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    Thanks for understanding! Real life can be evil sometimes and work always gets in the way of my spending time with you guys n gals! I am working on winning lotto so that will not be an issue! /giggles
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    good luck with the lotto. that would be awesome wouldn't it
  3. Eleressa Secretkeeper Guest

    I will of course do my best to be there. I do so love your block parties Fyuri.
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  4. Eleressa Secretkeeper Guest

    Do you like pretty lights? Find Phirenz Wurcs in Antonica tomorrow, Nov. 11, 2015 at 700 PM PT between the North and South Qyenos gates, he may be in need of help.
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  5. Fyuri Active Member

    we changed the location. we will be having it at the isle of mara docks instead. look forward to seeing you there
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    Short list of scheduled guide events from time of writing, based on previous posts
    October 2015
    Wensday the 11th
    3:00 PM PT, Zek, the Orkish Wastes, truce between orks and greenhoods
    7:00 PM PT, Antonica, gnomish lights
    Friday the 13th
    4:00 PM PT, storytime
    Sunday the 22nd
    2:00 PM PT, block party (expect guides)

    Maybe the guides could start using a calendar or schedule of times to appear? It gets hard sometimes keeping everything organized.
  7. Eleressa Secretkeeper Guest

    I only have one correction to this. I will say it's not gnomish lights. but you were close.
    Also, as a suggestion, if you want to post a summary like this in the future (Good idea by the way), then you might just want to post the date, time and location as we guides hear rumors and pass them along to you.

    Have fun and safe travels through Norrath.
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    i don't see a post about a story time but i will tell people to be watching for it tomorrow
  9. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Active Member


    Due to the Grace of my Lord and the generosity of a friend, I am now returned online. I would like to bring to the forefront the story line set on and near The Royal Sea Phoenix; even to re-establish the 21st for the previously planned event.
    I look forward to the continuation.
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  10. Miriele Senior EQ Tunare

    Hello Adventurers!

    There have been rumors floating around of a crazy old gnome who needs your help! The word is, he is easily distracted, which has caused him a bit of a problem. Stop by Withered Lands, at the New Combine Foothold on Sunday 11/15/2015 around 3pm PT to see how you can lend a hand!

    Note : All times shown are in PDT. Please also remember that the actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Guide Program and events may be canceled or delayed without notice.
  11. Kellin SWAT EQ2

    This evening around 4:00 PM PST a snowperson will be on the docks of New Halas seeking to help those with their wardrobe. After all the holidays are coming and everyone must look their best.
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  12. Norika Policy Team Member

    I asked Mujie's permission and he gave it for me to post the story that some of you all helped me create yesterday.

    Oceangreen Tales, in Fragment, Rebuilt

    Popie, Lakataskeyi, Zezakh, Fyuri, Frogerella, Glommer, Azuria, Healert, Vaud, Toon, and Norika were all present for at least part of the story creation.

    A flash of light from the Corsair ship caught Fragor's eye, and was followed by the sound of cannon fire. One of the deckhands yelled, "They fired a chest at us?!"

    The chest landed in the water beside the Royal Sea Phoenix and without even thinking twice, Fragor dove into the water, thinking perhaps a bomb was hidden in the now floating chest.

    Read More ... (open)
    He expertly snapped open the lock in a frenzy, determined to protect his ship and the people on it. Inside he found a locket with the inscription "OCEANGREEN."

    He dragged the chest upon the boat with the help of the ropes that the crew let down. When the chest landed with a thump on the deck, it broke.

    The cabin boy was of course directed to clean it up, so he gathered all the pieces... but was very intrigued, as it really was a fine piece of mastercrafted work.

    Nodding to Captain Maerorem, better known to the crew and his adopted son as "Capt'M," Tommy took all the pieces he could find down to his little bunk.

    Capt'M smiled as he watched his kerra son descend to the decks below, knowing that his adopted child would be preoccupied for quite some time

    Despite the little kerra child's young age, he was already at the highest possible level of both tinkering and carpentry, due to his adopted Ratonga father's indulgence of his son's amazing talents.

