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    thank you all so much for coming out today. you really make the party every time. people love you. and thank you for the newsie quest too.
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    real life comes first. there is no shame in it. so you got delayed. we hope it was a wonderful party. i am sure the kid would rather have had you there.

    besides, in my book, children come before everything. they grow up just too fast
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    Sigh, another missed Newsie opportunity. Any Guide willing to throw this on a little later sometime in the future, so that those working, or in another time zone, can have a chance to get this quest too?
  4. Mujie Senior EQ2 Halls of Fate

    Hi Zaphaeyl ... I'll need to find Banedir who last visited Obol Plains. He gets lost sometimes but he's one of the good guys. If I run across him I'll bribe him with dark chocolate. He'll do anything for it!
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    i will have to remember to bring him some when he comes back
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    i am really in a quandary over which of my houses i should submit. there is the Norrath Museum of Crafted Armor - which shows all of the crafted and mastercrafted armor and shields, and costumes to date.
    Then there is Popie's Fishing Lodge which is one of my best works. there is really so much to see there. it is an ethernere place. it used to be a lowly fishing lodge but has built up.
    The Norrathian Estate Library is one i own, but ceyarrecks did it. There are almost 500 books there. same with the Liv'Inn Stone Museum, a thurgadin house. and Jfai's Jump Trainer is one he and i worked together on.

    i also have one that is almost finished and published. it is Ruu's Secret Hideaway. I am not at all sure about what i want to do with the upper part. However, the lower part is what i built. I am in love with it. I did an ice (read glass) lower floor that i enjoyed doing. then of course there is Aerfren's Quellous Retreat- a small house dedicated to Quellous that placed second in a server contest back on butcherblock. it is a two room inn in Qeynos. so let me know what appeals to you most and i will give you more information on it.

    so i think you should choose which one appeals to you the most.
  8. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Active Member

    Little Red Riding Gnome and the 3 Zombies by Kellin

    Little Red Riding Gnome lived in the deep dark forest, as everyone knows deep dark forest are always strange. One day she was cleaning her gadgets, whats-its, and not to mention thing'ma-bobs, also her prized zoozle-an-zobbers. Now this was a on a day when she was certain nothing was going to happen, she was going to mind her own business; no adventures for her, no sir!

    But as we know Gnomes are always wondering what is going on, ok lets face it, Gnomes are flat out nosy.

    She heard a noise over to her right, sounded like someone groaning in pain. As one zombie came into view moaning "You,... helps,.. me???" Zombie number one grinned as only a zombie could do. "Please??????"

    Little Red Riding Gnome sighed, "what do you need help with?"

    "D.. d.. dance, wants to dance, trip the light,... fantastic."
    Little Red Riding Gnome replied, "Oh my last time I tried to teach zombies to dance we had zombie parts alllllll over; they cannot do the Hokey Pokey either, kept taking their right foot off, and then putting it on backwards! It was very messy.

    Zombie number one smiled, "did time we want to learn the Tango."
    With that statement came into view Zombies 2 and 3.
    "Tango????" Exclaimed Little Red Riding Gnome "Gnomes do not Tango! Now Wood Elves Tango."

    "Gnomes waltz."

    The three zombies started to cry and let me tell you there is nothing worse than crying zombies.

    Little Red Riding Gnome relented the Zombie's weeping and said "Tell you what; we can all go over to my friend Goldie Gnoll Locks; Not many know, but, Gnolls are a dancing machine.

    So off they went, Little Red Riding Gnome and the 3 Zombies, through the woods. Goldie Gnoll Locks saw them coming, locked her door, and yelled. "NO. NO. NO. No more dancing, period. Gnolls are fighters, feared by all."

    The zombies started to cry, "Please......we wants to dance at the Zombie Ball! And gets ghoul friends."
    Goldie Gnoll sighed and agreed to teach them how to dance, "I will never hear the end of this."
    Back and forth they went, Tango, Waltz, Cha Cha, every dance the Gnoll knew. Off they went dancing their little zombie hearts out, their little zombie feet off, and not to mention their hands.
    But to everyone's surprise around the corner came a salesman.

