1,000 Certs for Only 30 More Ammo!?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Reizod, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. VKhaun

    Passive effects should be long term.
    Variety should be short term, to keep people interested.

    Not sure why this isn't common sense... attachment and optic prices need to fall, gun prices need to fall, passive suit stuff is fine and the lower end blocks could even be increased for infantry. New capabilities like C4, drifter jets, heal nades, etc. need to come way down. Improving the jets should be expensive (passive) but unlocking the first block should be even cheaper than it is now (variety).

    My 2¢.
  2. warmachine1

    Agree that some prices are absurd, not exactly the final ranks.
    Flashlight for example, that thing is same usefull as placing holoprojector into helm with floatig text "Shot Here!"
    AA prices shaking with game balance aswell!
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  3. Spookydodger

    The reload time one did seem a tad useless on a lot of weapons. I think the max was 13% speed increase for some 2600 certs. Though given that a lot of other boosts that actually have seconds attached (such as lock on time increases) measure in .25 second increments. Super thin margins.

    To my mind it is probably easier to make things minor increases / super expensive and improve them than to make them super good and nerf them. People complain a lot more when you take away, right?

    To me, the cost / benefit relation just means I should focus my initial certs on more diversity. Maybe that was the point.
  4. Spookydodger

    Yeah, the flashlight one seemed dubious indeed. Very few places are dark enough to warrant it, and then I would rather have NV if possible so I don't advertise my position. Though to be fair, I don't know if any Infiltrator weapons can get IRNV. Either way 100 seems pretty pricey unless it blinds people like the initial BF3 flashlights did.
  5. PoopMaster

    That's an entire magazine for NC LA. Seems great to me.
  6. Fresh

    Y'all are missing the point- s'not about 'investment' into 'specialization', 'cause on that I agree, that last little powerboost should be expensive. But there are just some things that no reasonable guy's gonna ever wanna buy. 1500 certs for the last minute reduction on your flash timer's still the best example I got for this (you ain't ever gonna need more than 1 flash per minute, serious).

    Stuff like this ain't straight useless, but the cost is too damn high. Yeah, some of y'all are gonna wanna max out your nanoweave, but that ain't the same. That tiny boost'll make a difference, now an' then. Some of these upgrades ain't gonna, never. Those aughta be looked at. Having ridiculous prices for silly things just gives off the impression of bad polish, dig?

    Fresh out.
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  7. Reizod

    Great point! I mean, at least give us some special type of ammo or something. If I'm going to spend 1,000 certs for just 30 more ammo, then at least make them spark or have some cool glowing tracers on them that I can see.

    So it's like "oh ****, that dude in the Scythe has a maxed out Hailstorm, I better **** since I'm low on ammo".
  8. Punishment

    What you want everything maxed out by the end of the year?

    Cert prices are fine for the bonusses they give (which shouldnt create big gabs between new and old players)
  9. Hetzau

    Remember when SOE said that they want to make it so every Cert level we invested into, we actually saw the changes and felt proud for taking it. Well guess what, it's not like that.
  10. have2laugh

    I think the point that most people are missing here is the apparent laziness of the design of the skill tree. its almost like no one sat down and thought "what is the point of this cert? what would players be trying to accomplish by certing into it?"

    Take the increased ammo cert for the lightning for example, each level gives 2 extra rounds. 2!

    so lets think "what would a player be trying to achieve with this cert?"

    is it survivability? I.e I have more rounds than my opponent, so I now have the upper hand? no - if it takes the two of you 24 rounds for one of you to die, you need to be playing another game.

    is it increased lethality? Clearly not as your damage and ttk havent changed

    is it to extend my time on the frontline without having to retreat for rearm? Yes, almost certainly.

    So, now that we know this we need to ask ourselves... does 2 rounds make any difference at all to what we are trying to achieve? what about 6? what about 8 (and 651 certs later)? Not really... even 10 for a whopping 1651 certs will keep you on the front line for an extra... minute? if that?


    its the fundamentals of product design, start with the question above and work from there. Even stuff like reload speed, the difference is so small, even at max certs, that its not enough to overcome the "whoever fires first" effect. At the minute some things are fine, but some... gosh, they need a serious rethink.
  11. Somegeezer

    Well, they are meant to be sidegrades. Some weapons do give an advantage on the "whoever fires gives the most damage", but in turn, you might have the "but you also have a smaller magazine, so your enemy has better endurance".

    Though I certainly agree that they haven't thought out a lot about HOW people will use the certs. Things like the sunderers being able to have both spawn points and vehicle ammo deposits gets rid of a need for those huge convoys with more than one sunderer, that I had the pleasure of driving in so often.

    Also, the stupidly expensive cert points just to get the first level of something. I think a lot of the ones up at 100, could easily be made better at 50. This gives us a taste of what they do, and then we have the option to really grind for the higher levels. Especially adding the very final level as something greater than just another point up. I'd be especially into it, if we could unlock some of the camos or masks or decals by doing so. I know SOE wants these to be bought with station cash, but I think having them just at the last levels of certs, it gives us both a reason to keep playing longer, and to cert more than we necessarily need to. Even certing into things we'll never use, just because we want those things at the end. I think we could easily be playing for YEARS before unlocking everything that way. Whilst still having all the lowest certs easy enough to "test" as such.

    TL;DR - Less points for -some- of the low end certs, more reason to go for the high end certs, organisation of some certs in the right places.
  12. hammyhamm

    That one more rocket is a pretty big deal fyi, not to mention the rear damage reduction which will make aircav think twice before attacking
  13. BurialDay


    If you think this is acceptable behavior, please go back to bed. Sunderer's can take like 10 rockets. That makes 1 more rocket possibly "significant" or "a nice buff." Enough with the hyperbole.
  14. Str8Dumpin

    I'm saving up for a 100 cert flashlight on all my guns.
  15. hammyhamm

    I'm not exagerating anything; the amount of times a comp-armour Sunderer has been saved from certain death (say, 5% or less health) for me during the beta was not a trivial amount. Any extra time to react to damage by getting engineers, manning guns or relocating is a boon so stop having a tanty when faced with a differing opinion.
    I literally read that as fleshlight the first time

    if only
  16. Bags

    I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to be spending 1,000 certification points on the last tier of ammo upgrades until you've gotten everything else in the category to a reasonably high level.

    Plus, we're what, a week into launch?
  17. Rothnang

    Those escalating cert costs aren't meant to be something you go after in the first week. Those top ranks are for people who have been playing for a couple months and can end a week with 1000 certs and nowhere else to put them.
  18. schisch

  19. Thudruckus

    Things get exponentially more expensive but hardly any better (most not at all). Now I'm not saying things should scale with the cost of certs because it shouldn't be. But the prices right now only promote slight specialization and lots of utility in builds.

    Do you want 4 more ammo in that clip? Or do you want to spec out a sundy good enough to fill the role most of the time? Pretty silly. I'd like to dedicate myself to the roles i want and be rewarded for that dedication. Laying out a special bonus for going so far in multiple lines would accomplish that I think.

    I can't help but think in 6 months there's going to be a lot of people with accounts with nearly everything certed the same!
  20. Thudruckus

    Yes, that's understood. Why would anyone put 1000 certs into 4 more bullets when they can deck out another vehicle for that much? At the end of the day you end up with a huge population that has everything unlocked up to when the cert jump gets crazy. Then you get very marginal differences between players depending on what minor upgrades they spent the next 5000 certs on (that hardly make much difference at all).

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