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  1. Miriele Senior EQ Tunare

    Hello Maj'Dul!

    I have heard stories of a Coldain who is looking to you for help in having her family accept the love of her life during this wonderful Frostfell season! Stop by Halas on Wednesday 12/16 around 3pm PT to see how you can assist :)

    Note : All times shown are in PDT. Please also remember that the actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Guide Program and events may be canceled or delayed without notice.
  2. Daemora Active Member

    Aww wish I could have been there. We were having our Christmas Party today so I was not around at that time. Happy Frostfell to you! :)
  3. Mujie Senior EQ2 Halls of Fate

    Friday, December 18th at 4:00pm (PST)

  4. Fyuri Active Member

    awwww - it didn't show up in my mailbox and i was out of town a lot these last two days. i got home around 6 my time which would have been right before the party and i missed it. :(
  5. Zanzu Quest Team Member

    Don't worry Fyuri, the party isn't until tomorrow! Friday the 18th, at 4:00PM! It hasn't happened yet! :D
  6. Fyuri Active Member

    thank you. lol i often forget when i look at my computer and it says 12:31 and friday 18 that it means it is after midnight. i kind of look past the time and look at the date and to me, i guess it shouldn't be friday until the next morning since i still haven't gone to sleep - of course, if win 10 had not crashed i would have been in bed but instead i am updating to the new beta drivers from amd. that should give win 10 something better to gripe about
  7. Fyuri Active Member

    kk now i need to know how to answer my guild and groups when they ask where is the hold of prexus?
  8. Grithan Guide EQ2 Maj Dul

    Wheres indeed! Keeps an eyes in general chats when the time comes and we's help yous get theres! :)
  9. hike New Member

    So was super stoked to finally see Kael or be Kaeled offered.

    fly over to the entrance, hail the guide along with a half dozen or so other people with no response. All of us waited for over 30 minutes with no response and then poof, he's gone. Bunch of us were quite bummed out, as I know I've been trying to catch this one for close to a year now with no luck. Severely disappointed :(
  10. Kellin SWAT EQ2

    We (SMT of Maj'Dul) will take a peek and see what happened :)
  11. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Active Member

    as noted, these stories will be found also in the Norrathian Estate Library in the Guides' Stories alcove.

    Night Before Frostfell Skating Tournament by Grithan

    It was the "Night Before Frostfell Skating Tournament" and people lined the moonlit ice slopes.
    Alonia the Freeblood was in the finals of the solo dance skating championship.

    Just as she was lacing on her skates, her old friend Felix came running up.
    "Alonia, Alonia!" the tall Kerra shouted, waving an old map he clutched in one paw. "You cannot compete!"
    Alonia gasped in dismay... "What do you mean, I cannot compete? You know how hard I have worked for this!"
    Felix exclaimed, "Moonshadow is waiting at the docks with her ship!" He shoved the map at her, “We have to go find the treasure now."
    Alonia shook her head in disbelief.... "This is just another of your harebrained schemes," she scoffed.
    "NO, it's not!" insisted Felix. "I won this treasure map in a game of chance."
    Alonia rolled her eyes at her lifelong friend.
    Felix protested, "I won it off of Foster Brooks. You know he's reliable."
    Alonia pondered.... "Foster Brooks was indeed a very reliable person."
    She took off one skate... then paused.
    "Let me see that map!" she demanded.
    "Felix, look. There's a piece missing." Alonia pointed. "The X is clearly marked. But the path is missing, it's been torn off. Don't you think that's kind of a critical piece?"
    Felix waved his paws... "That doesn't matter.... Come on!"