    Down in his little bunk, he peered at the pieces of wood, turning them over and over, this way and that.

    As Tommy skillfully pushed two pieces together to test the fit, a little monkey came bounding over to his workbench and grabbed a wrench.

    "NO!" yelled Tommy frantically. "Give me that back, you dumb monkey!"

    Chittering, the monkey gave his little monkey grin and whacked the bench solidly with the wrench.

    Tommy gasped and grabbed up the pieces, holding them to his chest. He sighed with frustration, wanting to shoot the monkey, but that wouldn't matter, since the monkey was already undead.

    "Father does pick the strangest animals to carry on board the ship sometimes," Tommy thought ruefully.

    Tommy noticed a warm, prickling sensation on his front and pulled the pieces of the wooden chest away. His eyes grew huge as a smoking goo spread.

    The undead monkey chittered happily, watching Tommy with his eyes fixed on the spreading goo. Acidic ectoplasm, the undead monkey knew full well what that was!

    Tommy brushed at the goo, feeling a bit scared, but not too much. It was warm, smelled all right...

    He looked curiously at his claws, the tips touched with the goo. He looked at the monkey and asked, "What do I do now?"

    Tommy slapped his forehead, "I'm an idiot! Monkeys don't speak, especially undead ones."

    The monkey pantomimed eating a banana. Tommy looked at him warily, "Say what, now?!?!"

    Tommy cautiously peered at his claws again. The monkey threw the wrench at Tommy, causing Tommy to duck, and in ducking down, a couple of his claws went in his open mouth as he gasped, as he certainly didn't want to get beaned in the noggin with a wrench.

    Tommy straightened up, the goo in his mouth tasting, well, all right...-ish.

    The monkey's eyes glittered wrathfully as he assumed another form. Tommy's eyes widened as he watched the shapeshifter turn in to a dark cloud. From inside the cloud, two dark red eyes gleamed, almost black.

    The cloud wisped into nearly nothing, and Tommy sighed in relief, then pinched himself. "It's just a bad dream," he said.

    Cat-shaped vertical irises suddenly gleamed out at him from the reappearing dark cloud, followed by the appearance of terrifically sharp teeth.

    As Tommy backed up in fright, his mouth open to scream, the dark cloud's demonic maw closed. The entirety of the dark cloud dove into Tommy. The young kerra collapsed, shivering.

    The little duck that he kept as a pet wandered over, sensing something was not quite right. She nuzzled Tommy and stepped on his face as she usually did, trying to wake him up.

    Having no effect this time, though, the little duck nipped Tommy and backed away to gauge the result. Poor little ducky! Red eyes so dark they seemed black gazed out at her from Tommy's eyes.

    Tommy opened his mouth to gasp for air, and sharp --- and certainly not kerra --- teeth appeared.

    A portion of Tommy struggled against the darkness. The goo no longer smelled so wonderful. In fact, he was getting nauseated.

    His nose wrinkled up at the strange odor, and he shook his head to try to clear it. The little duck knew her beloved master was still in there, and squawked loudly to try to get help.

    Fragor heard the panicked squawking and came dashing down the stairs. He saw in one glance the pieces of the chest, the goo, the shivering and gasping form of Tommy and yelled, "Capt'M!!!! Down here now!!!!"

    Grasping Tommy, Fragor dragged the nearly unconscious child to the decks for fresher air, the little duck squawking all the way, and nearly collided with the anxious father.

    Fragor looked at Capt'M and groaned, "A necromancer on our ship!"

    "My son will die and be soon undead if we do nothing, Fragor," Capt'M said, then yelled frantically, "NINI!!!!!!"

    Nicci Nikara Leona, better known as Nini, one of the twin kerra princesses, the pretty, prissy one who seemed so empty-headed, came scrambling from her chambers. She knelt down, taking in the scene quickly, her alchemist's eyes trained on Tommy's chest, his ragged breathing, his wide pupils.

    "This is bad," she murmured. Nini commanded everyone to stay still as she collected her materials and components, combining the liquids drop by precious drop. She carefully added one small sample of the goo.

