.

    I give everyone 1-2 weeks after patch to start spamming the hell out of the tanks, I will be ready to shoot some videos of how this game went from epic battles to epic failure.
  4. SKYeXile

    I did, but i dont have the client here I was wondering wtf people are on about.

    seems to me AA is obviously fine, if people bother to use it.
  5. xen3000

    Well, like I said, there is a buster arm sale in the SC store, so maybe more guys are pulling AA MAXs? Likely this is just the placebo effect from hearing the news of change and a patch being released with no patch notes (originally).
  6. Guyshep

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  7. saltin

    The question is why did SOE wait this long before buffing AA,everyone knew air was ridiculous,unbalanced and lousy for the game with no counter or checks whatsoever.

    Why the hell did they wait this long before buffing AA.

    There are hundred of thousand of illegitimate certs "earned" because AIR was way broken,all these weeks.This was legalized cheating and finally they fix the obvious after so long.
  8. xen3000

    Maybe, I'm holding my opinion in check till the patch is actually live for a week.
  9. lordprinceps

    shuffling into the enemy while crouching.
  10. SKYeXile

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  11. Sharpe

    You are obviously just one of those infantry that get killed over and over and decided the best way to combat air was to go on the forums and nerdrage, instead of actually going to an infantry console and picking a burster MAX :)

    It's quite akin to a tank driver going up against an endless army of infantry that have absolutely no anti-armor weapons.

    When I'm on my dual burster, no single ESF has a prayer in hell of killing me, Ill just go around the rock/building/wall and finish you in two clips - you either run or die - and this is without any changes.

    I don't often say this because this sentence is over-used, and too many times in a completely bad context, but you "nerf ESFs" people really are clueless heh

    I can only hope this is the last time the game is "balanced" towards people that have absolutely no idea what they are doing, and their prefered method of "fighting back" is going to the forums and post non sense.
  12. Ashur

    That's how they got overbuffed and the skyguard butchered in the first place. Turns out, howering in one spot while spamming rocketpods does not make you an extremely skilled pilot.
  13. RadiO

    Well, that's a great big flip off to all the Reaver pilots.
  14. daskleineviech

    I'm sorry, but it doesn't matter if you want to feel powerful or not. If I buy a Prowler, which costs way more resources, and a buddy hops in, we still can't hold our own against a well organized group. The same has to go for aircraft. If you are accompanied by two or three other ESFs that's fine, but one lonely plane should not wreck the **** out of everybody, even if they are a disorganised bunch.
    And for the realism bit: such civs should be able to deploy nukes from orbit. Why don't we have them? Because it's an FPS game. Why do we have to shove realism in our fiction? There's a difference between authenticity and realism.

    And just for the record: The so called air superiority has only been tested in our world against people who use 40 year old equipment. If a real war broke out, which won't happen I hope, those shiney jets would fall rather quickly. Don't forget that most modern conflicts are asymethric wars, not the large scale battles we see in games like Planetside or the BF3 series.
  15. CoolJ

    OMG did they really buff the burster max? The Max was fine. The skyguard and the base turrets are what needed a buff. They finally had the burster in a decent position. The burster max could actually set an aircraft on fire in one magazine. The SG and the Base turrets were so bad it didn't matter how much ammo or heat you had.

    Still didn't fix the Max suit render range?

    Love getting killed by invisible bullets.

    I read earlier some one said that SOE are always listening to their customers so they always make the wrong decision. Not true in my experience.

    They read the forums and ignore the parts where we tell them that max is fine, SG is a joke and Base Turrets are now decoration. They take the feedback that we give them and completely destroy whatever meaning that was behind it and just do stupid blanket buffs/nerfs.

    We said
    You guys broke Skyguards and Base Turrets. You also didn't fix max render distance.

    What we got.
    Buff AA! ALL OF TEH AA's! Oh yea that not seeing a max render before your dead thing. Not important.
  16. Rothnang

    Burster MAXes are idiotic right now, they do too much damage for how small of a target they are. Skyguard does a smidge more damage and is a whole damn tank that can't hide in doorways and windows.

    ROFL... OMFG this gun is bad... I don't even call it the Lasher anymore...
  18. CoolJ

    Dude they didn't buff them yet. Besides, you have no idea. Compared to beta, they are kittens.
    The Max is fine now before this buff. Just needed it's render distance fixed. The rest of the AA was lack luster. To put it nicely.
  19. Artuskan

    So I take it that you've checked out the VS "Traveling Salesman", the NC "Farmer's Daughter", and the TR "A Minister, A Priest, and A Rabbi" three-seater? I hear the Galaxy even has a built-in laugh track now. The only bad thing about the planes? No seats ... they're all stand-up.
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  20. ZoSoGetsu

    I like what you say about authenticity, and thats all im out for.. Ill admit Im a lone wolf, but all im saying is explosive weaponry whether launched from air, land, boat, wherever just damage effectively, not tickle, and air should just be ****-slapped out of the sky as soon as they are spawned like the waning days of beta. If you remember people were pretty outspoken about that as well.. Also I thought orbital strikes were coming for high certed squad leaders..
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