    Moonshadow's bosun appeared at Felix's side and nodded to Alonia, "Captain is about to cast off! Are ye coomin'; er no?"
    Alonia looked around the crowded slopes at the spectators, and watched the other competitors lacing up their skates then threw her skate into the bin and ripped the other off.
    She grabbed the map and started running toward the docks.
    Storm clouds hovered over the boat as they rushed up the gangplank.
    Rain and lightning raged as they boarded the ship. Foster Brooks waved at them from his place at the wheel, "I'll get ye there! I've never failed yet!"
    And with a sigh and prayer they were off. Even in that weather, Foster Brooks would get them there safely.
    The waves grew larger, swelling them out of the harbor. Foster Brooks fought the wheel, keeping control of the trim craft.
    Waves poured over the bow, but Moonshadow captained surely; her crew was so used to her orders that they carried them out smoothly and efficiently.
    Felix, though a Kerra, loved the water, and reveled in the crashing waves.
    Alonia grew more excited as the rain lashed the sails.... much more fun than a silly skating competition!
    But suddenly, the storm rose to a sound and fury. The wind shrieked through the sails, sounding like tortured spirits.
    Indeed... they WERE tortured spirits!
    Blue ghosts swirled around the masts, gripping at the sails. Alonia shouted through the whipping rain, "They are destroying the sails!"

    Everyone present gasped!
    The cloth began to rip. Moonshadow called on her crew to take down the sails, "We must save them for a safer time!"
    As the sails came down, the spirits howled.
    Alonia felt quite afraid, but Felix comforted her, "Don't worry; Moon and Foster know what they're doing!"
    Foster Brooks just took a big swig of gnomish spirits and hung tight to his wheel, then he then he offered the spirits some spirits.
    "Here, me hearties! Ye've not had a taste o' that in ages, I ween!" he shouted, tossing the bottle to the spirits... and with a sigh, they sank beneath the waves."
    Foster leaned over the side, watching, and beamed, then swaggered back to the wheel, "Told ya Foster knew what was what!"
    Felix clapped Foster on the shoulder, "Always splendid sailing with you, old man! You're the best wheelman, even when you're drunker than Cooter Brown!"
    Moonshadow and Alonia stood together in the captain's quarters, studying the map by the swaying light of the lantern.
    Of a sudden, Alonia gasped. She took a lace from her boot. "Look, Moon!"
    Alonia realized she knew what was missing: safe passage through the dangerous rocky waters ahead.
    "Look, if you wind the string just so...It looks like when you lace up ice skates," she explained, laying the string in the lacing pattern on the map.
    Moonshadow regarded the path thoughtfully. "You're right!" she exclaimed, grabbing up the map and the bootlace. She rushed to the wheel where Foster was happily humming an old sea shanty.
    The sun was starting to peek out from the clouds.
    He said, "Girl, there's rough rocks ahead, ye ken?" He pointed at the crags and cliffs becoming visible in the brightening light.
    She excitedly slapped the map against the wheel and stuck the bootlace against it. "Follow that path, Foster!" she ordered.
    "All hands on deck"! Moonshadow yelled.
    Her crew gathered round as Foster gave them the plan. "What Cap'n wants, Cap'n gets, right, lads?!"
    "Aye aye, Cap'n!" roared her crew.
    Bright sun lit up the crags and cliffs, and showed the treacherous shoals, but guided by Alonia's inspiration, they managed to sail through, only clipping the side of the ship a little.
    With Cooter Brown in the crow's nest, shouting out where the dangers lay, and Foster steering them through, they were able to miss any other disasters as they pulled closer to the beautiful island.
    They were able to safely anchor, and rowed small skiffs to the island, which they realized was completely covered with densely packed forest.
    As they rowed, they commented, "So thick, how are we going to find our way?"
    As they made land, the forest was so alive it seemed to be breathing. Alonia looked around, a little spooked.... "I hear someone breathing!"
    The branches seemed to reach for them, the ones overhead nearly closing out the sun.
    And as they began to cut their way through, the moaning began.
    "Stop!" Moon ordered everyone. "The forest doesn't like us cutting it!"
    They paused, lost in thought. Moon began to sing a soothing song. She sang to the forest, and asked if the trees would allow them to pass.
    The trees separated wide enough for them to proceed. Alonia looked at Moon in amazement.
    Moonshadow shrugged and smiled, "There's a benefit to having a wood craft mage as your grandpa... he taught me a lot!"
    Deeper into the forest they trekked until they came up a clearing, where nothing grew. But the clearing was full of something else!
    Brownies and grimlings swarmed all over the clearing. Little brownies nipped at them, grimlings pulled at their clothes and weapons, and soon the travelers were so turned around, they didn't know which way the X was supposed to be!
    Since nothing grew in the clearing, Moon couldn't work her soothing song magic, but Alonia quickly coerced the brownies and grimlings to turn on each other.
    As the grimlings and brownies fought amongst themselves, the troop had a chance to get their bearings.
    Moonshadow looked at the map, and said, "There! In the middle of the clearing! I think that's where we need to go." She pointed through the battling grimlings and brownies.
    As they started for the center, they realized the shovels were gone. "Those thieving brownies!" shouted Foster.
    Strangely, the grimlings formed a defensive rank as did the brownies; the nearer the travelers approached the center, arranging themselves in to a large X.
    One of the crew was a little gnome though, and he quickly snapped together this and clunked together that, and twisted such-and-such, and tightened that, and within seconds, proudly showed Moonshadow the device he had made out of his helmet that could do a decent job of digging.
    She whispered to the gnome, "I will cloak you, and you sneak over to the middle of the X, and start digging!" He nodded, and started sneaking off, unseen by brownies and grimlings.
    Foster Brooks, thinking quickly (and always having gnomish spirits with him), threw several bottles at the brownies and grimlings. With the brownies and grimlings now plum shnockered, the troop was able to proceed.
    While the whole band kept the grimlings and brownies occupied, teaching them pirate shanties and jigs and plying them with spirits, the gnome spun around upside down as the helmet digging device on his noggin threw the soil and rocks out of the hole.
    The little monsters began toppling over, snoozing away, not even stirring when the gnome reappeared, shouting happily, “It’s here! It's here!"
    He lifted a huge platinum cog out and brushed soil and rocks away from his helmet.
    The little gnome dove back down, tunneling even further. He came back up, waving a treasure map in his hand and yelling, "A whole trunk of gnomish spirits too!"
    Moon sighed and took the treasure map... "Oh look, another missing piece... wonderful." Moon rolled her eyes and then smiled at her happy band.
    Everyone got a chest, with plenty of gold and platinum, jewelry, and spirits.
    As they all sat around the campfire that night, celebrating and toasting one another, Moon looked at her friends and crew and said, "You know, as long as I have you all, there is no missing piece! YOU are the missing piece!"
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  12. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Active Member

