AF-8 RailJack

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by focart, Feb 27, 2014.

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  1. pnkdth

    What I mean is when you get used to "leading" the delay, the bullet velocity is so high you will more reliably hit your target, as well as being harder to evade by running evasively. So while the end result is that of BASR, it is used differently. For these reasons I do not think it is fair to compare them to when you hit the trigger because of the difference when leading your target. There is no reason why a railjack user would pull the trigger at the same time as a Longshot user.

    Someone who is familiar with the Railjack is likely to have pulled the trigger before the Longshot user, and does not have to lead targets in the same way. Like you point out though, this is more useful the further way you get. For me this is fine, as it would boring if it just replaced the longshot as being an upgrade.
  2. Nephi1im

    How is it an advantage in any situation? I keep seeing people say "it doesn't suck when you get used to it" but that doesn't mean it is situationally better than anything else, just not terrible....
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  3. pnkdth

    It is pretty much hitscan, and all you need to do is to lead the delay rather than the shot, and you will be able to hit moving targets way more consistently than with a Longshot. And once again, you would fire before the Longshot with a Railjack which makes the whole example of >150m a bit icky since you're not exercising the same fire discipline with the Railjack as you would with a BASR.

    In other words, it is not supposed to be better than the Longshot. It is a unique weapon, and you keep refusing to learn how to use it, then why should you expect to like it. Sidegrades, remember? Just because you do not like the weapon does not mean it is useless.

    One buff I think it should get is a larger magazine capacity. I'm thinking 8 rounds, due to the delay is the trade-off for the 850m/s.
  4. Jerecho

    The Railjack is a fantastic rifle.

    1. the trigger delay might seem like a bad thing, but i quickly realized that i can use this to my advantage. by clicking and then dragging my sight onto my target (moving or not) i can land shots more frequently. clicking no longer moves my sight a tiny bit. ;)

    2. if you think this gun is bad for countersniping, you are very wrong. its about paying attention and out thinking your opponent, not who pulls the trigger first.

    3. the velocity of the bullet means a nearly-instantaneous bullet travel time over mid to long distances.

    bad stuff:
    if you are using this gun at short distances, you're doing it wrong.
    you need to track your target after you pull the trigger.
    the suppressor isnt really a good choice in any scenario for the barrel attachment, as it doesn't mask the bullet tracer and you really ought to be engaging foes at a long distance anyhow.
    it also slows the bullet velocity, which is a main feature of this weapon. just dont use it.

    There are several other points id like to make but i just cant think of them r/n ;P

    Sure the longshot is a great sniper rifle, and so is the railjack. but THEY ARE DIFFERENT in many ways and both have their own strengths.

    If you are an advanced infiltrator, 100% recommend this weapon.

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  5. kaolla

    1. to short for me to use is, i'm not skilled enought to move mouse accurete enought to just drag on target, hold breath and fire, i will always need to adjust aim.

    2 i don't understand, yes it is paying attention but that work for every one, but if 2 sniper see each other first to shout will win ( or a draw)

    3. true the speed is great but the big weakness is that the delay make it like no real use. It could be like they make the velocity higher just to compensate the firing delay.

    on a situation where you fire at THE time to kill it would be amazing, but the delay may make you miss that windows ( well for me, i know there is people who enjoy this gun a lot)

    last thought It doesn't really feel as unique as HA faction weapon or launcher. ( and still broken decoy)
  6. Chazt

    It has a stupid as hell trigger delay that makes it a complete peice of garbage against anything but a stationary target. They should have added a large chamber time instead if they wanted to balance the weapon because as of right now it is just worse thant he longshot even when it comes to time to hit the target.
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  7. EroJiji

    The nerfing they did to the RailJack is a bunch of BS. NC had a slight advantage with sniper rifles, but the other factions whined and cried so much that they too got the equivalent of our sniper rifles (RAMS, Parallax). When we finally get some advantage back with the RailJack, they whine and cry some more, while they have better everything else! How about we stop comparing weapons to weapons, take a step back and look at everything as a whole. When we start doing that, you'll notice that the NC is totally outmatched in every aspect of the game.
  8. Astraka

    What? I know that you're upset, but none of that is true.
  9. Chazt

    Yeah I mean we got...Vanguards! And....uhm...the phoenix! and... dang.
  10. Astraka

    Am I being trolled? I think I'm being trolled.
  11. Planetdoge

    I've actually started to use this technique, too; it's effective. I've even gotten used to leading sprinting targets with the rifle. The numbers suggest that the Longshot is better in almost every situation, but for some reason I really like the Railjack. Still sucks that it only has 4 bullets per mag, though.
  12. Korban

    Firstly, what server was that on?