    Nini watched as the fluids turned deep red, as red as the eyes that the shapeshifter had had. She gasped, "This is too much for me. I cannot do it. I don't have the skill."

    The captain looked at her in dismay. Tommy gasped out, "Wise..... wo ... man...."

    "What did you say, son?" the captain peered at his son's face.

    " wo... man..........." Tommy's head fell to the side.

    The captain looked around at his men, "What is my son talking about? What wise woman?"

    The crew shuffled their feet and looked sheepish. "Uh, well, sir...."

    "OUT with it!!!!" the captain roared. "If it will save my son, I don't care what foolish tattletale of an old woman you have brought on to my immaculate ship, FETCH her!"

    "Yessir, yessir!" "Right away, sir!" The crew scrambled to obey their captain.

    A minute later, one of the crew gave a timid tap at the little door below decks and an old wise woman indeed poked her head around the door.

    She cradled an old goose in her arms. "You have need of a rhyme, dearie?" her voice quavered out.

    The crew member stared down at the tiny woman dressed in shawls. "Um, no, Miss.... There's a boy kerra seriously ill uptop. We need you desperately."

    "Well, let me get my everseeing gnomatic goggles that include infraspectral and interspacial vision." The little gnome female turned back into her room, and in a few minutes was tottering her way up to the decks.

    She knelt beside the little kerra, putting her tiny hand compassionately on the father's shoulder.

    "Do not you see?" she asked them all. Her goggles revealed to her exactly the situation: the goo, the demon inside the little one, the pieces of the chest still gripped inside his little paws....

    She smiled at Nini,"You are well on your way to becoming an excellent master in the healing arts of alchemy, my dear. Take some of the goo from his chest, add in some of the wood from his paws, just a sliver, mind you."

    Everyone watched breathlessly as the liquid turned a deep gold. "Now isn't that much better?" She asked, with a satisfied tone. "But we aren't quite there yet," she added. "It needs to be white as milk."

    She took a small locket from around her neck, and put in a pinch of Rhyme dust. The motes swirled around inside the flask and all the kerra watched the flask thirstily.

    The liquid turned the color of rich cream and from within the flask, a little purr started to build.

    The Lady took the flask and shook it gently. The cream frothed. Bubbles escaped the flask and drifted on the sea air.

    The kerra started to chase the bubbles and purred with delight on catching them in their mouths. Their happiness was palpable. It was the frothiest, most delectable cream you can possibly imagine, with all the good flavors contained right within it.

    The purr swelled inside the flask as the "Rhyme" took hold of the liquid and gave it power.

    Nini smiled as the crew became so happy. Tommy gave one last gasp and lay still. The captain crushed his boy to him in
    sorrow, and screamed at the gnomish Lady, "You are EVIL!!! You bewitched my crew!!!"

    The little Lady held up her hand gently. "Be at peace, all is well."

    "HOW can everything be well?!?!" the father screamed. "My son is now dead!" He seized the little woman in his hands and shook her in his sadness.

    "Nini, come here," the wise woman commanded. "Bring the flask." Nini held up the flask, and approached the wild captain.
    The wise woman whispered, "Lesson 420, section 39, category 7."

    The captain looked wildly at Nini. "Are you one of those witches!?!?!? How dare you come on my ship!?!"

    Nini held the captain close, "No, my friend. I am only an alchemist, and neither of us is a witch. This is one of the wisest, strongest, most caring people in the world, Capt'M, and you are lucky She is here."

    As the captain wrenched himself away, tears streamed down his face at the sight of his beloved son.

    Nini came closer and caught some of the tears in the flask. The purring inside the flask stopped, the liquid settled down, and the color became a luminous white. Nini curtseyed deeply, handing the flask to the gnome.

    She, the Lady, smiled. She knelt by the still form of little Tommy. She poured the pearly white, luminescent liquid into the child's throat. She sang a soothing song, drawing him back to Norrath.

    Tommy's eyes opened, and they were clear and shining, just as always. He smiled up at the Lady, and hugged her weakly.