    A Lovely Frostfell Eve by Norika

    Once upon a time, on a lovely Frostfell Eve....

    A little tiny reindeer was moping around the bushes.... nibbling frozen berries....
    But, as beautiful as the berries were, this tiny little reindeer couldn't eat them.
    Were they poisonous? Noooooo.
    Were they frozen? Noooooooo. But not all the way through!

    Just a little tiny bit, like frosting.

    And the trouble was..... This little tiny reindeer... Thimble Zimphinel sighed and cuddled up on the snow.
    Her little ghostly form was hardly visible against the pure white of the Frostfell drifts.
    Her little breath wouldn't even puff out... she is a ghost.....

    And little gnome boy Randolph Poddlepoot was gathering up pressies for his making of the Frstofell gifties for his family.
    He of course was looking underneath and behind all the bushes with berries on them, and who do you think he tripped over?
    Wellllllllllllll, Randolph stumbled and tripped, and went skidding all around the ice....
    He knocked Mayong to his knees and was threatened with biting....
    He stumbled right into the pot of cheescurds that the baker was using and knocked it over, making her mad enough to use her spoon on him....
    And Randolph fell right onto Santa Glug and all his pressies went all over the cities... you know when you help the gobbie find all the pressies in the city?
    That's why you are helping him.....
    "It's all Randolph's fault, you know...."
    And little Rain Dewdrop, a little elf just learning the ways of Frostfell, got trampled by Randolph as he went skidding the last bit of the way......
    Right into the last island where the workbenches are located and up the rainbow, and right across the grass.
    The grass slowed him down...
    And he fetched up, upside down, heels hanging over his nose, with a little angry Rain Dewdrop menacing him with tiny fists."
    And pressed against his back was the little ghostly reindeer, Thimble.
    Randolph sat up gingerly, trying to fend off the little elf's fists.