    Secondly, were most of them constantly exposing themselves out in the open? Coz if they are, they deserved to be sniped at.
  13. Vixxing

    Used the trial of Railjack on my NC alt, must say im very jealous with the crappy totally useless Phaseshift... At first the RJ feelt a little weird, small delay so up to 150 metres it was soso... not awesome but good... The real kick came when i got in real long distance sniper duels WOAH! feelt like the shots where 200m not 400+ :)
    Ultimate hillcamping rifle from hell! Awesome weap for really long distance pwnage!
  14. Dhahlih

    I've been playing with the RailJack a little more, and the click + drag technique is really the only way to effectively use this gun to hit moving targets consistently. It's probably easier to hit moving targets with the Longshot, until you master click + drag with the RailJack, at which point it seems to be easier for hitting even sprinting targets.

    One thing that I think could indirectly buff the RaiLJack would be if they were to up the distance at which infantry renders as it'd give more of an opportunity to really utilise that muzzle velocity and outperform the other BASRs
  15. Mr. Tabby

    First thing to note, from me...I've been playing this game all of three days and got the RailJack primarily due to looks. I like the look of it...However, In other games, Battlefield, ArmA series, ect ect, when I snipe, I focus on HVI's,...Medics, engies on turrets,..and being a pest behind enemy lines (Such as, in this game, picking off people on Sundy's re-supplying.) Rare is it I personally even try to hit a movign target....

    But from the time I've spent in game, And between the default rifle and the Railjack,..I find it (from personal experience) to be better. Easier to kill. Perhaps it is inferior to the Longshot...I don't know at the moment.

    My 0.02.
  16. Baccano

    If you are having a good personal experience that's cool I Raxed this weapon about a week ago but there is no compelling reason (since the cert cost is the same, if it was a different cert cost this would be a different answer sure) to get this rifle over the Longshot or LA-80.

    It only beats the Bolt Driver to time on target at the 300m mark by approx hunderths of a second but for less bullets, a longer chamber time and longer reloads.

    There have been numerous charts and graphs detailing how much worse it is than even the default much less the other offerings that cost the same.

    Also if you and I were standing next to each other taking down target at the 130m and under area you would get no kills unless I missed since I would kill the target before your bullet even leaves the barrel

    No not an exaggeration source: see the chart in the middle for time on target metrics.

    - SideWinder
  17. The Sniper Shark

    Frankly I find it better then the longshot because its much higher bullet velocity i'm doing much better with it than the longshot and the delay isn't even that much, so i adapted to it and am doing a lot better with the railjack, I love this gun.
  18. Gemenai

    Well as dedicated infiltrator player, being used to every sniper rifle in the VS arsenal and half of the arsenal of TR and NC ( including Railjack) i can just say, that Railjack is easy mode nothing else.
    Every non half brain dead can think of the delay while leading a target.
    The delay actually give me the possibility to change my lead in the last blink of an eye if needed.

    While of course i admit that regular player ( which not play infiltrator long range sniper for most of the time) mostly will not see this as an upsite and more like a downside and the weapon specific trace of fire is always a scream of " here i am guys, come and counter snipe me".
    But hey every decent Sniper should know the risk and avoiding mechanics of counter snipe.

    But therefor i am VS and not Murri.... erm NC i only have Phaseshift. Not really good in anything but always getting some laughs from time to time . Be it a hilarious kill and i can´t believe this happend or ( mostly ) getting killed in ridicilous ways by any random kind of enemy.
    Like Mocha said i´m vanu and therefor used to get the short end of a stick. Gemenai will adapt.
  19. geekrider

    Ok so I've never used this weapon but, how can Railjack have the same drop as Longshot when it has a higher bullet velocity?

    Why are you comparing with Parallax and RAMS? You should compare with TRAP and Phaseshift.
  20. Vikarius

    Ill give you the phaseshift for either the TRAP or Railjack ANY day

    Besides the ****** scope choices...
    The charge up mechanic and having scope sway...the phaseshift should OHKO on body shot lmao......
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