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  1. Norika Policy Team Member

    Ummmm... I pulled a muscle in my back this morning, Saturday morning, the 19th. Icing and ibuprofen are helping. It's still really painful. I don't know if I can make the Guild Hall Tours for Sunday the 20th. If you don't see me on, you will know why!
  2. Rosyposy Member

    Aww... Sorry to hear it, Norika... sure hope you feel better soon!
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  3. Mairzy D'Oats New Member

    Ouch! I hope you feel better soon!
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  4. Styla Homeforger Guide EQ2 Halls of Fate

    Looks like more trouble is brewing this Frostfell! A mischievous young lad will be looking for some help in Neriak near the wardrobe this Wednesday, December 23rd at 6 am PST. Can you find what he is seeking?

    Ooh....that's early. You may want to have some jumjum-spiced coffee before you head over.
  5. Seefar Member

    That's nasty. I pulled a muscle in my back a few weeks ago, and it hurt like the dickens for a couple of weeks. Rest up and enjoy Frostfell, Norika! :)

    6am PST is only early in some parts of the world! :p My sums suggest it's 2pm in my neck of the woods. Not sure how to get to the Neriak wardrobe, me not being Evil an' all... presumabubbly this is an Evil-only event? I'm sure that less well seasoned (ok, less creaky) folk than me would have a tough time getting past those Neriak guards. Even I have to keep my eyes peeled and dodge them, if I want to live!
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  6. Sonofvlad New Member

    I have a guild leader for my guild who wants to do The Nebulous Newsies to help level up the guild. Is there any way to have it before Christmas? Would love it, thanks guides!

    Petseeyou ~ Halls of Fate
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  7. Norika Policy Team Member

    Pulled muscle in my back is better... still taking it real easy... how about Home & Guild Hall Tours on Wednesday, the 30th of December, from 11 AM till 1 PM PT?
    Important FYI (open)
    1) You as the owner of the home or a member of the guild must be there to show me around. Guides cannot enter homes or guild halls unescorted. (I guess we turn into Freebloods temporarily!)

    2) I simply log in and announce I am ready to start. Then I write down the names of the people who let me know that they want to show their homes. We go in the order that I receive the names. It takes about 20 - 30 minutes to get through a tour of a guild hall or home.

    3) Everyone is welcome to come along on the tours. It's fun!

    4) Everyone is invited to show their home or guild hall. One home or one guild hall per person per tour. It's fine if your home is not published. Please be ready to give very clear directions to your home in the general channel, whether published or not, when your turn comes.

    5) Say nice things. Encourage new decorators. We all started somewhere.

    6) No stories are told. No quests are done. This is simply for the pleasure of hanging out with other decorators and getting new ideas, encouraging each other, and having fun.

    7) Just let me know when I am in game, and I will add your name to the list. Or contact me in the forums, via private message.
    Host(esses) on the list (open)
    Thornscar, Kithia, Morukta, Lenah, Daerman, Ethini, Bixby, Chikki, Ambrael, Betny.
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  8. Styla Homeforger Guide EQ2 Halls of Fate

    I find that what is early for one is just right for another! So glad you support the guide quests. We try to run quests in a variety of places, both for evil and good. It does not mean that a sneaky type of another alignment cannot go in and offer help ;)
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  9. mungee New Member

    OOOO yes please please please for Frostfell!! I'll even stay up for it!
  10. Norika Policy Team Member

    Well, now, the cries of the spirits have been heard, and your response is crucial. Just in time for Frostfell Eve, a Mystic will appear in Cardin Ward in the Obol Plains at 4 PM PT today, Thursday, December 24th, 2015.
  11. mungee New Member

    Ahh what a generous spirit you are to be sure. Having been trampled and mobbed by a most eager herd of adventurers, we grateful recipients wish you a Happy Frostfell in a comfortable chair with your loved ones around.
    Thank you for bringing a most advantageous quest to so many Guilds needing the boost!
  12. Sonofvlad New Member

    Seriously 1 hours notice? My leader lives in the UK. And i didnt get the email notification from this thread. Well thanks anyways.
  13. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Fear not! I'm certain that you'll be hearing more whispers from the Ethernere soon... I'll do some snooping and see what info I can dig up before the weekend is over. :)
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  14. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Start spreadin' the 'News'...

    Here's a Boxing Day gift that you won't want to send back! Eager adventurers who wish to prove their mettle and seek out some missing spirits should cast their gaze upon the Obol Plains on Saturday, December 26, 2015 around 10 am PST (6 pm GMT).

    Please remember that this extraordinary mission can only be experienced once in your mortal lifetime, so gather up your relatives that are seeking a "New" challenge!
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  15. Seefar Member

    I was 'avin' me a little t'ink the other day, and was wondering whether it might be helpful to brainstorm some new types of 'guide events', some additions to the standard 'storytime' or variants on the 'kill ten rats' theme.

    Guide time is often very limited (entirely understandabubbly), so I was trying to think about events that would be very short. Howzabout:
    • crazy photo opportunities (hand out e.g. cute baby dragon illusions, get everyone to use 'em)
    • races from A to B on specific mounts (would love to get screenshots of lots of folks gliding, me)
    • dawn/ sunset screenshots at especially photogenic places (loads of possibilities)
    • ...
    Wait, what's this sword doing here?
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  16. Drax New Member

    Thanks to the guides for handing out Nebulous Newsies for the second time this weekend - I know it was a *tooon* of people (and their alts, alts' alts, and alts' alts' alts).
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  17. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Rargnir has asked me to share his gratitude to all of the hoflings who came out to assist him today. You guys rock! ^_^
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  18. Giggles for EQ2 New Member

    I want to thank Rargnir for his patience yesterday on his guide quest. I was able to get Nebulous Newsies on two of my accounts. I wait patiently for two other accounts as I had a Christmas family event in RL I had to attend. I must apologize to Rargnir as I missed closing a couple of my mercs as I was waiting for quest. I closed them out when I noticed they were still in use. Again thank you again!! Enjoyed to see how guides worked.

    Giggles for EQ2
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  19. Morukta New Member

    UBER-huge Thanks to Rargnir for handing out newsies!!! And I'm sure I speak for everyone wishing him a speedy recovery from being trampled practically to death. ROF :)

    That said, any chance of getting the kael drakkel quest out to us sometime soon? I wants it, I needs it, I just gots to haves it! :)

    Merry Frostfell to you all!!!
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  20. Styla Homeforger Guide EQ2 Halls of Fate

    Attention! Bold adventurers seeking a challenge should find their way to the gates of Kael Drakkel in the Great Divide on Wednesday, December 30 at 6pm PST! Are you up for it?
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