    Thimble got between Randolph and Rain....
    Thimble helped straighten up Randolph, helping him get right side up again.
    Thimble held off the angry little Rain Dewdrop and calmed her in a cold frosty hug.
    All of a sudden, sparklies and gifties were raining down from the sky.
    The three looked up, expecting to see Santa Glug, of course.
    There was no Santa Glug....
    Rain scratched her noggin in puzzlement.
    Rain shrugged.
    She started beating on Randolph again, slipping out of Thimble's hug.
    Thimble grabbed her with her horns and made Rain sit on her back.
    "Now stop that," Thimble told Rain.
    The baker walked up with fresh cookies and cider.
    "I heard screeching and arguing over here, so I thought these would help."
    All four of them sat down, admiring the baker's handiwork.... Just like Santa Glug!
    As Rain became calmer and happier, pressies started falling from the sky again.
    Everyone looked up, sparklies getting in their eyes...
    And everyone in the Frostfell Wonderland came over to see what was happening.
    Santa Glug saw how marvelously gifted (no pun intended) Rain was and invited her to come work for him, coming up with new Frostfell gifts for him to give out each year.
    And Randolph started to go on gathering materials to craft pressies for his family, but he noticed a little tear trickling down Thimble's cheek.

    Everyone was moving off now.... and Thimble was scared, thinking she was going to be alone and cold again.
    Randolph sat beside her and hugged her.
    Then, here came Santa Glug again.
    Santa Glug crouched down so that little tiny Thimble would be able to look him in the eye.
    "Thimble..... You must go on a mission for me."
    Santa Glug said, "You must go out into the big wide world and find three people who are willing to do three kind things for you."
    Randolph spoke up immediately. "I want to give Thimble a nice warm home in my stable!"
    Of course she was! She was already feeling so heartened by Randolph's offer!
    "I will feed and house her in Kunark, she must spread Frostfell there as well"
    She dashed for the exit to Frostfell, Randolph right behind her.
    Another present mentioned "I will get Thimble a manicure, err, pedicure for her hooves and have them painted pink!"

    "Awwwwwww!" Thimble is so excited that she turns into a fully live reindeer!

    With brown fur, a big red nose.
    "And look!" she exclaims, "See my pedicure?"
    "Pink and green!"

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  13. Fyuri Active Member

    i had tried to take pictures, but none of them happened. for some reason the changes i made to my toon's controls so she could take pics didn't work. if anyone has any pictures, can they please share them with me? thank you for having us.
  14. Eleressa Secretkeeper Guest

    Rumors abound, there is going to be a gnome traveling through Antonica Monday, December 21st at 700 PM PT. You might find him wandering between the North and South Qeynos gates looking for lights.
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  15. Daemora Active Member

    Oh I do hope I don't miss Monday's event. I so missed the one on the 17th, not because I wasn't here, but because I was so absorbed in decorating my SSHHS2015 santee's house, and totally lost track of time. When I realized I had missed the event, I was bummed out, but I am very pleased with how the house decorating has come along. :D

    I think I shall have to set an alarm for Monday's event, but even alarms don't always work for me when I am so focused, lol. I'm such a hopeless case. :p
  16. Kellin SWAT EQ2

    Look sharp now, I'll be in the Eastern wastes today looking for some brave souls to like to explore. Look for me close to where the griffon lands close to Kael. I'll be there around 4:30 PM PST
  17. Eleressa Secretkeeper Guest

    The gnome will be there for at least 1 hour, hope you make it, I know he gets so worked up about his lights. Last I saw him he was muttering something about only 4 days left before the judging and how he can't lose again. Crazy gnomes, have no idea what he was muttering about.
  18. Fyuri Active Member

    waiting for gnome but don't see him. did he get kidnapped by santa?

    found him lol. he is there now
  19. Fyuri Active Member

    thank you for the quide quest. do you think you will be doing the lost gift one soon with the mistletoe?
  20. Eleressa Secretkeeper Guest

    He was a little late but he did show up. Did you find him?