1,000 Certs for Only 30 More Ammo!?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Reizod, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. MobileAssaultDuck

    Because this game is F2P and would make no money that way.

    I would like an option to just buy every weapon in one package, which I'd pay, but a F2P game needs to lock content of a mechanical nature (guns, heroes, etc) behind a pay wall else it will fail.

    So, in the end, they should offer like a 60 dollar package to unlock all weapons. I don't think anyone would find 60 dollars unreasonable for that.
  2. Gambles

    TF2 makes a whole damn barrel of money....off of hats. Yes...it sells cosmetic crap that doesn't do a thing in game. If your game is GOOD you will make money off it selling stupid cosmetic stuff, it has been proven. Hell, look at LoL. They sell skins, in the beginning they were basically just recolors and people bought the crap out of them because the game was addicting and good. I'm sorry but you're just wrong.

    Not only does this game sell weapons, it also has a membership lol
  3. ScorpDK

    Most certs have the basic rank to be the one most people will go for and not past unless they got certs to blow. One of the few certs where the last rank actually adds the biggest bonus...would be the medical applicator. Last rank has the biggest increase compared to the lower ranks.

    What I would think to be a nice addition, is adding a minor extra to the last rank of a cert that makes the large cost lucrative for people who really want to specialize into it.

    Vehicle Stealth. Rank 1 is really the only rank you will probably ever need unless homing missiles become more popular. Possible bonuses for the last rank could include a perk that disallows people to spot you unless they have a clear visual on you (entire vehicle needs to be visible to them), or reduces the time you're appearing on the enemy HUD when spotted. Something like that.
    Last level for Ammo Belt Suit Upgrades could add a slightly faster reload speed; Last level for Nano Armor could increase the healing received by a few percentage; Last Rank of the shield suit upgrade could increase your total shields by a few points or increase the actual speed of recovery once the timer finishes. There's many ideas that can be applied that make the last rank feel more important, by just adding something that the certs don't include by themselves.

    As for having thousands of perks lying around in a few months, I really hope that SOE will keep adding new stuff, especially the things that were in the lists during beta and we were hyped about (such as the different abilities for the classes, like the Icarus Jumpjets, the CM's deployable healing AoE shields, the AV Engineer Turret, Stalker Cloak, etc) so that doesn't ever happen.
  4. MobileAssaultDuck

    TF also has weapons involved in their economy, not just hats.

    And LoL also sells champions.

    Both your examples sell both cosmetic and mechanical things.
  5. Zhypher

    When the hell are ppl going to realise that this game is not about certs and unlocks, just as Eve-online is not about skillpoints, those things are just there to add a little extra so you can customise your gamestyle without getting an instant Iwin button

    its about big fights, heroic last stands and having a laugh with your outfit mates and sometimes locking a continent or just trolling the other faction in some way (galaxy drop to camp a warpgate).

    hopefully we will eventually get something real to fight about, some real short and long term objective based gameplay that will give this game more depth, but that is for the future, right now im happy with flash swarms of doom and behind enemy lines trolling and disrupting of logistics.
  6. Alphalegend

    how the **** are you people already battle rank 30.

    game has only been out for a week.

    don't say it is skill or I will skull **** your eyesockets.

    what the ****.
  7. Gambles

    Both of those things in both games can be gotten fairly quickly in comparison to Planetside 2 anyway. they hardly limit your fun like this game does.
  8. Aktarus

    chal·lenge (ch[IMG]l[IMG][IMG]nj)

    a task or situation that tests someone’s abilities

    i know it can be hard to understand it for alot young peoples these days , but sometimes in a life some things need some hard work to be achieved , even with a mastercard.
  9. Iceuhk

    One of our Leaders for DVS platoon ( Delrith) the same delrith that won the SOE live tournament. He was 39 as of like 2 days ago. He also plays a **** ton, and has the SOE membership and maybe the xp bonus. It didnt take him long at all.
  10. CheeseN!P

    Asking for a little bit more love when it comes to the final purchase in a cert tree is a good idea. No one here wants to make the game unbalanced, but at the same time every one likes being rewarded for their work right? It doesn't even have to effect game play, it could easily be a new title, a unique camo you can't normally purchase (crazy right?) or even just a decal. And to every one saying "I will only get them when I have nothing else to get." If you were developing a game would you really want content that your players feel that way about?
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  11. Aktarus

    no just no.

