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    Good Morning Kurrge, Triplesix here. I missed you yesterday at the Kael Drakkel Gates, but today I will await your arrival if you have the time to offer me the challenge again. Thank you =)
    - Ill be back there again tomorrow night, ill just be hanging out at Kael Drakkel Gates killing giants..try and make it as quick as possible for you, I understand yall are busy and do these things on your own spare time. much appreciated
    - i will be there to greet the lil guy at 4, thanks again.
    -It was an adventure, but with the help of a new friend I was able to complete the challenge offered by ol' Kurrg. Many Kromzek are dead, and now I have suddenly taken on the illusion of one!! Cant thank you enough, yall are truly good people. See you around at the next one.
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    Thursday, November 19th

    I understand a certain Coldain will be in Eastern Wastes around 4:00pm (PST) giving word to those who think they can brave the Kromzek.
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    thank you for the books Leashae. Ceya said i should have used standing books but i didn't have any on me. there are several people waiting to see if you can get back in. sorry you went linkdead. connections are kind of strange in the game right now. but we are very happy you came out so please do so again. we love books.
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    I picked up 10 tanned leather and am on-site, standing by :D
    the standing books take up less space, that way we can get more of them on shelves
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    Sunday, November 22nd

    Word has it the mystic Banedir will be in the Obol Plains' village of Cardin Ward around 4:00pm (PST). Something about helping Naylie get from the living world to the Etherneer.
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    just 2 hours after our block party starts so they can do the block party and then go to Obol Plains for the newsie quest - great timing. thank you- i have several i plan to camp there the night before
  7. Mujie Senior EQ2 Halls of Fate

    Fyuri ... Block party??!! ... What time is that?
  8. Fyuri Active Member

    the Maj'dul Block Party, our first one on the new server, will be held on the Isle of Mara docks, Sunday, Nov 22, at 2 pm pst. there will be multiple guilds giving away stuff and individuals doing the same, and Eleressa says she will be there. All guides welcome and everyone is looking forward to a fun time
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    I will try to be there as well :)

    Thank you, Fyuri ...
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    thank you. looking forward to seeing you there
  11. Kellin SWAT EQ2

    That would be 4:00 my time, should be able to show up :)
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    Please don't forget that today is story time and Royal Sea Phoenix day - you have a crowd gathering waiting for you Norika
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    Attendees of The Royal Sea Phoenix hosted Guide Event:
    Celendine of <Valiant Alliance>
    Ceyarrecks of <Bought of Holy Blood>
    Chretienne of <Valorious Trust>
    Eijark of <Freeportian Hammerhitters>
    Findurin of <Valiant Alliance>
    Fyuri of <Rings Within The Circle>
    Gruesomella of <A lovely bunch of coco N U T S>
    Kellin of <Guides of the Shattered Lands>
    Lakataskeyi of <Bought of Holy Blood>
    Lanai of <Tempus Fugit>
    Loati of <Rings Within The Circle>
    Malice of <Friends Forever>

    Oceangreen Tales, Dragina's Blade

    The salty air blows across the deck of The Royal Sea Phoenix as some memories of a distant past are recalled.

    The screech of seagulls, the jostling and creaking of the boat's ropes and wood fade into the din as Sevton stroked his chin thoughtfully as he read the captain's report. Sevton tapped the paper with his claw

    Captain Alakar Maerorem gulped a bit, thinking the Kerra looked rather ferocious. Alakar shifted nervously.
    Being Ratonga, Alakar was never comfortable around Kerra.

    Sevton tapped the paper again. "You say you were sailing on the Royal Sea Phoenix when you spotted the heir apparent on the Corsair ship?"

    The captain nodded. "Yes, I saw them both. Nicci Nikara Leona actually came on board. You know, the one called "Nini;" Lidia Cara Antoria is the one that sent her twin over from the Corsair ship. You know, the one called "Lira.""

    Sevton pondered....." Nini is the pretty, prissy one, right? The useless one?"

    Capt'M bristled, he couldn't help it and stated rather emphatically "I wouldn't call her useless! She saved my adopted son Tommy's life!"

    Sevton shrugged one shoulder..... and revised his opinion of Nini after hearing Alakar restate the story of Tommy's injury by that monkey.

    Sevton remarked, "I already know Lira's capabilities; Lira is the fighter, but.... not so pretty and prim."

    Directing his gaze to the pile of papers on his desk, Sevton tapped thoughtfully on the report that was the top-most page.

    Captain Maerorem shifted from foot to foot..... And wondered, "Was he working for Sevton, or was Sevton working for him?"

    Sevton wondered how he was going to tell the employer he was working for.
    Sevton stood, indicating dismissal, and Capt'M bowed, then gave Sevton his share of the proceeds from the last trade route. Sevton frowned, still trying to work out if he was employed or employing. NO matter. There was one higher that he answered to. Capt'M grinned showing his crocked Ratonga teeth and backed out of the room.

    The door on the right side opened. A silky voice inquired, "So, the heirs are found."

    Sevton stared straight ahead not even bothering to voice the voice and nodded. The slither of silk moved behind Sevton.
    A whisper of lace brushed his shoulders as a fine embroidered sleeve came around to put a knife to his throat.
    Dragina, an Iksar female purposefully remained behind him, Sevton could only see her in his peripheral view.

    Dragina hissed in Sevton's ear. He gulped softly as the knife pressed against his throat. Sevton whsipered, "On the Corsair ship, and unknown...." As the knife pressed in further, Sevton could feel the wet trickle of his blood starting to mat his fur.

