AF-8 RailJack

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by focart, Feb 27, 2014.

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  1. Hoki

    Railjack is actually really good with a silencer. Its got slightly more drop than the bolt driver.
  2. Baccano

    But double the lead distance due to fire delay so why bother?
  3. MarkAntony

    Delay makes it useless. Won't be getting rid of the EM4 any time soon.
  4. ZEPLN

    Sorry... but this is very true. Any advantage the Railjack gained from the extra 200m/s and 50 damage has been rendered null with this new shot delay. What lead was reduced by the extra muzzle velocity has been completely negated.

    I wish SOE would have delayed the ESSRs even further instead of releasing this farce they call balance. The TRAP is the best of the three, but that's comparing a slightly shinier polished turd to two other polished turds. They're still turds at the end of the day.
  5. XDDante

    i really have no problems with Railjack but sure 10 shots for the rifle is too much :A like everyone else says it is weird to use XD just lower the ammo count to 4 and it's good to go :)
  6. Vaphell

    my verdict after 30minutes of trying to make it work: it's trash

    delay is aggravating when you are not shooting dummies in VR. At ranges that matter Longshot hits faster, at least in my perception.
    It's a spawnroom sniper/booshwookie toy because it's unusable in dynamic play. To learn how to use it, you need to throw away all your knowledge about how bolt actions work in this game.

    WTB shade for plain old semi-auto with unlimited ammo or ITSATRAP for pewpewpew.
  7. Hoki

    Well its a lot faster than the VS one.
  8. Vaphell

    you can go with the VS one for the infinite ammo perk and use it as a semi-auto. That's something.
    RJ is a one trick pony and it blows.
  9. Odin

    bwahhaha love the tr/vs saying its good, its complete crap a longshot is better in every way lol
    GG soe nice release on the "Railcrap" throw in the delay and ruin whatever this gun was suppose to be special for hahahaha
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  10. Wobberjockey

    it's something… until you remember that infantry can practically outrun the Phaseshift's projectiles :/
  11. Karonal

    I returned to the game only a week ago. I've been having difficulty reacquainting myself to sniping with the Longshot. I picked up the Railjack today to give it a try and see if the increased bullet velocity helped me get back into the groove and it certainly has. I haven't noticed a trigger delay, but I wasn't looking for it either. It feels much more user friendly than the Longshot to a n00b like me. It has my approval.
  12. Planetdoge

    I feel the same way about the trigger delay; I didn't really notice it until I saw other people talking about it. I feel like the trigger delay is a lot worse if you let it mess with your head. I switched to the Railjack right from the Bolt Driver, so I came in expecting to have to re-adjust leading when shooting moving targets. Maybe that's why I don't really identify with the whole "ermagerd Railjack so much worse than Longshot ermagerd" talk. I'm used to hitting moving targets with the Bolt Driver, and when I trialed the Longshot, I kept overcompensating and had trouble with leading targets. Same situation with the Railjack, so it really doesn't seem that bad to me.
  13. Baccano

    No offense but yes rudimentary snipers will notice not much problem (eg those snipers that stand completely still in on spot don't move and just fire the rifle, although you are leading twice as far than the longshot)

    More advanced Snipers know how to drag shot (not possible with the railjack)

    More advanced Sniper know that you uncloak just long enough to take the shot and then move before you get sniped in a duel (not possible with the Railjack)

    More advanced snipers can pan the rifle in front of the target enough to make the shot without having to have the cross hair there already, dirivitive of the drag shot (Not possible with the Railjack)

    So yes if you are a rudimentary sniper with just the basic concepts under your belt this might be not a problem for you

    For those of us that are more advanced the equivelent would be when they nerfed the reverse thrust manuever temporarily until they realized it just lowered the skill ceiling and it just pissed off pro pilots.

    If this is what SOE wants the Railjack to be fine I'll Rax it then shelve it because it is an inferior rifle. I would not choose to use it over any bolt action rifle already in the game.

