When Warlocks get fixed ????

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Hellfiren, May 26, 2023.

  1. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Thanks for making my point lol. You don't adjust an entire Archetype based off one class. Mages are parsing generally in the same way all other scouts are, save one...
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    I hope you know the difference between DPS and MaxHit, and also that the Assassin has always been designed as the class with the highest hit.

    With the character selection you have the possibility to choose between DoT-DamageDealer, Burst-DD, AoE-DD, Sustain-DD etc.
    But comparing the MaxHits of the different DD's is just not clever. If you want to compare something, then maybe the DPS, although you always have to look at it in the context of the zone.
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  3. Jrox Well-Known Member

    And group make up... Well said.
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  4. Shwetty Active Member

    I never said DPS, YOU said DPS.
  5. Jrox Well-Known Member

    First, take a breath, were just conversating.

    These were your takes...
    Your take on the disparity...
    This eludes to DPS...

    This directly correlates to DPS.As well, it only speaks to one class not all scouts. I can cherry pick parses and show you the opposite if I wanted to work it that way. But it doesn't help the community as a whole.

    This is a direct post from an ACT parse and hit by an Assassin, speaking to the dmg they are pushing in a spike hit. Does not accurately represent all scouts or a comparison of scouts vs. mages.

    My point is, you are lumping all scouts into this bucket of yours and that could not be further from the actual issue. Good mages in high end raiding guilds are right in line with their scout counterparts, except for one ability that the assassin has. So when you speak on this, be more concise and clear in your description. Don't misrepresent what is really happening in order to bring up an entire archetype based on one scout class. It's just not a fair comparison.
  6. Fezagga Member

    FYI - seems dark pact xii is broken since it doesn't stack with other class buff that has potency (seems wiz and warlock buff don't stack)

    talk about loss of potency!