[Suggestion] Add another rank of NAR: Constant Repair

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gundem, May 4, 2016.

  1. Gundem

    So, as more and more rapid-fire long-range AV weapons are introduced, NAR becomes more and more obsolete.

    It has already been harshly nerfed with an absurd 12 second wait time for repairs to start, and one of the primary reasons to cert it out was to reduce the start up timer.

    So, as to add another cert-sink while simultaneously making NAR more viable for anything outside mindlessly farming small infantry groups, I say we give it a sixth and final rank of 1000 certs, that allows it to constantly repair your vehicle at a slower then normal rate. This would repair you at all times, even while your vehicle is burning, though it would not out-repair the slight DoT of a burning vehicle.

  2. Jawarisin

    My liberator says it would love it.

    My common sense says it would be way overpowered
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  3. HadesR

    Personally no .. IMO every automated repair system should act like NAR .. Do away with the repair Sundy balls just tanking an obscene amount of hits ..

    But since that's highly unlikely to happen ..

    Then still no because .. Teamwork
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  4. ArcKnight

    how about this, keep the current repair rate but this last rank repairs your vehicle at half the repair rate till the 12sec timer is down and the full repair rate kicks in
  5. Scr1nRusher

    That is a bad idea.

    Galaxy with Max NAR with that change.

    Do you want to summon a Chaos balance god?
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  6. LodeTria

    Imagine a galaxy or Vanguard with this.
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  7. Gundem

    Imagine a Galaxy or a Vanguard with the ability to completely mask it's radar presence- oh wait...

    NAR is underwhelming as is.

    It's perfectly fine, if you have the common sense to realize that no change is permanent and that we can adjust things.

    Really, a Galaxy that auto-repairs 2% of it's HP every 5 seconds. Really the end of the world? A single Archer could out-DPS that.
  8. LodeTria

    That can be countered with the Q though.
    The only counter to an auto-repair would be more DPS.
    Also barely anyone uses stealth on a galaxy, because you aren't not gonna be noticed in that fat thing. Even then if you can sneak up on someone, they don't notice you because they are too tunnel vision'd to look at the mini-map.
  9. ArcKnight

    I'm pretty sure an HE round can out DPS that

    and last I checked Lightnings have the highest repair rate of 10.83% every 5sec thats basically 2.166% every 1sec....

    in any case NAR having a 12sec timer can be changed to a 4sec delay after which it starts repairing at 1/5th of its current rate you have unlocked till it reaches the 12sec mark after which it repairs at the complete unlocked rate

  10. DooDooBreff

    id cert that. itd be nice to run HA when in vehicles so you can jump out and rocket/av grenade.

    i know this because ive been drunk and not noticed i had HA in my prowler until i was in the middle of nowhere trying to repair
  11. Pelojian

    skulls for the skull throne!

    i see NAR more as a mobility and flanking tool rather then a repair one because it does save time when you are avoiding action to recover, someone without NAR will have to repair, while someone with NAR can relocate and avoid people on foot that may be chasing them and slow vehicles.

    stealth may be better for ambushes but NAR can let you move and flank faster between damage better then stealth if the enemy knows you are operating in the area.
  12. Campagne

    No. Obviously, this would be overpowered.

    This would effectively allow ESFs to tank extra damage, akin to their separate armour cert, all while retaining the added benefit of never needing to land for repairs and being able to play a class other than the engineer. (For example LA to deny someone the kill.)

    This would also allow them more time to hover in light flak and small arms fire, and in some cases (such as small fights) would prevent them from ever needing to even leave a fight.
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  13. Pfundi

    For me NAR is a way to make my throw away vehicles a bit more useful. I rarely play engie.
  14. Taemien

    I think another rank of NAR isn't needed. Just halve the repair rate when 'in combat'.

    Sure it makes vehicles more tanky, but not overwhelmingly so. And not really enough to justify NAR over other resistance options.
  15. Halkesh

    It would be OP and also make upgraded frontal/side/top armor useless. So, it's a NO for me.
    But reduce NAR timer to 8sec for ground vehicle should be OK.
  16. ArcKnight

    8sec is better than 12sec so I'll take that
  17. PatateMystere

    I have to say, wait 12 sec for only 6% per tick is a bit too low. It would be better to have a something that worth waiting.
    Or the last level needs a up or the last level needs to constantly repair. Half repair rate if you take damage in the last 12secs.
  18. ArcKnight

    no its 6% every 5sec, in other words 1.25% every second... it will take a whole minute to repair the vehicle if you take serious damage assuming you don't get shot during that time

    the lightning has the highest repair rate of NAR and it can only do 10% every 5sec which amounts to 2% every sec at max rank
  19. PasitheeVS

    I don't see why it would be overpowered, when Double Repair Sunderers and Galaxies already exist.
    Not to mention rumble seat repair on Valks and Harrassers...
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  20. PatateMystere