    Capt'M grabbed up his son, weeping fiercely with joy. "Thank you all, thank you all, my son lives!" he exclaimed.

    The little gnome curtseyed and said, "My job here is done." The Lady held her tiny hand over Tommy's brow. "Now, my little one, you may rebuild that which is broken, and find the treasure that lies beneath the stars."

    Tommy smiled happily at the little gnome. "Please, Lady? May I see you as you truly are?" he asked. The little gnome seemed to ponder for a moment.

    Her form grew. She smiled radiantly. Soon her garments were as pearl-white as the liquid had turned. Her sweet young girl face was framed by softly flowing hair.

    All the crew, the captain, Fragor, Nini, knelt in awe. "Quellious... here... on my boat...." the captain murmured. "The child Goddess. She watched over my child!"

    Quellious leaned over to kiss Tommy on his little nose and whispered, "I will ever watch you, little one. Goodbye for now...." and with that, she disappeared.

    There was much rejoicing that night to celebrate the vision of the child Goddess and her skill in saving Tommy from certain death./spoiler]
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    Very Good, Ma'am.
    I will establish this in a book, and place it within the Norrathian Estate Library among the rest in the Guides' Events alcove.
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  15. Kellin SWAT EQ2

    A mama troll will be seeking sitters for her wonderfully behaved baby dragons tomorrow -11-17-15- in Thundering Steppes around 4:00 PM PST. Drop by and give her a hand
  16. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Active Member

    Norika, what time again, will the Story Event on the Phoenix be occurring at on the 21st?
  17. Norika Policy Team Member

    Ceyarracks, how sweet is that? I am honored, as will all the guides be when they see!

    /curtseys deeply.... "Thank you, kind sir."
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  18. Norika Policy Team Member

    I have it on my calendar for 2 PM PT --- but it can be any time that you need it to be... I prefer any time between noon - 4 PM PT.
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    1400PST/1700EST works for me,...
    I will ask the Captain that he assure The Royal Sea Phoenix is published, cleaned up, crew's uniforms pressed, flowers watered,... ;)
    and as a note, the Phoenix has multiple "Ports of Call" in which to visit, and each area is ready to receive the boat's guests back on-board when they have finished their excursion.
    The Ports visited are:
    The Cat's Meow - a unique retreat embedded in the Hua Mein Villiage, featuring a spectacular waterfall, river, wildlife, crystal caves,...
    Norrathian Estate Library - nearly 500 collected/donated/found scrolls, books, & tomes await both viewing and study by the scholarly.
    Liv' 'Inn Stone Museum - not only a museum of the more unique stone statues, sculptures, vases and the like found in Norrath, but there are two Luxury Hotel Suites which can be reserved for only the most discerning of clientele,...
    Popie's Fishing Lodge - once a simple fishing camp, now with a main lodge, general store, and bar & grill; Camp overnight, spend a day of peaceful fishing, or mingle with the friendly folks,...
    Norrath Museum of Crafted Armor & Shields - This museum contains all of the hand- and mastercrafted armor and shields available within Norrath. The phrase "shop until you drop" just does not capture it, as one could easily spend an entire day, and not see everything.
    {/ooc housing portals to the various other houses on the boat in the Far Seas Travel Agency, and each other house has a portal back to the Phoenix and the Stewardess to welcome you back on-board. }
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    the curator of the Norrath Museum of Crafted Armor & Shields has assured me the sales crates will be replaced and back in operation before the 21st. Each bottom floor has the sales crates for that unit- 4 units in all consisting of lower and upper floors. the sales from the crates benefit the backpack outreach program that takes place during the festivals, block parties, and at odd times throughout the year.

    there are also salescrates throughout the outdoor displays on the main lawn. each of these places that come off the boat have a treasure hunt located in them for anyone who simply enjoys it - although the official hunt with prizes is over.

    also there is an exercise gym called Jfai's Jump Trainer- by Ceyarrecks - that can be reached from the crew quarters. it welcomes visitors as well. each place has a prominent portal for re-entering the boat at the entrance of the zone
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