  14. Planetdoge

    I do that with the Bolt Driver, no problem. Why wouldn't it be possible to learn to do it with the Railjack? There's a shot delay -> adjust for it. Besides the shot delay, is there some other fundamental distinction between the Railjack's mechanics and those of other BASRs that is preventing you from using it for drag shotting? I'm legitimately curious. What is the big issue besides the small shot delay?
  15. Baccano

    The reason you can't with the railjack is that you have to stand completely still for .5 of a second to wait after the trigger pull while the rifle decides to fire.

    In a sniper duel that's .3 seconds too long to stand still.

    And for those that don't know because maths too hard that extra 200m/s only gives you one tenth of a second sooner time to reach your target at all ranges .1 of a second yea that's insanely OP but it's ok we balanced it with a .5 trigger delay so that's not a problem right?

    So lets add this up .1 second faster bullet but bullet has to wait .5 second to leave the barrel and that means you're at a .4 second disadvantage with the Longshot. But oh wait dat flat trajectory no bullet drop OPness. Yeah the difference in drop from the longshot is so negligable as to be a non-factor.

    And about that extra round in the mag the only reason it's there is because SOE knows damn well that you're gonna have to use them due to the atrocious lead you now have to get used to.

    Said it before gonna say it again this is a Rax and shelve rifle with no niche or purpose. It's easier to snipe heads with the SAS-R at 100m with a 4x than it is with the RailJack.

    I'm sorry but even though I'm only 119 kills in this is a joke of a weapon.

    - SideWinder
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  16. Baccano

    I've always said the VS rifle needs the same rof of the other semi snipers. As of this writting only TR got a truely compelling and unique sidegrade rifle
  17. ZZYZX

    Well, I'd read about this "lag" that people were talking about, and then I read the weapon description in game again. It's definitely not lag - it's intentional, as the weapon has a small "charge time" between when you pull the trigger and when it fires. I know a lot of people thought maybe it was accidental.

    I may try it, but it's a lot of points to spend on something that might suck for my play style. I guess I'm a noob when it comes to "video game sniping," but I am an expert marksman and I shoot in game a little closer to the way I shoot in real life. I wait for a target to stay stationary for a moment. Which seems to happen VERY seldom in this's hard for me to EVER find someone holding still. :(
  18. Vanon

    Thats exactly it. They took the one thing that made this weapon great, the muzzle velocity and found a way to keep the numbers on paper yet make it completely useless. The messed up thing was that i pulled an AP vanguard inbetween sniping. It's the same muzzle velocity. I went ahead and started shooting ESF's like i did with the Vanguard, and it's about the same hit ratio. It's fine on a tank, but not on a sniper rifle.

    The thing that pisses me off the most was that it was fine on the test server. If it was that OP, then take the 50 damage off, or lower the clip size to 2 or 3. Changing the entire weapon on patch day is a total bait and switch. Not only do i have a crappy gun, but i feel all the guy's in all the factions that posted on the PTS forum were completely ignored on all 3 weapons.
  19. iller

    Got this today... went from 5:1 KDR using Bolt, to 10:0 today with this. Doubling our effective ammo makes it all worth it IMO. I actually have a real incentive to climb to way far out of the way places now w/o running out of ammo way before I ran out of targets.

    The range is also so extreme with it that 12x scope is the only thing that made sense, but unfortunately the scope sway at that extreme is also extreme itself and is taking its toll way more than "Gravity" does.

    The firing delay isn't nearly as much a problem as "running out of breath" constantly and being hit with Sway right as the shot is supposed to fire. The firing delay itself just means continuing to refine one's aim AFTER pressing left mouse button basically.
  20. Baccano

    Char name please or link to your killboard. Not doubting the kdr but I knew someone that had a 1000:1 kdr being a spawn snipe hero doesn't mean the rifle is a better choice than any of the other BA Rifles.
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