    "Have I got a deal for you zombies, my handy Dance Automatic Dancing Machine, very good."

    The zombies listened; "You can trip the light fantastic and win the heart of your lady love, well if she has one."

    So Little Red Riding Gnome got her adventure, even if she did not want one; the three zombies danced and danced at the ball thanks to the dancing machine and Goldie Gnoll Locks move far, far, away and vowed to eat the first creature that mentioned dance to her.
  9. Miriele Senior EQ Tunare

    Greetings adventurers and Happy Thanksgiving!!

    I have heard rumors of a ratonga who came to town unannounced for assistance in learning about clockworks! If you think you are able to assist, stop by Steamfont Mountains near the Druid Rings on Thursday, 11/26/2015 around 9am PT.

    Note : All times shown are in PDT. Please also remember that the actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Guide Program and events may be canceled or delayed without notice.
  10. Norika Policy Team Member

    Hello Maj'Dulians,

    Just a friendly heads-up for the Guild Hall and Home Tours coming up soon.

    1) You as the owner of the home or a member of the guild must be there to show me around. Guides cannot enter homes or guild halls unescorted. (I guess we turn into Freebloods temporarily!)

    2) I simply log in and announce I am ready to start. Then I write down the names of the people who let me know that they want to show their homes. We go in the order that I receive the names. It takes about 20 - 30 minutes to get through a tour of a guild hall or home.

    3) Everyone is welcome to come along on the tours. It's fun!

    4) Everyone is invited to show their home or guild hall. One home or one guild hall per person per tour. It's fine if your home is not published. Please be ready to give very clear directions to your home in the general channel, whether published or not, when your turn comes.

    5) Say nice things. Encourage new decorators. We all started somewhere.

    6) No stories are told. No gifts are given. No quests are done. This is simply for the pleasure of hanging out with other decorators and getting new ideas, encouraging each other, and having fun.

    November 29th, 2015: starting at 2 PM and ending at 4 PM Pacific time: Guild Hall Tours.

    December 13th, 2015: starting at 2 PM and ending at 4 PM Pacific time: Home Tours.

    I am looking forward to the tours!
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  11. Fyuri Active Member

    if i am on at that time i will be looking for your post ingame. if not, i hope you get to see a lot of houses and halls. in the small amount of time you have, of course. i think this is awesome to do for any decorators
  12. Norika Policy Team Member

    I enjoy seeing what others have come up with, and in all my years of seeing homes, not one has remotely resembled another! Everyone makes their home unique. See you all at 2 PM Pacific!
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  13. Fyuri Active Member

    posted to maj'dul decorators group
  14. Miriele Senior EQ Tunare

    Greetings Maj'Dul!!

    There has been talk of an ogre who loves to shop and needs your help! She may have overdid it a bit on this trip and is looking for your help near the Jade Tigers Den Inn in Freeport. She will be there on Monday, November 30th around 12pm PT to lend a hand!!

    Note : All times shown are in PDT. Please also remember that the actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Guide Program and events may be canceled or delayed without notice.
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  15. Kellin SWAT EQ2

    Frizwat will be on the docks of Antonica tomorrow (12-01-15) around 4:00 PM PST seeking help with his lady love. Drop by and see if you can help a poor love lorn gnome
  16. Fyuri Active Member

    i apologize, but time seems to get away from me lately. i am working of a frostfell swap house and when i look up it is often after 10 pm. i will try to catch all of these next time.
  17. Zenakh New Member

    Can we have a Sleeping Ugly event? One of those i havn't seen, looks like a great comedic quest.
  18. Miriele Senior EQ Tunare

    I have let the team know of your request!
  19. Miriele Senior EQ Tunare

    Greetings Maj'Dul!

    There are rumors of a spirit looking for your help with a task! Things are not right between the Ethernere and the living world and only you can make a difference! Stop by Obol Plains on Sunday 12/6/2015 around 12pm PT to see how you can lend a hand!

    Note : All times shown are in PDT. Please also remember that the actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Guide Program and events may be canceled or delayed without notice.
  20. Wurm New Member

    Thanks for the little get together last night in Feerrott on the beach! And remember... Mushroom Illusion quest in the near future! :-D