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  1. HadesR

    I'm not sure how willing or how far you plan to push the system but it could kill a few birds with one stone ..

    You could for example flatten a few filler buildings per base, leaving just a foundation .. Players could then choose what type of building to place ..

    Give certain types of buildings certain benefits .. such as a Radar tower ( for Detection not your Ivory Tower ) ..

    You are then

    1) Expanding on the construction system and enhancing the strategic player element.
    2) Giving bases a worth while benefit to move them away from the current TBM arena and giving them a value worth protecting.

    Granted It wouldn't be an overnight implementation , but it could be a direction to look into ..
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  2. OpolE

    ANTs OK as they were in PS1. Are they really going to work well. Dno

    I just want PLANETSIDE to run like PLANETSIDE not COD or BF2
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  3. PWGuy93

    ANT - mobile crystal gathering machine that constructs based not only on the on type of collected resources, some found only in highly underutilized sections of the map, but on who does the construction. Medics for example will be able to build highly effective range-based triage stations that can impact play in the neighboring hex (if Line of Site allows), heavy assault can build specialized long range high damage weapons for use at their location, infiltrators will find time-decay-effected systems that allow for remote viewing, Engineers can create systems that disrupt communications, instant transportation and enemy vehicle deployments, et.
    Over time as new schematics are discovered from ancient and now dormant alien species, the warpgates themselves will be effected by the design, implementation and number of players assisting in gathering, construction and use of ANT implementations.
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  4. Azerin

    Luke, you had me at "leadership tools" :D

    If the dev team can nail just one or two of these, the player base will be singing songs of praise.
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  5. Armcross


    Finally engineer gona have an engineer game play,I hope you have the same vision with other class. I see engineer game play is shaping there battlefield true constuction/deconstruct to create or deny advantage. Many accuse that dev's make bad base design, I guilty as one of them. But to the future that accusation will be invalid because it us the players would shape the base to our liking. We decide if the door, window, roof access and many more to have barricade or not and what kind of barricades. We can change and upgrade base turrets to our liking. We can blow parts of the roof, floor and walls for a surprise breach or sally. But also an ability to fortify or rig traps to delay breach or counter surprise. And fix those holes afterward. To be able to do real sizable minefields, painfield, movement inhibitors(barbwire counterpart) to achieve deterrence. And please don't let use construct easily in the middle of the battle, possible but make it impractical.

    Nice words but what you saying is the September Planetside 2 2.0 is suspended, many forecast came true. But we will take this path rather chasing deadlines again, that was a nightmare. It is better to build each small part of the idea make sure its clean and fit one at a time before the next small part idea. In the process the big idea would not be overwhelming.
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  6. Zar

    just cause we don't have a better idea doesn't make your idea good. but nice strawman.
    i do think we can add somethings from old planetside like power and bases that lose power you no longer get their resources or in the case of tech plants TANKS. also tie lib and galaxy spawns to certain bases so they have meaning.
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  7. Danath

    I'm thinking in the vehicle itself... is neither a combat vehicle nor a transport, so, at best, is going to have 1 secondary gun. In PS1 your faction comrades would care to protect you because you were necessary to them. But the way you are describing it, it will be a single player "doing his thing".
    I foresee that the player will spend 10 minutes driving and collecting resources just to be killed before being able to build anything. Unless you can build something OP that the rest of the mindless zerg can benefit from, nobody is going to care if your vehicle is destroyed.
  8. haldolium

    Sounds rather vague in general, again.
    What about all the issues that are down in the core of PS2 programming and direction? It's CoD-like-TTK sure makes things intense, but it also makes tacticts and skill often obsolete in the mayhem of hundreds of players and how hit detection is handled.

    Combined with the tremendous amount of technical issues after 3 years of "beta" I would rather see all of those gone before trying to fix the gameplay elements that are stacked on top of it.
  9. Oarc

    If this new stuff makes it into the game. I will put down another 6 month subscription.
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  10. MooMasher

    This is my post from Dec 15 2012

    First Hello to everyone it has been a while since I have posted anything on the forum, In fact this will be my first post since the beta forum.

    This is going to be a long post but I would please ask that you read everything below before you post a reply.


    So Let me begin......

    I love Planetside 2 I really do but as with all players I think things like ''would it be cool if you could do this.... or you should be able to do that... etc..''. One of my ideas has been met with nothing but praise by outfit members some of which are PS2 dev's, so I would like to share it with you all below. i would ask that you please comment if you like, don't like or think that somethings should be changed. This is aimed at outfits to give them goals to aim for.

    My idea is as follows.

    There should be a continent on which you can mine Auraxium. I shall call this continent Praetoria for the time being and explain the mining meta game mechanics I have thought of.

    On Praetoria there will be deposits of Auraxium that can be mined by players. these deposits will only last for a set time then you would have to head to another spot to mine. The mining vehicle would be the ANT. Once deployed the ANT would turn into a mining rig and begin to collect Auraxium until it was full, let say 5000 Auraxium at which point it would un-deploy back into a ANT that you can drive back to your factions gate and deposit the Auraxium in the outfit bank.

    Outfits would be able to collect the Auraxium to buy say outfit perks, weapons for outfit members, outfit building (This i will cover below).

    Now mining you say very boring but wait what if you could steal the ANTS from other outfits, not just from other factions outfits but from your own faction as well and deposit the Auraxium in your outfits bank? That is right I am thinking of outfit wars. When mining for your outfit you will have to protect your mining grounds with outfit members. You might have 5 ANT's mining away while outfit members are set up in rocket teams etc round the area covering the operation. You could form agreements with other outfits to work together, you might decide that you attack some outfits mining operation and steal their ANT's and make off with their mined Auraxium or even just blow up everything you find there.

