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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by PS2_Luke, Aug 19, 2015.

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  1. Crisic

    This is great!

    What? No! An ADVANCED NANITE TRANSPORT's job is to collect nanites, and transport them to bases to keep them running. Running bases out of power was an important strategy in PS1, and in this game at those Crown/BioLab/SNA/Xroads slobberknockers it will be a key strategy.

    PS1 literally laid this system out for you. Why mettle with a good thing??
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  2. Scr1nRusher

    How do you know the ANT isn't still going to be a Nanite transport to bases aswell?
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  3. Antoniobp

    Thank you for post and work you've done. The ANT and construction sounds like a good start but I have do see a possible issue. Players want meaning to the things we can do, the vehicles and bases and not just have cool things to do. This was the purpose of the resource/territory revamp, to give more meaning to our actions besides killing and more strategy. What will be the purpose of creating a tower? What advantages will that give my empire over the other? I can imagine it being a kind of FOB or in between bases and while that is cool, in between bases fights have minimal purpose besides holding off armor/zergs. There'll need to be a change in the flow of battle that incentives fights outside bases. Like fighting over the new resources except if resources are only for constructing towers (at first) that's not a good reason.

    The same for the WIP Colossus tank. A dev months ago on a stream was asked about it and said that it will need a purpose before being implemented. Maybe the slow, but stronger tank will be needed to destroy a tower or other heavily fortified structures. And the colossus can only be pulled having a specific base or resource. There's more purpose to the tank, construction and resources yet I believe territory/resources need to be the interwoven foundation of purpose we fight over before we give purpose to all these other features. That's all players want, to be give reason to the number 1 object we fight over to allow more strategy and build upon it across the other areas of the game.

    If you read this, thanks and reply if you can.
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  4. WetPatch

    Well if i had to make a educated guess about the ANT, maybe it gathers the resources then driven to a spot and maybe Deconstructs to build one of these Towers?
  5. Arklur

    Maybe I'm not the only one who love to see, and not just read things. How it worked in Planetside:
    1) Wiki --> http://wiki.planetsidesyndicate.com/index.php?title=ANT
    2) A video about it -->

    I can say it seems pretty cool for me, I'm looking forward to see this in the game!
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  6. RadarX

    This is not currently part of the plan and also not everyone is looking for the PlanetSide 1 experience. As he stated, we need to add tools to help drive player experience and we believe this is the way to start that.

    What happens in the future, anything is possible but this is what is happening immediately.
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  7. elkikko92

    ANNOYING me the new players; if they need 100 tutorial to understand planetside, go away!
    Sorry developer, but resource revamp was in "roadmap" of may or june 2013!!!!
    Who is the director of this game? There are a lot of confusion, a lot
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  8. Scr1nRusher

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  9. RadarX

    As I stated back in February, the old Roadmap is gone so I hope that clears that up. Everything on it came off the table and what you see here is the only plan going forward right now.
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  10. sauna

    Please realize that PS1 got it right in the first place (pre BFR/Caves) and build upon THAT system instead of doing the same mistakes Higby and co. did by trying to create a completely "new" game that is riddled with balance issues.
    Sphere of Influence, NTU-silos, etc, give!
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  11. HadesR

    Oh ..

    Suggestion ...

    Tie the number of resources harvested per " crystal node " to World populations ...

    So the lower pop faction (s) isn't totally out harvested and out built by the higher pop ..

    The lower pop factions would then gain a greater yield per node than the higher ones, to hopefully stop the run away snowball effect higher ( over ) pops can have ..
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  12. elkikko92

    Sorry for the feedback RadarX, im your fan.
    But why dont make a "donation" for a roadmap big update?
    I will spend 200$ or more if you make a serious update like resource revamp and "new capture system"
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  13. Sagabyte

    So what exactly are you guys planning in terms of base constructables?

    I understand turrets and shields are very big plausibilities, but could you elaborate somewhat on your plans?
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  14. Jaedrik

    This isn't about not everyone looking for the PS1 experience (I know I'm not, I never even played the game), this is about opening the market to people who want a different experience within the game. Not that there's anything wrong with focusing on the core core experience of directly killing mans, of course.

    Regardless, it would be cool if, at some point, there were some viable support role playstyle that doesn't require being on the front lines all the time, or bots, to help indirectly kill more mans. That's what RR and ANTs meant to many people. Convoys, small squad strategy, mechanization and mobility, etc... Edit: It'd help fill the gap the lattice supposedly left us without, too, without impinging on the experience of the latticegoers, hopefully. Of course Lattice is 10x better than hex, but there were a group of people who liked that sort of thing.
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  15. RadarX

    And that is exactly what this is about! We aren't trying to bring a PS1 experience, we are trying to give you guys the tools to create gameplay experiences through strategy.
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  16. Jaedrik

    Huh! Well, the method isn't what most people had in mind, obviously, but, I'll wait and see. Thanks. :D
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  17. Astriania

    Resources used to build temporary structures? That's not what I was expecting, but it sounds really good!

    However, that means ANTs aren't "resources 2.0". Can we get nanite supply sorted out somehow then? For example, give warpgates +20, major facilities +10 and large outpost +2 or something.
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  18. Sandpants

    what is the motivator for dropping the cert farm for something like this? I can see that maybe more established players, who have had enough time to unlock the majority of the toys they wanted, would have less restricted ambitions. But more casual and recent players would still need to go through this process. By allowing, as you say, players affect the gameplay (of other players), all I can see is it being disruptive to players that ar amidst this practically mandatory process.

    Will there be radical changes in the dynamics and what players perceive as a winnable bet? I mean, base capture still isn't the real focus behind logging into PS2. Having your outfit label plastered on a base, almost arbitrarily chosen from a pool of other participants is no motivator. Having a base in the possession of your faction offers nothing either.

    What will the new resources, harvestable by ANTs, offer so that people start thinking "I should stop trying to murder the guy in front for the simple reason that he is blue and not red like me, and actually ponder about the principles of our conflict". The current labor of putting bodies into the ground pays so well, it makes me curious what will the actual relevance of any new additions be. Seems like a huge pickle.

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  19. Beastman

    Thanks Luke, looking forward to some new stuff.
    Just hope that ants are used for metagame and not just pointless turret builders, we can but hope though!
  20. elkikko92

    but with tower torret maybe he means "base, little outpost ?"
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