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  1. Aurawynd Guide EQ2 Halls of Fate

    We are still letting the dust settle and working out some kinks with the new mergers ( and Norika's Gnomes are out for revenge) so we've encountered a couple of bumps in the road! I hear they have commissioned some lively Dwarfs to chase away the gnomes and we should hopefully be in full swing again soon =)

    I will post upcoming events as often and soon as possible when i can!
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  2. Enoibia New Member

    Brilliant. Thank you.
  3. Zeekwan New Member

    Rargnir seemed to have LOTS of help!
  4. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Aye, he did indeed! I just received a note from him, saying that he was grateful to the mortal heroes of Halls of Fate for coming out in such great numbers -- over 200, by his recollection. He even sent in a quick etching that he sketched, to share with folks on the Guide Program Facebook page and Twitter:


    Way to go, HoFlings! ;)
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  5. Enoibia New Member

    Phooey, my friend missed it :(
  6. Zeekwan New Member

    Hey that's me!
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  8. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    I'm sorry to hear it, Enoibia, but don't fret! I'm sure that we'll be seeing Rargnir and his spirit-minded friends again soon, so just keep watching this space!
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  9. Zeekwan New Member

    I was just saying he took the time to include me in his sketch :)
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  10. Ocarinah Member

    I don't know how I missed newsies! Oh well, hopefully next time. I must have lost the note I made about it.
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  11. Aurawynd Guide EQ2 Halls of Fate

    **UPCOMING EVENT*** On Weds Nov 18th, at approx 5PM PT in the area of the Enchanted Lands - will be someone who is in dire need of help!! Your reward awaits you, see you there!
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  12. Enoibia New Member

    Hey Aurawynd, are you able to give me a clue as to the nature of this quest. 5pm PT will 1am here in the UK and in the middle of the working week I would need a huge reason to try and stay up to get this.
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  13. Seefar Member

    I really enjoyed that storytime. (You're amazing, Norika!)

    Looking forward to seeing the story... will it be posted here?

    As with 'Norika's Song of The Great Divide' -- Norrathian copies of which are free on request (by Norrathian Express to me) -- I hope to be able to turn your words into a 'Player-Written Book' (hopefully without blowing up, this time!).

    Big hugs!
  14. Norika Policy Team Member

    Yep, you got it, Seefar, working on that today, as well as the picture. And yes, available to be turned into a player-written book when posted!

    Thank you for the compliment, Seefar, I truly enjoy doing this with you all!
  15. Norika Policy Team Member

    Mujiir, Evengeline, Treesta, Lillyfoot, Santra, Noloban, Rathful, Tiadari, Ayobe, Daggath, Seefar, Madmartegan, Bliss, Bralen, Mazrim, and Norika all contributed in some way to this story

    The Tale of Nibbles Cheeselet

    Splintered Cheeselet the Ratonga ran at top speed under the tent and into the center of the tent area. He scanned the tent quickly, taking in the streamers, the lanterns, the counters set up along the sides.

    Splintered adjusted his monocle and his sneakers. "NIBBLES!!!!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. The tent shivered at the edge. "NIBBLES!!!!" He shouted again.
    Read More ... (open)
    The tent shivered again, as a young Ratonga crawled underneath and sheepishly approached Splinters. "Hi, Dad." Nibbles rubbed his toe into the sawdust.

    Splintered knelt down to look one of his sons in the eyes. "You didn't get the ball toss set up, son. You know that this big festival celebration is important to our family business, and this is the largest one we have ever done."

    Splintered waved the family business card in front of Nibbles's nose. "Now you take that card...Little Helpers for BIG Events... and see here? Services.... that's you. And your brothers. And your sisters. 'Celebration Foretonga,' that's me."

    "You take that card to Master T'Lys. And don't come back until you have your answer."

    Nibbles quavered, "Dad, he's a really nasty guy... and ... what kind of answer do you want?" Nibbles looked at his dad in dismay; has his father gotten involved in something terrible?

    Splinters pushes his son gently, "Go on with you, and do the errand." Nibbles gulped and walked slowly to the exit. He made his way to the docks and sailed to Everfrost, gripping the rails hard the whole time.

    He made his way to the end of the left-hand side of the dock and tapped Master T'Lys politely on the knees. He bowed very respectfully to the very evil looking dark elf.

    "My father said you had an answer for him, if you please, sir. He sent me to retrieve that answer."

