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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by PS2_Luke, Aug 19, 2015.

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    As a subscriber yes you could say that.

    As a player with viewpoints on things, well the games been watered down & ran into the ground.
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  2. elkikko92

    I POSTED milion of ideas, that has influenced the game. A lot people dont like, but some (like the last one) are good for the future. However I dont want to comment with you anymore, sorry.
  3. toxs

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  4. Scr1nRusher

    Ahhh..... someones ego is abit to big.
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  5. Nabil1998

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  6. LodeTria

    It depends entirely on how this turret takes damage. If every pleb with his c4, tank mines, AV turrets & Lancers can damage it with them, it will be utterly useless. Even long range tanks make it useless.

    A much better suggestion would be adding small pads to the map, which when an ANT is deployed on, opens a new lattice link. These would be pre-determined and would be grey'd out on the map until an ANT is on the pad. The turret idea could remain as a means of defence for the ANT.
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  7. Rockit

    Where will these player constructed "facilities" be placed? Things are pretty cluttered as is.
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  8. Jaedrik

    I'm happy because ANT

    I'm sad because no resource revamp meaning no ANT convoys and mining as an alternative, more passive playstyle indirectly helping to kill planetmans rather than just directly helping to kill planetmans.

    Glad for continent capture, leadership tools, and implants tho.
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  9. WetPatch

    Who's fault is that? Do you think any of our opinions matter to Higby or Smedly? Planetside 2 has been run badly from the start, your forgetting all this stuff was promised back in Beta, and its still only a promise now. Planetside 2 should of been a trail blazer of MMO 's, but hence we are here and the player base blames each other like its there fault the game is in a bit of a mess.
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  10. elkikko92

    i really dont understand people, really.
  11. Jaedrik

    It's because you incessantly push your agenda into every situation you can. Please stop.
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  12. Scr1nRusher

    Well they did mention resources.

    So the ANT would still be a harvester, not just a base builder.
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  13. Scr1nRusher

    PS2 has went the way it did due to management & development.

    But Also player influence aswell interms of the balancing aspect(when it comes to the "combined arms" aspect) or in some cases c-blocking fixing bad base designs(Bio-labs & Tower bases with A point inside of the tower)
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  14. WetPatch

    Are you insane?

    I think i was the only person defending you in this thread, also the reply wasnt even to one of your posts, also you Liked that very post.
  15. Maniaboo

    Just make something that is not instagibable by a plane please.

    No one will go and collect stuff drive somewhere and deploy if it can be instantly killed. They will just get frustrated and not do it anymore.

    Whilst your starting to include stuff from the original game. How about loadstars.

    The original game has loads of stuff that would make this game awesome instead of just plain good.

    More deployables for the engineer.
    Hacking nme equipment. Robing corpses of nme weapons and gear.
    More vehicles.
    And much much more.

    A game that involves strategy would be nice.
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  16. nuclearunicorn

    Thanks for the update on what you guys have planned. Good to know the direction the game is headed in. Sounds pretty interesting too, can't wait to see what you've come up with.
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  17. Carthage

    Nice ideas, but would just like to play the game, as of today, the launcher doesn't work and each time I want to play I have to re download the whole game!
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  18. WetPatch

    Well Higby piss's me off on Reddit, when he keeps making posts on how to fix things, and how things should be changed.

    He was in charge for 2 damn years and did nothing, for example, fixing bio labs by making them ground level etc.
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  19. HadesR

    Since you are forging ahead with the ANT + Collectable resources are we likely to see any kind of Resource Revamp ( Phase 2 ) using the same system any time soon ? ...

    Any advancement in making bases / benefits worth fighting for ? ... Atm bases have very little reason outside of " There be mans to shoot " for fighting for them or being worth defending ..

    So is there any plan to move bases away from their current TDM mode to something more worthwhile ?
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  20. Scr1nRusher

    I'm not disagreeing with you, it was utter BS interms of what happened to the development of the game.
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