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  1. Seefar Member

    ... and their alts' alts' alts' alts... ;)

    Reminds me of 'the aqueduct'. (After all, what have the guides ever done for us?)

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  2. Morukta New Member

    WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!! Where's my happy dance button?
    TYVM, Styla! :)

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  3. Morukta New Member

    It would seem that the home tours may not happen - I was logged in this morning, but while hopping thru alts for daily Santa Glug gifties I was kicked and have been unable to log back into the Halls of Fate server.
    Or is it just me? (on both of my accounts with toons there - Skyfire & Maj'Dul seem to be up, tho)

  4. Morukta New Member

    Hmm - now I see why - UNANNOUNCED downtime yesterday morning, and now unannounced maintenance on Halls of Fate. :(
  5. Thornscar New Member

    Yep, Halls of Fate still down after sever connectivity issues began again at about 7:45am pst. Also wondering about House Tours... assuming that Esteemed Guide Norika is waiting to see if servers go up just like the rest of us are. Well, back to checking the servers (my every 10 minute ritual).
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  6. Norika Policy Team Member

    Let's try again for Tuesday, the 5th of January, 11 AM till 1 PM PT for the Home Tours. How dat be? :D
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  7. Styla Homeforger Guide EQ2 Halls of Fate

    Attention! I have an important message from the Stormshield family. They will be unable to meet adventurers at the gates of Kael Drakkel this evening due to unforseen circumstances (the same that will likely be keeping many adventurers from joining them). Fear not! They will be back soon so keep an eye out for a message on this forum!
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  8. Morukta New Member

    :) New dates & times noted! Thanks Norika & Stylla!
  9. Thornscar New Member

    2pm on Tuesday the 5th sounds fine, Thanks, Norika : )
  10. Styla Homeforger Guide EQ2 Halls of Fate

    One of the Stormshield family has made it through! She is calling bold adventurers to meet her at the gates of Kael Drakkel this morning at 7:30 am PST. Are you up for the challenge?
  11. Norika Policy Team Member

    A snowperson will be regaling adventurers and celebrators with a tale from snowpersons' history and culture at 4 PM PT in New Halas (in Frostfang Sea) near the Frostfell Tree. If you wish to reread the tale later on during Frostfell, you might want to bring a notebook for yourself. ;)
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  12. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    It's a party and you're all invited!

    Join the Guides of the Shattered Lands on Saturday, January 2, 2016 for a New Years / Frostfell party in the Hold of Prexus! There'll be dancing, stories, and presents galore! Keep your eyes peeled around 1 pm PST for details on how to join in on the fun!

    Hope to see you there!
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  13. Cyare New Member

    Just wanted to thank our amazing guides for our party today, apparently it was so good we crashed the server!:)
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  14. Styla Homeforger Guide EQ2 Halls of Fate

    Yes, what a fun time! So glad you could come and enjoy yourself Cyare! We have so many wonderful players on HoF. I feel so lucky to be a guide here :)
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  15. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    Hoflings are the best! For really! And even though the sky fell and the ground parted beneath us, we rallied and carried on in the end!


    60 of you turned out to celebrate the New Year with us, and we're ever so grateful that you did! There's a few more screenshots on the Facebook page, so be sure to check it out! http://j.mp/guidesfb
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  16. Nitestormsfury New Member

    What a wonderful party! Thank you for hosting it for us!
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  17. Rosyposy Member

    I had an awesome time... thanks so much to all the guides!
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  18. Nitestormsfury New Member

    My friend Nitelight was going to place the wonderful books she got from the guide party in her house when she discovered that the two she gave to Stylla were empty. Can a player copy those stories or does it have to be the guide who told it? Would there be a way to get a copy? Or will she have to wait till next year? The story was wonderful either way...and so was the party! So if one must wait then that is what one must do!
  19. Froggen New Member

    Hubby and I were at the wonderful Frostfell/New Years party. We had gotten gifties and some shinies and the set of books written by Stylla. Was a great party then the server crashed. We lost the gifts, shinies and the books that were written in are now in unwritten form back in our inventory. :( They must have rolled server back a bit.
  20. Elyshka Senior EQ2 Isle of Refuge

    For those of you who found your scribed books and giftie bags empty (or those who just want to stop by and say hey), I'll be visiting the Frostfell tree in New Halas today, January 3, 2016 around 11:30 am PST and again tomorrow, January 4, 2016 around 5 pm PST. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to stick around for several hours each time, but I will be there for at LEAST half an hour each time (unless the server goes down again for some reason, but let's hope that Bristlebane doesn't get any ideas!)
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