    Master T'Lys glared at the young Ratonga. "I have no answer for the Little Ones," he replied.

    Nibbles blinked. "I don't mean to be disrespectful, Sir, but my father said you did. You can trust me, it's safe. I will take the answer right back to him."

    Master T'Lys glared again, the heat of his stare nearly melting Nibbles into the deck where he stood. "I repeat, "he rumbled, "I have no answer for the Little Ones."

    Nibbles thought a moment, then brightly asked, "Do you know who does?"

    Master T'Lys smiled, "Bright and clever one! Your father was right to brag about you." Nibbles straightened up, feeling very proud of himself.

    Master T'Lys handed Nibbles a small envelope. "Be careful. You must visit the place where the Kerra dwell. Take this to their chieftain and he will direct you further."

    Nibbles almost died inside; out of the frying pan and into the fire! Nibbles wondered if his name will be changed to "Nibbled." He trembled, took the envelope and nodded shakily.

    He made his way to the Kerra Village and stood at the entrance, wondering what in the world he was going to do now.

    He racked his brain and his backpacks, and found a troll illusion cream. Which is why, you know, sometimes, it's helpful to answer calls for help from people. The nice troll lady had given him some cream... he sure was glad he helped her out now!

    He quickly turned himself into a troll and gathered up all his little Ratonga bravery. He lumbered on in to the village, safe from the Kerra pointy teeth, pointy claws, pointy everything!

    The chieftain narrowed his brilliant green eyes as the troll approached, and as you know, narrowed eyes are never, ever good.

    The Kerra chieftain twirled his whiskers around in thought as we watched the child-sized troll approach. Nibbles shivered a little at the intense gaze and hoped these weren't troll-eating Kerra!

    Felar Shaprclaw Ketchim motioned to his retinue. "Scratchez, Rakul, Grumpy Kat, Fur Face, and Snakes. Go see what the "troll" wants." Felar made little quotation marks around the word troll, rather like scratching post motions.

    The group of Kerra grinned and marched up to a gulping Nibbles in troll disguise. Nibbles waved the envelope around in desperation, "This is from Master T'Lys! I am just the messenger! Don't kill the messenger!"

    Grumpy Kat nodded, and prodded Nibbles on up the steps to Felar's seat.

    Felar smiled. Nibbles gulped. Scratchez stretched his claws out. Snakes's tail twitched and her eyes gleamed.

    Nibbles held out the envelope to Felar and felt Rakul's eyes on him. Felar nonchalantly tore the envelope open and read it. He scanned the page again.

    Rakul hissed, "Let us eat him now, Felar!" Her eyes glowed. Nibbles got so scared he forgot to maintain the illusion and ... pooooooof, there stood a little timid Ratonga in the midst of these strong Kerra warriors.

    Felar threw the crumpled paper aside in disgust. He turned away and sniffed disdainfully. "Hey, Felar! Enough already! Let us eat him!" shouted Grumpy Kat.

    Felar motioned with his huge paw, "Let him go." The group backed up in amazement. "T'Lys demands we pay back the favor we owe him. We are to deliver several crates of balls, toys; such things as will help make the Heroes' Festival Grand Fair one to remember."

    Felar sighed and resumed his seat. "And ... we are to send a Kerra contingent to show our goodwill."

    "Snakes stepped forward. "But what about the Ratonga?" she asked.

    Felar grimaced, "He is being sent to the pygmies to get their support. Apparently this Ratonga is tasked with being an ambassador of goodwill and obtaining supplies from each race and type of sentient creature."

    Nibbles gasped in astonishment. Felar handed him a medal on a ribbon, "Here. This was in the envelope. You were trustworthy and didn't open it, so you deserve to wear it. See you at the celebration."

    Nibbles made his way to the pygmies, whom he convinced to send their wonderfully crafted furniture, which looks a bit odd to some people, and bone trinkets to sell at the fair.

    "What a wonderful booth this will make," commented the pygmy helping Nibbles pack everything into the boat. "But you know, I want something in trade."

    Nibbles nodded, having planned ahead and stopped off to get a huge barrel of the best, crispiest, crunchiest master-crafted pickles. He handed over the pickles, and the pygmy delightedly included some charms. The pygmy said to another pygmy, "Best get some more cockatrice feathers from the Kerra to make more feathered items!"

    And Nibbles then went to the Hua Mein for paper lanterns, shinies, shiny crystals, and oddly shaped hats. Some of the fishing poles he saved out to trade with the Othmir for seashells, hammocks, candles, and furs, as well as getting promises of an abundance of seafood for the Fair.

