Airplanes is a joke now, lol

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Malphai, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Malphai

    Flying a mossi/scythe/reaver is a joke now...

    A burster MAX can kill a plane in half a clip, you dont even see them rendering before you die.
    not to mention all the lock-on missiles. Why not remove planes/tanks/sunderers ect from the game, since it's clear that they shouldnt be in the game in the first place?
    I don't get why people were whining on planes before, since burster maxes did already alot of damage. I can understand buffing the skyguard some, and the walker turret..but the rest?

    And on another note, how come Photon pods (vanu rocket pods) does less damage then TR and NC rocket pods?
    They also have less ammo per clip (14 rockets compared to TR that has 16)
    Also have the slowest rate of fire compared to the others?
    A engineer can repair a sunderer faster then a scythe can do damage from above (not behind). While a engineer can't outrepair the damage from hellfire rockets from above...
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  2. Malphai

    oh, and i forgot to mention the "secret nerf" to composite armor on planes.
    Before at max lvl it gave 50% infanery gun protection?
    Now it gives
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  3. McWafflez

    The composite armor nerf is ******* bull I'm 800 certs in and they ******* pull that ****.
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  4. TheEvilBlight

    MAXes are always a minority, let alone MAXes who buy dual burster and *wait* for aircraft to show up.

    The rendering issue makes it difficult to balance. On less peak hours, the Reaver can render just fine, drop missiles and burn away from the G2A guys, let alone the bursters. In peak hours, nobody can see each other and it's basically down to chance: who renders who first?
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  5. Tantal

    Oh no, fighter aircraft are now encouraged to act as fighter aircraft and not tank and infantry destroyers with wings.

    How terrible.
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  6. Lokarin

    Buy the Stealth frame, bro!
  7. Argento81

    I got smoked by a Burster max with a "Burster XS". New weapon?

    Yeah they make you wanna get the hell out now. Imagine 2 or 3 of them coordinating. Insta-death for all air.

    GG devs. I'd be chafed but I've come to expect this.
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  8. Reizod

    Wait, wait, wait a minute. I haven't got home yet from the office to see what changes the Devs made. But please don't tell me they actually did nerf composite armor to 8% max protection!!! :mad: I am going to be so damn pissed if that is the case. Please tell me you are just trolling or something.
  9. Xiphos

    It's about time. Fighters shouldn't be flying tanks that can destroy AA before it can destroy them.
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  10. Tamas

    Max bonus now is:
    12% Flak
    8% small arms

    Did I mention the prices are still 500/1000 certs?

    Basically pointless to take now.
  11. MistaN

    Wait, so they already did the air balancing?
  12. Baronello

    Rank 1: 100 certs, -10% Flak and -20% Small Arms to -3% Flak and -2% SA
    Rank 2: 200 certs, -12% Flak and -28% SA to -6% Flak and -4% SA
    Rank 3: 500 certs, -15% Flak and -35% SA to -9% Flak and -6% SA
    Rank 4: 1000 certs, -18% Flak and -50% SA to -12% Flak and -8% SA
  13. CaptainRobust

    I've gotten away from clusters of burster fire today. It certainly hurts, but flying erratically helps a lot.
  14. Argento81

    If only they'd get a clue and make fighters tailored for engaging air only, then we wouldn't be smashing our heads on the pavement every second patch.
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  15. Degenatron

    Use Liberators to attack ground targets.

    Use ESFs to attack Liberators and Galaxies.

    That's the way it was meant to be.
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  16. AzK

    Had over a thousand certs for a bit, not sure what to get. Got the last rank of composite armor this morning even if i thought it was pretty meh and could use a buff, and now they nerfed it? Seriously, **** off.

    Flak was ridiculously powerful already, now it's just a joke, can't even attempt to do anything or you're dead.
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  17. Baronello

    Give ESF more damage to Libs and Gals and deal.
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  18. Degenatron

    Rocketpods work like a champ for this.

    My irony senses are tingling.
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  19. AtomicGerman

    Oh look at that, you got shot down by burster MAXes because your ground force never killed them. Aint it a cryin' shame.
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  20. Superdano

    Can I get a link to the nerf to composite armor for aircraft? I didn't hear anything about this, and I am not happy about it at all. They should allow people who spent the final 1000 certs to max out composite armor, the option to put their certs into something else. 8% is a joke, and i wouldn't of wasted one cert if this was going to happen. If you want to lose your player base Sony, keep it up!!!
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