    Now due to the extreme weather on Praetoria you can only pull, flash, transport, ANT's and the NC-219 Protector tank (details listed below)

    So what to do with the collected Auraxium?

    Well as I listed before the Auraxium can be used to buy different things for the outfit as follows....

    You could spend Auraxium to upgrade your ANT's so that they mine faster or can carry more, XP gain increase for outfit members, insert your own outfit upgrade list here....

    Now as I listed before outfit buildings... madness you say... well follow my chain of thought for just a bit longer.

    Well this would require a different continent, as yet I have no code name for it as yet so I will leave this up to the people that have read this far to pick a name for me, for now I will call it continent X.

    At the gate on X outfit members (depending on the rank) can buy different items for the outfit base, say walls, turrets, shield generators etc..... Each item would have an Auraxium cost and build time. Once the item has been built you can transport it to you outfits base and deploy it. Sounds easy well here is how it would work once the item has been built, the outfit member who built it can pull a Sunderer Big Rig (SBR for short). Once the outfit has pulled all the SBR's they are looking to transport to their outfit base they will have to protect them on the way there as on continent X you can steal the SBR's and take them to your own outfit base and deploy them. Once deployed and added to your base they become part of the base.

    As on Praetoria, this would cause outfits to work together or create , you might have spent a week mining Auraxium and building that nice new shield gen just to have another outfit steal it from you or worse an outfit on your own faction.

    This is just a small part of the outfit meta game that I have thought up but I thought I would put part of it up for you all to comment on and to see what people think.

    I would love to see something like this in game and only with the support of other players can I ever hope to get something like this into the game.

    Now the details on the NC-219 Protector

    This is a tank much like the lightning but with no guns it has a shield gen that gives a 25% reduction to incoming fire from outside the shield and once deployed gives a 90% damage reduction, but this is only from outside the shield. if you are inside shooting at the NC-219 Protector or any other player or player vehicle you do normal damage. The NC-219 Protector would be used to protect your mining ops from rocket spam from a far so that players have to fight up close, once deployed it can be hacked to turn the shield off for a short time etc.

    This is just a basic outline of the NC-219 Protector tank but any input by anyone would be a great help.

    So what do you all think of my idea so far and please give me a name for continent X

    Moomasher out.....
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  11. HadesR

    I don't think it needs to be OP , but in certain situations it could be used to add base benefits ..

    I'm a bit on the fence about being able to build turrets anywhere in the World ( screams abuse ) , but by allowing modules to be built at bases or in Dev set areas you can add a huge amount of depth ..

    From something as simple as an XP / resource boost Tower to Radar towers that offer 300m detection radius's .. It moves towards a system that benefits outfits and teamwork more than the individual .. So you would hopefully get that ANT protection conveys and vehicle meta ..


    My dread is that it will be nothing more than the Over pop faction Tower spamming out side their opponents WG ..
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  12. Nihil


    This is why PS1 held players for a DECADE.

    PS2 is Call of Battlefield with a thin coat of PlanetSide.
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  13. Call-Me-Kenneth

    i like this. i wont ever pull one of those vehicles mind you. but i can see people going for them and populating the rest of the game world.

    that said, give the ANT at least two gun mounts like a sunderer, but restrict it only to basilisks / AA glat / AA Flak otherwise they will just get picket apart constantly by roaming ESFs.

    one more thing. don't you dare make the medium turrets deal more damage than the current AP fixed turrets... they are already extremely powerful. make them have 10x the armor if you want. just no more AP damage on the field.... tanks are already too frail and under a lot of pressure.
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  14. Dj Gus

    Wooooooooooow!!!!! Awesome news!


    Edit: I'm so sorry lol, i don't know what got into me xD
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  15. Nihil

    Because that's how you get them.
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  16. Tanelorn

    Resource management is all good, but before we start building turrets all over Auraxis, we need some serious attention to other long standing game dynamics.

    The resource system for personal nanite supply desparately needs work, for example. The lattice system should be reconsidered. Warpgates should be capable of transporting vehicles cross-continent. Intercontinental lattice should be implemented. The interlink facility (which we have been promised for some time) should be implemented.

    And what about the untapped potential of item drops? They said a big part of that was to "lay the groundwork" for future dynamics. Same for directives. Same for missions. SO MUCH UNFINISHED BUSINESS, and now we have talk of drastic new mechanics...

    Before any severely *NEW* mechanics are put into play, we need STRATEGIC DEPTH in the game. Give us what PS2 should have had from day 1, then work on building turrets with ANTs.

    P.S. I personally recommend returning to adjacency for territory capture, but using lattice for resource flow. RESOURCE FLOW, did you hear that? Haven't heard that phrase for over a year!
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  17. Scr1nRusher

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  18. xMaxdamage

    OMG YAS.

    hooray especially for "leadership tools", I REALLY hope it's something like "kill that enemy sunderer!" mini-missions that a squad leader can start (aka give the ability to set targets that grant double exp for destoying, repairing etc)

    give ppl an immediate reason to follow orders -> ppl will search for a team leaded by someone that knows how to keep them "cert filled" -> squad leaders will be asked to spam double exp targets -> get a noticeable increase in general knowledge of game mechanics -> everyone wins
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  19. Jbn0s0rus


    Now I can sleep in peace.
  20. Lampenfieber

    Today the game is just people running and shooting without objective. Hope to see new content with more intelligent updates behind, not just new contente to toss into the game.

    Hope they listen good players not just fanboys this time, because is very hard to have fun with this horrible lattice in my opinion
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