    People need to stop to ask for a reward everytime they fart or breath or chain 3 kills vs afk people ingame.

    SoE is a online game company not the red cross , this kind of players wont be satisfied by a useless camo, they will need to decrease the cert and SC price untill they can get everything easily and for cheap , wich mean bad in game support , and server improvement, rampant cheats not being punished etc etc ..

    and it will affect the gameplay of mature players that know this game wont give you the best gaming experience if you expect to only pay 15$ once in a year.
  12. CheeseN!P

    1000 certs isn't either of those so I fail to see your point. Its not that great of a reward like you say later on so why care so much about if its there or not? its not hurting anything if it is. for some one who is not like you, but like the OP this might be more acceptable to them.
    I don't even understand what you are trying to say here. This kind of player? stay on topic man. Were talking about the last point in a cert tree, not about whining about how hard the game is, or reducing prices you are just ranting at this point.
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  13. Reizod

    And this as well^^^
  14. akajefe

    I look at it this way. Nanoweave armor increases your base health by 15%. ( I think, if someone could confirm this) I think an increase like that is worth a ton of certs. 1211 to be precise. They could either make you buy it in one large transaction, or they could break it down. They decided to break it down. They even allow you to get the majority of the increase for a fraction of the total cost. You could argue that the final increase in cost is far too much, but in the end the total cost would be the same. You could say that tier 4 should cost 300 (up from 150) and tier 5 should cost 850 (down from 1000).

    As soon as you put a ladder in front of some people, they instinctively start to climb it. It does not matter where it leads to, or how tall it is. They just climb. I am sitting here with my starter carbine, with no attachments, and I am laying into people, having a great time. People need to realize that they are the ones who choose to start climbing. Nobody is making you do it.
  15. CheeseN!P

    Its not so much "I don't enjoy this cert tree system because I don't wanna HAVE to spend 1000 to get 30 bullets"

    its more like, so I can spend 211 certs, to get 80% of the effectiveness of the tree, but to get the whole sha-bang would cost 1000 more certs, and if you do commit to get the full 100% it is rather anti-climatic. And that is the complaint, not the price or that we feel we are being forced, just that one of the largest purchases you can make in the game. Is relatively lame.

    We know we don't have to, In fact a large amount of us probably think its more worth our time to skip it, which is where the problem is. Why have content that is largely ignore-able that costs more than some guns?

    Especially when something as small as a new title would hit the spot?

    Not that we need to get a party popper in the mail from SOE or face seeking bullets. But anything would be better than nothing. That said them not changing it isn't going to ruin any ones day, but a slight applaud being added for the player that cares, will make a difference.
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  16. emc2

    Hi OP,
    sorry for the "others" and you make a valid point but I just don't agree. I disagree with your main post because it took me 3 days to save up 423 certs. ...3 days meaning, 3 play sessions. I'm saving up for the eng SF weapon which is currently 500 certs. I should break 500 either this evening or tomorrow morning. So, it is possible to get 1k certs in less then a week. I also think the structure regarding how they setup the buying mechanism is really the cause of the emotionally charged feedback. Most mmo's hide these costs very well but ps2 puts the cost in your face.
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  17. SystemUpload

    SOE never had a progression model for this game. They lied to most people said it wouldent be like that. Its like someone said heyyyyyyyyy make this 1000 certs, make this 500 Certs. Ammo should not be 1000 certs, it should be less then 1000 certs for 30 plus ammo. Should only be like 100certs. SOE dont know wtf there doing. Not the devs fault, that soe wanted to push a unfinished product out!
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  18. Comet

    If the progression is meaningless, they need to remove it completely. It is going to discourage players and they will leave because there is this illusion of progression with a shallow system.
  19. SKYeXile

    I have spent certs on such things, what else am i meant to spend them on now?
  20. Thudruckus

    I've been saying since beta cert tree's need "end of line" bonus or synergy for your build.

    So lets say you get end of the line in 2 or 3 items on your wep.. and while yes it may only add that exact same amount of ammo as the one that cost you 1/10th it now does additional benefit if you have another maxed out. This gives people more incentive to specialize their role. Maybe if you have maxed out Ammo and maxed out reload speed you now get a 10% buff to projectile velocity? that's f'in worth it then.

    I'll never by the last 1 or two items in some things.. not worth it.
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