    "Coordinates, fool!" Dragina hissed.

    Sevton hissed back, "I don't know! Lira sailed after she sent Nini to the Royal Sea Phoenix! And of Nini.... she disappeared with that Torvair fellow."

    Dragina drew the knife softly against Sevton's throat, leaving a thin trail of blood. "Try again, Kerra," she hissed. Sevton gripped the table with his paws. He would NOT give up his twins to anyone. After a tense moment, Dragina mocks as well as an Iksar could the Kerra accent "Orrr I shave yourrr thrroat furrr forrrr you!" The chain bodice pressed against Sevton's ears as she leaned over him.

    Dilaudia, a High Elf female crewmate entered Sevton's cabin and view casually, dangling a pair of stilettos. "Hoy, Sev!" she waved gaily. "Daggerrrs orr shoes?"
    Sevton directs his eyes toward his bed while grumbling something under his breathe; Dilaudia follows his gaze and notices a chest under the headboard. She saunters nonchalantly sideways, and picks up the chest.
    "Yeah yeah," she says, "So I'm late. Make me walk the plank," she says grinning. "And... Dragina, too...." Dilaudia added as she retired out the door.

    When Dragina slyly glanced over her shoulder, she noticed Dilaudia just launched a stiletto at her, barely missing her arm that was wrapped around Sevton, causing her to drop her dagger.
    Dragona hissed "I detest elves' nonchalance!" drawing back, releasing Sevton.

    Sevton smiled, knowing that Dilaudia would take care of the chest. Sevton looked back at the Iksar and rubbed his still bleeding throat. "Greed may serve you well in some places." grumbles Sevton, "But, here in the middle of the ocean, we depend on each other, no matter who has offered payment land-side. Remember who I am. And remember who the Capt'M is Iksar. You have one chance to mend your ways."

    "One and only one."

    Sevton rose to his full height, rising from the chair easily. He towered over the Iksar, his white fur gleaming in the light of the various Halas Pioneer candles in his cabin. His large keen eyes gazed on her fearlessly. Sevton's ears were perked, his lips curled in a snarl as he vaulted lightly towards the defiantly hissing Iksar. He took her lightly by the throat, letting sharp claws flare out just enough so that she could feel them. He says softly as he draws her near, "Don't think that you can win against all who oppose you. There is more at stake here than simply putting an heir on the throne.

    Dragina gasps as the poison enters her system. Her eyes widen. Sevton calls to one of the crewmates. "Please bring the Lady Nini here." Within seconds, Nini enters, radiantly gowned and beautiful. She sees the Iksar struggling to transmute the poison using all the means available to her.
    Sevton says, "Nini, this is that Iksar who wished for your location, and had designs on your life." Nini gazed at the Iksar for a moment.
    She sighed in thought. "Release her, Papa," she said gently. Sevton smiled widely, his Nini had passed the test set for her.

    Nini beckoned the suffering Iksar to come to her. The Iksar stumbled and Nini caught her compassionately. "Dear one.... you have been so misinformed."

    Sevton sighs contentedly, "My Nini is more powerful than almost anyone knows!" Nini administers a cure to Dragina, and Dilaudia comes back in the room. "Yes, Dilaudia, thank you!" Nini exclaims. As the iksar recovers, Nini explains the task she is setting for her.
    Dilaudia smiled, knowing that inside the chest were priceless parchments, agreements that would find favor with the officials of Gorowyn. Sevton wiped off the Iksar-specific poison that Nini had supplied him with. Dilaudia had put the information in the chest, after Nini had penned them. "Dilaudia, did you include the gifts as well?" Nini asked. Dilaudia nodded distractedly as she rifled through the chest, "Jewels, precious metals, rares from the new lands.... Even some relic cloaks!... Oh, and I put in there some claims for new mounts."

    Dragina looked doubtfully at the huge chest. "I can't carry that!" she protested. "It's quite all right," Nini reassured her. "Capt'M himself has agreed to take you straight to the docks of Gorowyn, and Norowynn is there waiting to assist you."
    Dragina looked at Nini.... very impressed with her foresight and planning. Sevton saw the look and his pride in his child grew more.
    "I do know Norowynn," Dragina admitted. "She's a good sort."

    Capt'M came rushing in.... "Anchors aweigh, me friends?" He shouted. "It's off to Gorowyn we sail! Nini's orders!

    And a wonderful time was had by all as they celebrated Nini's wisdom and Dragina's conversion to their cause, their happiness fueled by Apua's skillful plying of ale and wine.

    /ooc books with this story will be available on the Phoenix shortly, as well as the Library.
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    a few photos from the event,....





  15. Norika Policy Team Member

    My goodness, what a fun time we had this afternoon. You did a wonderful job of capturing the story, Ceyarrecks.

    The pictures were a very nice surprise. Thank you for such a marvelous time!
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    yaay- a nice crowd is beginning to gather for the block party. please don't forget to come out. see you there in about 10 minutes. we won't mind if you are a few minutes late
  17. Norika Policy Team Member

    I will be there shortly, just have to do some logging of activity.
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    lol natives are restless as usual - asking where you are- i assured them you might be late but you would come
  19. Fyuri Active Member

    thank you- and i hope with a story?
  20. Eleressa Secretkeeper Guest

    So sorry I missed it, got delayed at a kid birthday party... (hangs head in shame)