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  1. Fyuri Active Member

    i'll have to catch it next time. i am having problems with my back and neck today- think it is the fluctuating weather. so hopefully you will offer both quests again.
  2. Tegs New Member

    Are you already over and out Kellin? Several of us are here looking for you <3

    ~Tegs - 100 Ranger <Ruthless Endeavor> - Maj'Dul
  3. Kellin SWAT EQ2

    I am sorry, seems like the apprentice guide who was suppose to run this has not shown. Sometimes this happens due to real life and other creatures of the night.
    While I cannot promise any certain time or day I'll see if we can run Newsies this week
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  4. Miriele Senior EQ Tunare

    Dearest Maj'Dul adventurers!

    I have heard of your plight with the absent Newsie and have had them agree to come by on Sunday, 1/3/16 around 12pm PT in Obol Plains to make up for it!! I hope to see you there!

    Note : All times shown are in PT. Please also remember that the actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Guide Program and events may be canceled or delayed without notice.
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  5. Fyuri Active Member

    it is totally understandable though. you send out someone to do it, but they may have a real life emergency or perhaps have children who suddenly need them and they can't make it. or maybe, with all of the weather lately, their lights went out. could be a very valid reason for not showing and may not have had a way to let you know. real life happens and it has to come first.

    and of course, if they can't let you know what is going on, then no one knows to come into the game or the forum to let us know what is happening. that is the reason for the disclaimer. stuff happens and we understand that because it happens to all of us from time to time.

    you have done a wonderful job so do know we appreciate the guides and are happy any time a quest is given or a story is told.
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  6. Miriele Senior EQ Tunare

    I am on my way for Newsies so be patient! Traffic jam due to bad accident so will be on in 15 :)
  7. Ratala New Member

    Glad you are safe. Thank you for the newsies quest :)
  8. Miriele Senior EQ Tunare

    You are most welcome! Thank you everyone for being patient! We had a wonderfully big turnout and it was a pleasure seeing you all :)

    I look forward to seeing you again soon /grins
  9. Daemora Active Member

    Awww. I don't need the newsies but I keep missing the other guides, though I am happy to have been able to help out in New Halas the other day, and got a lovely odd Bottle of Glowing Material to take home with me.

    Someone showed me another lovely item the guide had given them (a Vase of Gold Mechanosynthetic Roses), and it makes me sad to think I missed getting one of those. There were so many people there, that I did not wish to bother the guide any further than getting the quest, and did not realize he had such a lovely gift to give out. Ahh well, hopefully sometime in the future then. :)

    So sad, Frostfell is nearly over, and I'm not ready for it to be over yet. :(
  10. Kellin SWAT EQ2

    This evening (01-05-16) a poor love lorn gnome will be on the docks of Antonica seeking some help with a gift for his lady love. Drop by and give the poor fellow a hand.

    subject to change without notice due to real life or other creatures of the night
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  11. Daemora Active Member

    I shall make every effort to be there. I know I can be there...I just need not to get lost in other things and lose track of time, hehe. I look forward to assisting this poor gnome. :)
  12. Daemora Active Member

    I am such a failure. :rolleyes:
  13. hike New Member

    Still hoping for another chance at Kael or be Kael'd, I probably missed it again after the snafu last time if they redid it :(
  14. Daemora Active Member

    Wondering if it's too late for the Dress for Success quest? Would really love to do that one. :)
  15. Eleressa Secretkeeper Guest

    I heard rumors that a Ferugly ogre will be in the Commonlands and will be on the cliff above the docks today at 200 PM PT, she needs a bit of help to create a special commission.. She will only be there for one hour as her time is limited.
  16. hike New Member

    Just wanted to say thank you as I finally completed Kael or be Kael'd last night after over a year of trying to catch it! thanks again
  17. Daemora Active Member

    Ooh, kids just left. I hope I am not too late. Not truly sure about the time conversion from my time to PT. :)

    Edit: Hmm looking at time converter, seems I am here in time, and about twenty min to spare. Awesome! I will stand on the cliffs and wait, so as not to miss the guide. :)
  18. Daemora Active Member

    Thank you, Ferugly! I do love the robe, and the two bottles as well. :)
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  19. Wurm New Member

    I'm following this thread but I'm not getting any email updates :-( I so wish SOE / DBG had not of moved the guide forums away from the official forums, I have been missing events ever since.
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  20. Fyuri Active Member

    you have to come in almost every day and like something or reply to get updates. don't feel lonely. i sometimes can't get to the thread to like something because real life interferes. so i don't get the updates often either. if it isn't posted a day ahead, chances are i won't see it until too late to do it