    Nibbles was appealing to everyone's sense of camaraderie, and participation, and calling on everyone to be heroes and make this a celebration to remember. He realized he enjoyed this very much!

    He sent off the goods from the Othmir and made a stop at the Far Seas Traders, to see if they would offer him employment. He thanked the Far Seas liaison for the papers of employment, and said with a bow, "I must seek my father's blessing, but I hope to be with you all in one week's time."

    As he passed Raffik in his travels, he promised to help him set up new trade routes. And with all the boat trips he was taking, he found he did not need to hold the railings so tight any longer, and in fact was getting very good sea legs.

    When Nibbles finally, wearily, made his way back to the original site of the Fair, what did he see but the most wonderful sight?

    Pennants flying from a hundred tents. Games and refreshments of all kinds. Creatures of all races and cultures working together to put up a stage for bands and speech makers, magicians and talent shows.

    And when Nibbles spied his papa in a new suit, with a smart little rapier dangling from his scabbard, he grinned. Felar sat next to Papa on the bench, sipping fine cream with a little *cough* extra added.

    "A fine son you have there!" Felar clapped Papa on the back. "In the name of the Days of Peace, I salute you!" Nibbles walked up to his dad, feeling extremely happy and proud.

    Folks cheered for him as he passed by, and a very pretty young Ratonga female kissed him on the cheek.

    Nibbles waved hello to his dad. "Son!" Papa clasped him to his chest in a BIG Ratonga hug. "Little Helpers for BIG Events is number one in the industry now! All thanks to you."

    Nibbles showed his dad the papers. "Look what I can do for the family business as a Far Seas employee!"

    Papa looked the papers over, and said, "Not a bad idea! I am completely in agreement." Nibbles cheered and danced right there on the spot he was so happy.

    Papa put his hand on his son's shoulder to calm him down. "But, son. You still haven't put up the ball toss." Nibbles smacked his forehead and grinned.

    Nibbles did get his ball toss set up, of course, and soon became a Far Seas Master Trader, renowned far and wide as fair, polite to all, very wise and strong.

    Thank you for listening to the Tale of Nibbles Cheeselet!
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  16. Seefar Member

    Hi Enoibia. :)

    It was late for me, too, but I stayed up (because I'm a fool), and though I could barely see straight, I met, err, Iforgetwhoitwas, and she told me a tale, something about needing a book (I forget the details... sorry!). In return, I was told that if I brought some blank notebooks, she would scribe some stories into them. So, I did: one set for me; and another set, for you. And she also gave me a special book (one copy for me, another for you). It's a strange book, this one: it looks like it's singing!

    So, if you'll contact me in Norrath sometime, I can hand your books over to you. :)
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  17. Seefar Member

    Excellent! I'll go fetch my quill.

    ... hmm... Niblet's Tale is too long to fit into a single book, Norika. It'll need to be trimmed, by about a third. Do I have your permission to give it a go? (If you'd rather your words not be messed with, of course I'll honour that; Plan B would be to publish it as a two-volume set...) What say you?
  18. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Coming soon to a server near you!
    • Saturday, November 21st around 1 pm PST - An axe collector seeks those who appreciate the intricate art of Dwarven weaponry. Interested parties should meet with him in the Butcherblock Mountains for more details.
    • Sunday, November 22nd around 3 pm PST - A citizen of the Enchanted Lands finds himself in grave peril. Can you figure out how to save him?
    • Tuesday, November 24th around 4 pm PST - A surprise! Stay alert and keep an eye on your General communications channel for details!
    • Tuesday, November 24th around 7 pm PST - A hungry fellow needs your help in Greater Faydark.
    • Wednesday, November 25th around 11 am PST - A frazzled chef is looking for some clever assistants in New Halas.
    Of course, these aren't the only things happening soon, so be sure to watch for [Guide Event] messages happening on the fly! Have a great week, Hoflings!
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  19. Ocarinah Member

    Wow!!! So many fun things to do!!! Thanks!!!
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  20. Norika Policy Team Member

    Please, do whatever you wish, Seefar, it is my pleasure to be part of the world of Norrath, and the stories are for sharing. If one book is needed, then let it be so.... If two, then let it be so. I am so very happy that the stories find favor with you.

    All I ask is that you give credit to the people who were there. That's the most important thing to me.
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