1,000 Certs for Only 30 More Ammo!?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Reizod, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Chubzdoomer

    This is so true, I couldn't help but laugh. In regards to having BR 30 after just a week: It reminds me of how some of Battlefield 3's players were at level 50 not long at all after release. It just amazes me how people can find all of this time to sit around playing a computer game, especially with the holidays like Thanksgiving taking up a good part of our time.
  2. Sabot

    BR 30... well done! It's up to you how you spend your time, and it's great you ranked up so fast. But that doesn't mean you should be invincible because of it. What do you get for grinding day in and day out? You get a larger BR number... that's it, deal with it.
  3. Jourmand1r

    Best guns in the first Call of Duty Black Ops were the Famas and the AK74, both below level 20.

    The only thing worse than the idiots playing Call of Duty are the idiots bragging about how they don't play Call of Duty.
  4. Alexander Angelos

    For the onece who do not understand. I'll say like this, many of you people that are defending and justyfing the prices you can be the downfall of this game. An ordinary gamer, or just a person who plays the game on weekends/ an hour every evening or something else... well kist wanted to say "Not dedicating his life to this game" will get nothing at all...
    The cert pricing is way to high and the cert gain is way to low, it's like trying to buy a car or an apartment with a 200$ per month salary.

    Yesterday, investing 5 hours in the game, all infantry combat capturing bases etc, just doing good and for all that i got bloody 80 cert points? arent you a trolling one SOE?

    When people see no point investing any time in the game they will just abandon it, the servers will have less and less population, people that go away pissed off will black list this, spreading the word, negative reviews, loss of potetntial customers, then when the active player base will realise they are treated like meatcows they will loose any support of the loyal customers, and there we go... After a year... an unnoticable game, that everyone will forget when something more fresh kicks in.
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  5. Silversparks

    It's an FPS. There are no raid bosses. What progression are you expecting, exactly?

    The certs are more like talent trees. No one seems to mind when you spend a talent point for a whopping +1.25% damage to Flame Strike. Even though you had to grind a few hours to get that battle rank/pvp rank/whatever non-level related mechanic to get it.

    Only difference here you can theoretically cap out your talent tree and grab everything.

    Also, regarding vanity items. Srsly? One week after release you're ******** about the lack of vanity items? =P
  6. Alexander Angelos

    Rushed release that is...
  7. Gambles

    Progression =/= Raiding, this isn't an rpg. You can progress in meaningful ways in FPS, such as being rewarded for being good with one single weapon and that weapon obtains useful unlocks because you are good with it. Or you could have a teamwork system that increased unlocks by completing pvp team objectives, the possibilities are really endless. Right now we just have weapons that are a lot of certs simply because they want to make money off of selling them, which is understandable I guess.

    But many many free to play games these days (look at TF2 now) make a huge profit off of cosmetics alone. They don't need to limit your gameplay customization and fun in order to make money, which I would have hoped would be the future of F2P games. Especially FPS's where having a huge selection of guns should be a must.

    And I wasn't complaining about vanity items, I was merely pointing out that this game does little to reward the progression that it does have. Cap a whole continent with your faction? fight like hell? here have a 10% off coupon on the top of the map lol.
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  8. StockpowerXD

    It's simple... have the last one decrease the lock-on distance for your vehicle by like 50 meters or so... there you go: a game-changer that might be worth it if you really have certs to blow and want to specialize in only 1 thing.
  9. Sparks

    There is no reason whatsoever for exponential costs for linear gains.
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  10. Braken

    I said this in another thread, and I'll say it again here:

    Artificial lengthening of a game's life through crazy grinds for little gain is BAD. It drives players away. Less players = less money.

    Lengthening of a game's life through constant content updates WITHOUT an insane grind to get them is GOOD. It keeps players playing, AND gives players more things to purchase with real money. It's a Win/Win situation for both sides. (It may be a bit more work for the company, but it pays off big time. Happy customers = More $)

    A big thing that worries me, is that they are going to keep adding more content (good), but most likely keep this insane grind (VERY BAD!), which will only get worse the more things are added...

    I just don't understand how companies are still completely BLIND to this...
  11. MobileAssaultDuck

    Progression systems are generally bad in an FPS.

    You want a new player to be as close in power to an old player as possible in an FPS.

    The traditional idea of MMO progression should not exist in PS2.

    Hence the upgrades should be very slight. Minor advantages over new players.
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  12. Silversparks

    I don't understand. What you are describing IS the cert system. Kill with gun, get certs, upgrade gun. Or upgrade something else. If you are talking about an achievement system (500 headshots, 5 kills in 10 seconds or whatever) that might be interesting, but if it rewards you with certs people will try to game it and make themselves less useful to the war effort as a whole. Rewarding with vanities might be nice, though.

    The teamwork system sounds like a dynamic event system. Which isn't really right for this game. Why should they reward you for something you should be doing anyways? Above and beyond the normal gains, anyways.

    I'm not knocking on the cosmetics, but there are quite a bit and more will happen in time. Seriously, TF2 had very little customizability when it went F2P and it wasn't until a long time after that they really started milking the experience with the Mann Co and the chests and what not. It's silly to expect SOE to prioritize vanity features right now. Eventually you will get your tower of hats if that's what rocks your world, particularly now that their art teams don't need to focus on finishing up content.

