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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by focart, Feb 27, 2014.

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  1. focart

    To compare with parallax, RAMS and EM4 Longshot new rifle have better ammo capacity, better travel time, better reload time, better velocity at any range, lower bullet drop.
    How it`s not brocken and why sony again complitely ignor every topics dedicated to balance. Why among all long shot sniper rifles only NC will be able to use better one.
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  2. Dragonblood

    There is no need for another thread. It's a tier-4 sniper, deal with it.
  3. Greddy

    The Railjack is a horrible weapon to use, they added a trigger delay, just like the mini chaingun before they change up the spinup timer. You still have to "lead" targets and its actualy harder to hit, if you are not used to this. Dont buy it.
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  4. Baccano

    Ok for the Ignorant (nicest adjective I can think of atm) posters above you are WRONG (Insert clip of BCP "BAD BAD BAD" here)

    The Railjack was nerfed bad in the transition to live. Right now there is a firing delay that requires you to lead more than if you were using a Longshot and this is coming from someone that has spent plently of time sniping at all ranges with every sniper rifle. When I tried this rifle out I started leading like I normally do with a longshot and found the round landing behind my target due to the firing delay. So far NC has the short end of the stick with this ES implementation (Although the VS are not too far off since I think they need to buff the rof of the Phaseshift in semi mode.)

    As for the bullet drop it's pretty much the same as the longshot tested at 25m intervals on live in the VR all the way out to 300m.

    Unfortunately SOE doesn't test live changes on the test server so no one knew what was going to happen. Much less ignorant posters who haven't actually tried the weapon live. (And if the above posters have tried it and still made this post please stop your not actually doing anything useful nor are you any good at sniping if you can't tell the difference)

    Tell you what though, if you want to trade for the TRAP your welcome to this lousy version of a "Teir 4" railgun

    Apologies if I sound agitated but some people don't test out weapons and just look at stats which is bs. That and I am disappointed in the release state of this weapon. As of this writing the only reason to choose this rifle over longshot is if you somehow wanted 5 extra rounds in your mag and a slightly faster reload time but don't mind almost doubling your lead distance. Also chamber time is slower by 2 tenths of a second.

    - SideWinder
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  5. PlatoonLeaderG

    Good lets trade then,i will gladly give you the mighty TRAP.....
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  6. FieldMarshall


    I liked it. For some reason, i dont notice the fire delay.
    And the (crazy) larger mag and reload speed makes up for the slower chamber time (the way i snipe anyway)

    Edit: Maybe i dont notice the delay because when i lead moving targets, i dont stop leading after shooting?
    Not sure how people snipe, but sure if you park your aim 20m ahead of your enemy and wait for him to enter the center before shooting while not moving your aim at all, i can see why you have to "lead more".
    Otherwise you shouldnt notice anything because you dont have to compensate for any delay.
  7. Baccano

    I've tried the live version of the TRAP if you don't think it's good tell me how your using it and I'll give you pointers on how to make it work and how it should be used.

    It's not much different than the scout rifles but better in that you can change your shot type from semi to nearly full auto as the situation calls for it. If your using it like a sniper rifle that is not the way it's meant to be played.

    The reason the railjack fails is because that's clearly all it is, a sniper rifle that you have to use double the lead for due to the firing delay.

    - SideWinder
  8. Greddy

    You calling me ignorant, when you practically saying the same stuff I said?
  9. Baccano

    Sorry you weren't posted wehn I started that Greddy

  10. BlueDevilManiac

    Atm the Railjack feels weird and unsatisfying to use. The slight firing delay feels more like lag than an actual weapons fire delay ( especially since you can hear the weapon fire first and then the projectile actually leaves after ) this new delay mechanic totally breaks it for me so i'll probably just stick to my Bolt driver...
  11. focart

    i am agree with you about leading, and hit stuff when you don`t know how to measure with new weapon. But in same moment i would say if you start used it, you will hit enemys, especially with such bullet drop.
    Trial with no attachments!/5428176321548299713/killboard
    Standart RJ has more ammo than my RAMS with maxed ammunition balt.
  12. space laces

    well i tryed it, and seriously i thought that little delay was a bug... i just do no understand that, it is frustrating! why putting such bullet velocity if we have to lead more than a standard SR? i just don't get it, this delay should be removed, even if we have to nerf other things... anyway the only specific trait of this SR , ammo capacity excepted is a malus ... not very attractive
  13. Baccano

    Focart those are some good kills but I'm betting you found the enemy in a run of the mill static position (ie rocket nest stuff like that) and for that it works. However the drop profile to pretty much the same as the longshot. So if they distance shot you would have hit them with the same mil dot setting as the longshot required.
  14. Decian

    Space, the reason is complaining. If people ***** and moan enough on the forums sony instantly nerfs anything regardless of facts.
  15. ZZYZX

    If the shot delay is that bad, it must be a mistake on SOE's part. Hopefully they'll fix it fast. I was all set to buy it (with certs) until I saw this thread. Now I'm gonna wait.
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  16. Rohxer

    Thanks for the testing. It really doesn't sound like something I'll purchase, given that appears to be just a Longshot with slightly different mechanics. I've already got my 1160 scalps with that thing (ok, 1171), and if the new weapon is similar (but with just a little twist!) I don't see any reason to do it again.

    I'll definitely trial it though and report back.

    But if it doesn't offer anything remarkably different, or fun, then I'm not sure why people would bother.
  17. Tenebrae Aeterna


    Well, I just tried it out within the VR Training Room, so take this with a grain of salt, and didn't find too much stress in using the weapon. Does the delay even apply, because I'd pull the trigger and instantly sway the weapon in an attempt to try and throw the shot off...but each time I would hit the target. It's almost like the delay doesn't even register...but I honestly don't know.

    Right now, my biggest gripe with the weapon is the lack of sound differentiation between the delay and actual firing of the weapon. The sound should seem like an electrical based charging followed by a propellant sound when the projectile actually leaves the chamber. Right sounds like it fires first and shoots later.
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  18. Baccano

    Yeah need to see it against moving targets. Alternatively try drag shotting a target thats even 75m away in the VR room
  19. Epic High Five

    @150m the Railjack shares the exact same characeristics in drop as the Longshot. 1.75 mildots silenced, on the crosshairs unsilenced.

    At this range, a very common sniping range mind you, the Railjack round will get there a whopping 0.05 seconds faster than the Longshot round. It will drop just as much despite being higher velocity. You will have to lead more than you would with the Longshot because there is a firing delay.

    Why the hell would you create a rifle built around X advantage and then alter the rifle so that none of the advantages exist?

    So much potential, but the Railjack is just an totally pointless gun for a totally premium price. I can't recommend it to anybody despite how much I enjoy the looks and concept of the thing.
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  20. Tenebrae Aeterna

    It's a really weird weapon right now, that's for sure.
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