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  1. Tagg New Member

    Unfortunately I was at work and couldn't make it, any chance this will be offered again anytime soon?
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  2. Krizani New Member

    Thanks for this quest! And thanks for being there long enough for my whole alt army to get it! You guys are the best.
  3. Badur Guide EQ2 Skyfire

    I'll be askin the Coldain, But they Do tend to stay rather Busy and it could be a couple weeks before they can get back.
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  4. Badur Guide EQ2 Skyfire

    I be hearing some of my Dwarven Relatives speaking...

    There will be a Dhalgar in Greater Faydark on 5 August 2020 at noon PDT looking for Brave Adventurers to Explore a Vast Underground World! Please stop by if you have never ventured there before!

    REMINDER: This is a one time per Character Event. Please make sure to dismiss Mercenaries and Pets to help better Expedite the Event!
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  5. Tagg New Member

    Where in G Fay should we look to find this Dhalgar?
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  6. Genram New Member

    Typically they are near the portal device that goes into Thalumbra from my previous experiences 100% of the time (like 5 or 6 times?)
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  7. Gryger SWAT EQ2

    "They're quite amazing creatures, I'll have you know." she said, taking a sip of tea.
    "I don't know, Hirzla." I said, offering her a cookie. "They just seem like mindless mushrooms to me."
    "Ah, that's because you haven't really had a chance to look at them properly! That's why I left my lab, so I could actually study them in the wild!"
    "The only wild mushrooms I want to see are cooked up and served on toast!" I said, laughing out loud.

    I'll tell you something. Coldain don't have a sense of humor. The room became as frosty as her visage.

    "As I was saying... I intend to study them in the wild. But I don't move as swiftly as I used to!"
    "Well, maybe when you arrive, you can see if anyone will help you catch some?" I offered.
    "That's a grand idea!" Hirzla exclaimed, putting the teacup down. "I'd best hurry if I want to catch the boat to New Halas!"
    "Boat? There are faster ways of travel these days, you know?" I said, helping her with her cloak.
    "Ah, but you know me, I like the old ways better. Besides, nothing beats feeling the surge of the sea beneath your feet, or the crack of the sails in a fast wind. My thanks for the tea!"

    Hirzla will be in Frostfang Sea on Thursday, August 13th at 2000 (8pm) Pacific time.

    Guide Event Disclaimer:
    Please remember that the actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Volunteer Guide Program and events may be canceled or delayed without notice. In the event of a delayed or cancelled event, we will make every effort to inform you of the cancellation or delay.
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  8. imneo1 New Member

    Posting in hopes of an update as to a possible Guides guide to Luclin in the near future. I checked history here and one posted back in March. I'm sure there have been others not posted here but I haven't been lucky enough to get the quest if that is the case. Thanks in advance for any info.
    Serak Surebow
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  9. Cassta New Member

    I am so sorry I missed this one. It sounded like it would be a blast. Hopefully next time. I hope all there enjoyed. :)
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  10. Cravaro New Member

    Thanks for the guide event last Thursday! I now have the awesome shrinky mushroom hat thingie to wear for the special occasions.

    I have a new alt that could really use some status. Will there be a status reward guide quest coming up soon on Skyfire? On a weekend or evening hopefully? /crosses fingers
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  11. Badur Guide EQ2 Skyfire

    Good Day ta Ye, Skufire!

    I be hearin there will be some Othmir having a party in the Great Divide at Icy Fingers at 6 p.m. PDT on today, 19 August 2020! As it be told, There will be multiple Othmir having lots of Fun, Dancing and Several Events. Sadly, I didn't be hearin about any Ale. Come on out to the Party this Evening!
  12. Frostii New Member

    I am hoping the Guide's Guide quest to the Celestial Realms will return soon. I still need to complete that on some toons.
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  13. Badur Guide EQ2 Skyfire

    I be hearing about this Early riser,

    Some Erudite will be in Moors of Ykesha Spires on Wednesday, 26 August 2020 at 9 a.m. PDT looking for some Explorers Wanting to explore a Vast Library and the Lands surrounding it. If'in ye be willing ta help, he said he wanted to get in there and get out before it got too busy.

    NOTE: This is a non-repeatable Quest. Please dismiss your Mercenaries and pets when arriving to better facilitate the event! Thank you!
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  14. Kaukumu Senior EQ2 Skyfire

    I heard that...

    a Dhalgar will be in Kelethin looking for some worthy adventurers to map Thalumbra Tuesday 8/24 around 7pm pst.

    NOTE: This is a non-repeatable Quest. Please dismiss your Mercenaries and pets when arriving to better facilitate the event! Thank you!
  15. imneo1 New Member

    Shout out to Centuris. Thank you very much for the Guides Guide to the Celestial Lands!

    Serak Surebow
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  16. Ellru Guide EQ2 Skyfire

    I happened to be wandering around towns earlier and saw a notice I thought I'd mention here:

    I am in desperate need of quality artisans!
    If you fancy yourself to be one,
    Meet me near the docks of Antonica
    Thursday August 27th, 5:00 PM (PDT)

    Disclaimer: Please remember that actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Volunteer Event Guide Program and for this reason the event may be canceled or delayed without notice.
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  17. Niminie New Member

    No loving posted for Skyfire since August? <cries>
  18. Badur Guide EQ2 Skyfire

    Now Now, Be patient with us Niminie. We have to plan these things out and some times it takes us a little longer than usual. I am sure we have something coming up in the very near future. Just keep an Eye here. And Thank you!
  19. imneo1 New Member

    Mr. Badur,

    Please be sharing the guide to Luclin,please sir! Please and thanks!

    Serak Surebow
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  20. Badur Guide EQ2 Skyfire

    I be hearing about this!

    They be telling me a Grumpy Old Gnome be Stomping around Butcherblock Mountains near the Druid Rings. Crazy old Guy will be out there on 9 September 2020 around noon PDT. Careful if you get too close, Word has it he's not in his Right mind most of the time!