Aircraft vs infantry is out of hand

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zizoubaba, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Zizoubaba

    Maybe it works on paper, maybe it's balanced "technically"..

    But in reality, it doesn't work, it's not balanced.

    No need for wall of text this time, I'm sure everyone knows exactly what I mean, and as usual, those screaming for a nerf will get taunted and baited by those profiting from this issue, it's all in the lay of the virtual land!
  2. adamts01

    I'm frustrated with air when I play as infantry, and I'm frustrated at AA when I play as air. I'm not sure which one you are, but either way, you're right. Air/Ground is frustrating and bad no matter how you look at it.
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  3. LaughingDead

    "It is imbalanced because I say it is, I assume everyone knows what I means without explaining it". Yea, that goes over sooooo well for a discussion.

    I'll grant, it's frustrating to die, it's frustrating to die to something that seems like you can't counter or have no way of killing, vice versa it's not fun being an aircraft in the same boat. However this is why we have squads and communication, if there is so much as 3 heavies willing to listen in your base you can kill that ESF, if there is so much as a harasser listening to your pleas then they could kill that skyguard.

    Promoting the frustration without breaking down what makes it frustrating is nothing more than saying "this is unfun because I think it is". At that point I recommend a different game unless you're pointing out the mechanics that should be changed in order to make it less unfun.

    So please, elaborate for the rest of the class.
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  4. Talthos

    Yes, so much this. Seriously, even 1 lock-on tends to scare away ESFs. 3 lock-ons temporarily renders them extinct from the given airspace.

    And Skyguards... if they don't have a Liberator to back them up, they just run away at full afterburn, when just one Skyguard comes out... it's hilarious.

    Also, nice forum sig. We do need more explosives and vehicles to explode, but I would add that we should only get them after the performance fixes are done; can't enjoy an explosion if your frame rate chokes too hard to see it, right?
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  5. Twin Suns

    Taliban soldier *shakes fist* at F-18 Super Hornet. meh...
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  6. adamts01

    NC and VS don't have adequate launchers to fight back against air. Unless you over specialize against air, you can't even make them break a sweat in a geound vehicle. No matter how good you are in the air, or how bad the player is on the ground, you have guaranteed hit weapons fired at you nonstop.

    Infantry, armor, air.... It sucks no matter what. And it's not the dying, obviously inherent to all PvP, it's a never ending list of bad interactions leading up to a pretty bad experience no matter which side you're on.
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  7. Lord_Avatar

    Say what?

    ES ground-to-air lock-ons are the most popular pick by far because the allow you to tackle air while retaining viability against ground targets. You don't need a Striker, believe me.
  8. Liewec123

    With the exception of Striker, infantry AA is pretty darn terrible,
    with fire suppression and stealth it takes a lifetime to kill an ESF with an AA lock-on,
    meanwhile banshee, airhammer and lolpods absolutely slaughter infantry, and the ESF can retreat any time they like,
    Repair up and come back to ruin your day some more!
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  9. Movoza

    Newly nanite constructed soldier with highly advanced armor, shields and weaponry shakes perfect copy armored fist at nanite constructed eternally flying aircraft with recharging boost, ability to repair mid flight and survive even direct hits from tanks.*
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  10. adamts01

    I A2G with all 3 factions. The Striker is the only launcher decent pilots have trouble with. If there's cover, then I just limit my exposure to less than 2.5 seconds. If there's no cover, then I run flares and feel dirty. Every faction needs the Striker mechanic. The only chance NC and VS have is to pull a spawnroom Burster. Air/Ground balance and gameplay is an absolute disaster.
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  11. FateJH

    Every faction has Coyote Missiles.

    In PlanetSide Classic, the NC had the Sparrows and the VS had the Starfire compared to the TR's Striker. You could argue, on top of that, that the TR had Bursters; but, even with, the TR weren't any more Air dominant than any other faction. A bit more annoying but, hey, still resistable. And all sides had access to Flaklets. And Wasps. And Skyguards. And Deliverers (which were actually pretty decent against Air compared to their faction-specific equivalents). The NC also had the Thunderer and Vindicator, who top-mounted gauss weaponry was pretty decent at delivering good damage to Air. The VS had their Lancer and Magrider Heavy Rail Beam ("Saron," to us) for pinpoint damage.

    The answers are available with diversification of forces.
  12. Vanguard540

    There is this very fun infantry vs infantry battle going on, you manage to avoid getting one shot by the tank zergs, you run the implant so you can remain accurate despite all the shaking... Guess what you hear next? Shotgun/lolpod ESF combo. So cool, I'm gonna have to cancel all the pushing, get back to a sunderer or the spawn room, pull out a max with a burster I don't like to play, but have to. Just to chip the ESF away and get insulted in PM by the pilot.
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  13. Trigga

    A bit like the infantry in your sig then ;)
  14. Trigga

    There is never an infantry v infantry battle going, its always empire vs empire, combined arms vs combined arms.

    Too many players of this game refuse to see that while staring straight at it, it amazes me.
    Its like looking up and missing the sky....(seems strangely relevant here)

    What youve just described is the intended gameplay of this game, and many people including myself like it.
    If you want pure infantry v infantry either go to another game that provides that, or wait for bio lab fights.

    Stop trying to ruin the game for the people who have actualy opened their eyes to the games intent, and enjoy it.
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  15. Vanguard540

    "There is never an infantry v infantry battle going, its always empire vs empire, combined arms vs combined arms."
    Oh I didn't notice, my bad.

    "If you want pure infantry v infantry either go to another game that provides that, or wait for bio lab fights."
    Not what I want

    Read what I'm actually saying, not what you think I am saying.

    The fact that I have to stop fighting, get back to the spawn to avoid getting AOE burst, to pull out a broken class that I hate playing to counter it and being insulted for this, is not ok. I also fly ESFs and I enjoy ESF to ESF fights more than just easy AOE bursting busy targets forced to cross paths in open sight.

    Once you'll settle down and talk properly without making false assumptions maybe you'll get something from these forums.
  16. Liewec123

    indeed XD
  17. Lord_Avatar

    The Striker is only effective at short range. Anything further away and its damage output becomes insignificant. From my perspective the A2G launcher is superior in most circumstances (not to mention it's utility against ground targets).
  18. Campagne

    "What's that? You don't like being the fodder for everyone else and instead want a fair and balanced game where nanites don't equate to power but rather to unique playstyles?

    Stop trying to ruin the game!" :p
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  19. adamts01

    I'm just looking at things realistically. Ideally, we'd have real missile mechanics and flares, and this problem would be solved. But as barren as air is, I can't imagine that sort of investment. It's simple enough to give each FS AA launcher the Striker mechanic. TR's could deal much more damage per mag, since it's spread out damage, in order to keep some uniquenes.

    The Striker is great. It now has a range of 450, 100 meters farther than any other AA launcher can start a lock. I can tell you that from the air side, and also getting really good at the Striker, its recent range nerf was warranted, and put the launcher in a pretty well balanced place.
  20. HomicideJack

    Striker's velocity is pretty garbage, man, and it has bad drop. The rocklet rifle does the same thing but better and with better burst damage, and every faction can use it.

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