    Honestly, every MMO ever is a grind. They don't want you to have everything in a week of playtime. I think it's just jarring to people to see it in the traditionally fast-paced FPS genre. On the plus side, because it's PVP, even a BR1 newb can stand toe to toe with a BR30 because of good play, and not feel like they HAVE to grind to get that last +2.5% health cert.
  13. ArcaneGuardian

    Okay, let me just stop you right there, before you embarrass yourself anymore than you already have.

    This is an MMOFPS, not an MMORPG.

    Do you know what MMO means? It means Massively Multiplayer Online. Just because it's an MMO, does not mean it has to have progression. That is a trait of an RPG NOT of an MMO. The only traits MMOs have are massive, multiplayer, and online (aka - persistent). THAT'S IT.

    Just because you hear the phrase "MMO" and you lump it into WoW and EQ and etc. does not mean that's actually what it means.
  14. Gambles

    Actually if you do progression right it can entice new players instead of drive them off. If you think the high cert costs of weapons in this game is new player friendly you are kidding yourself. Progression =/= More Power, It just means that you feel rewarded for doing what you do, right now there is very little reward and a whole lot of grind. Even when you conquer a whole map, work your *** off, you get a 10% discount coupon, A COUPON, ON RESOURCES, that everyone rarely runs out of anyway!.
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  15. xboxerdude

    There should be better rewards for capturing continents, beta has been released ROFL!
  16. Ferment

    I am so glad the majority in this thread recognise its an FPS, not a RPG. The last thing i'd ever want to see is player's justifying mmorpg progression in an mmofps. The system is fine as it is. You're not supposed to grind out to the top level of a vehicle/class for the sake of massive superiority. You're supposed to love that class so much that it becomes the one you want to be superior and by that time you are happy to pay the last huge chunk for the slightest superiority.

    I also found it funny that his complaint is about an upgrade that is solely an upgrade for convenience. You pull out of a fight anytime to restock on ammo, and the game mechanics demand this or you end up with scenarios of vehicle battles dictating the entire game, rather than supplementing the game. Imagine how bad it would be if you could upgrade a sunderer to 99% damage negation.
  17. MobileAssaultDuck

    There is plenty of reward, the good kind of reward, the satisfaction of killing your enemy.

    See, the best FPS games were before they added progression to FPS. UT, Quake, old Tribes... these blow the progression shooters like BF and CoD out of the water and people are still playing Tribes 2 to this day.

    We don't want a player base that only stays because they have a carrot to chase. You want a player base that plays simply because the game is fun.

    Progression systems are a bane to FPS games, PS2's system of super minor upgrades for large costs is better than a low cost, high upgrade system would be, or a low cost low upgrade system would be.

    The more progression that can be removed, the better.
  18. Gambles

    No the cert system is merely a grind, you have a few weapons 250 below and all the rest 1000. Why do the cert prices not go up in a more subtle way? why do they start almost immediately making you grind? Why do they choose which weapons cost more and which don't if none are that more powerful? Why doesn't the system work with certs in an unlocking scale for weapons Ex: The first gun you unlock for said class is 100 certs, followed by 200, etc regardless of what weapon you pick. This way it doesn't limit what people want but still adds a potentially very long grind for that very last weapon for those who want that prestige.

    And team objective rewards do not have to be instanced, not at all. This isn't an RPG where certain abilities are overpowered beyond belief if taken out of very specific circumstances. There could be rewards for the fighting you are doing beyond those couple certs that took you hours to get because that tech lab was so well fortified. And hell yeah an achievement system should be in this game, it in itself is a form of progression for FPS's because they require skill , they could also unlock different things, maybe minor cosmetic things or titles, something to set yourself apart since every heavy with enough certs is going to look exactly alike in this game besides camo. The weapon selection is exactly huge and there are clear and define "best" guns already because of how the game is balanced and where most of the combat takes place.

    No, every mmo ever has grind in them. The bad ones make you grind right out the door, like Planetside 2 does. The thing about most MMO's is there are other things to do besides that grind, other things to strive for, various different "grinds" to sink some time into, you have a choice. This game your always grinding for the same thing and once you take over all you possibly can, you get a coupon. There's absolutely zero reward right now outside of certs, even the combat often feels meaningless with zerg after zerg, wave after wave, how long will it be until people get bored of a broken mechanic? There's no need for strategy when you have unlimited numbers of lives to waste and even if you lose it's VERY temporary. A game where population means everything, and they never even thought hey, maybe some people would like some kind of reward for there effort.

    The worst part is often those who are getting the most kills, dieing the least, and getting the most certs because of it are helping there team the least. There often the ones worried about kills and deaths and care little about capping and only enough to get that cap reward.

    There are so many things that could be better, is all I'm saying. And this is just coming from some guy who has never even made a flash game. You would think the minds behind games could easily destroy my ideas with there wonderful creativity. I'm just a dude, I dunno what the alternative should be, but I know some one else should know.
  19. Gambles

    If you are comparing the gun play in this game to the likes of Unreal Tournament, Quake, and Tribes you are sorely mistaken and you should know that, those games became huge hits because they were amazing especially for there time.

    If you're against progression that is fine, then have everything unlocked and sell cosmetics, it's been proven to be enough in plenty of other games why not this one? You know why? Because what this game does without the grind it has isn't enough to keep a base big enough to fund it. It's as simple as that. The gun play is meh, the flying is OK, the vehicles are abundant, the balance is lackluster.

    I don't know if you made the point you were setting out to make, but hey good point, you are right. This game does need the grind.
  20. Daish

    filler? what are u going to do buy everything you want then when certs sit there your going to say no more content left and quit?

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