When Warlocks get fixed ????

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Hellfiren, May 26, 2023.

  1. OnlyMe Member

    Yes true. I mean the warlock section in the patch notes is pretty big, so people are expecting to see some improvement, but so far I havn't noticed much difference and nothing stood out to me as 'great we are fixed'. But all together, lets hope..
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  2. Riktor New Member

    I bought the latest expansion, dusting off my main and hoping against all odds that we see some improvement for the Warlock. Everything I’m reading looks somewhat promising…..
  3. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Hello to all
    Hello to the DEVS,

    we positiv saw the upgrades on the warlock but some pices of cake are left to take care of.

    1 Deccimation mechanic still not working as it should be ( Instant cast at 180stacks ) following the thougts it was invented to replace Apocalypse

    2 Effective Range of Cataclysm still on 7,5m which should be 10m as it always and ever was before RoS expa.

    3 Rift still missing its doubble impact.

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  4. Smashey Well-Known Member

    Not even Celestial Decimation will be a DPS increase for warlocks against Expert Apocalypse.

    The developers need to acknowledge that Diseased Mind and Noxious spellslinger prestige AAs has a huge influence on how the class is played. The 2.5s cast time on Decimation is too high and it needs to be implemented into our prestige AAs or the dmg needs to be higher or cast time lowered even more, but the second option will make even more of the prestige tree useless.
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  5. OnlyMe Member

    Good table. However we've been saying this for 3 xpacs that the 'improved' spell is worse for locks than the 'replaced' one and they take no notice whatsoever. A long list of completely useless changes for the xpac and the class is still complete crap. Time for a new game, they are not listening or don't understand. I don't know which is worse. The added CBOC to Enhanced Cataclysm II I guess is a good thing, but its good for the whole raid, it just makes our dps look even worse compared to the (supposedly) T2 classes we buff.

    Anyone playing wizard? is it even worth betraying from 8th best dps class to 7th? We are supposed to be T1, with lack of utility to match that.
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  6. OnlyMe Member

    I had really hoped that getting the researched mount and the newly changed spells at expert might make a difference and get me vaguely comparable to our scouts in group. it didn't, i'm still doing 1/4 of their dps usually. Groups are different as the mobs are mostly dead before we've cast our first spell and its never perfect lock buff group (raid sometimes is), but that's just embarrassing. Maybe its me. That thought is getting to me so I really do think its time to find a new hobby.
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  7. Shwetty Active Member

    Currently, no. Sorcs are still lowest of the T1 classes. Below summoners, below predators, below rogues.
    And summoners are not even supposed to be T1. Give sorcs some utility if we are destined to be buffs, how about a necro res, or conj CoV, or a tank pet. Its crap being a sorc right now. I have lost interest in playing a second rate 'T1' dps class. I had high hopes, but nothing materialized. Im playing another game until i see some meaningful changes.
  8. OnlyMe Member

    Did ANYONE take Decimation III as their celestial choice? If so, whats the verdict? Still hanging on to my celestial but if I'm using absolution all the time then it might be better on that. Or is there some great ability i've missed that it should be used on? :/
  9. Smashey Well-Known Member

    I think if any warlock just picked either they are kinda YOLOing and wasted a potential Celestial.
  10. Draika New Member

    I picked Decimation before I read this thread closer. too late now and I hope it's worth it at some point. I'm still in the process of upgrading spells and getting my stats increased. ran a few heroics to get help with the HQ helm and my dps was lacking compared to the wizard in my group. solo zones are fine and I'm running those faster than before but not feeling confident on running the harder heroics. we'll see after I catch up more.
  11. Tridav Member

    The trick with decimation is timing. Use it before a ready up. I use both of them decimation is top 3
  12. Smashey Well-Known Member

    The only time its worth casting Decimation is 2 seconds before pull and then remove it from your bar.

    Casting Decimation is bad because its a netloss in DPS even if you time it with a RUP. Several reasons for this:

    You lose the chance at resetting Focused Casting.
    You are likely to miss several Acid ticks because you cant reapply Acid for ~3.5 seconds (Decimation cast time+0.5Recovery+Acid cast time+your network lag).
    Cast time lowers your DPS compared to expert Apocalypse above 36 toxic Aura stacks, even if you do more damage per cast.
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  13. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    ILL never will betray any of my Toons evan and not the Warlock its a powerful DPS Class if only the DVS would understand how it works or will follow our thoughts.

    the day i betray my Warlock to a Wizzy the hell need to be totaly frozen.

    And yes DB messed up the whole ranking in DPS both summoner classes are Able to do lot more DPS than Wizzy or Lock and the major issues on these classes is that thier pets ignore every Defens of the Mobs if that would be fixed the Necros and Conjs are supposed to press buttons as all other DD classes need because send pet and go AFK wont work anymore if the pets need to be comanded realy for do DPS.

    Especialy in short fights as longer a fight runs as lower thier DPS.
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  14. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Decimation is or was planed as Replace for Apo so it should work exactly the same way POINT end or the Message!!!!
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  15. mR_vAiN New Member

    If I saw it correctly:
    - Dark Investation VIII , dark broodling will not trigger and no limited pets get on raid / group. never seen it this Addon
    - Unbeat Tempo won't add aditional ticks to Decimation III (same count of ticks with and without Tempo)
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  16. Fezagga Member

    It seems all the talk about class balance was lip service (you know, because they don't test anything) as it stands today scouts rule exponentially and they created a new breed of T1 with a support class.
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  17. Smashey Well-Known Member

    Warlocks do great numbers according to ACT in raids now, but there are mechanical issues such as Void mastery being broken and our replacement spells being worse than the abilities they replaced.

    For H3 we shall apparently all continue to live with the mage Combat mit tax and scouts will forever just be better.
  18. Shwetty Active Member

    Devs need to give some immediate attention to the mage 'combat mit tax', the disparity from scout to mage is 3-4 to 1 or more. Speaking as a mage, i dont want to play a scout, in fact i wont play at all if thats my only option. Be a buff bot, or quit the game, ill take the latter.

    Fix the combat mit disparity. Why can scouts hit for 300T, while mages dont come anywhere close, even with much better stats (pot, CB, Ferv, ADC)?
    Make UT groupwide
    Fix broken AA abilities that have not scaled over the last 3-4 xpacks
  19. Jrox Well-Known Member

    What scout is doing 300T without using hacks? By hacks I mean stacking resets in one grp, this is what should be addressed the stacking of resets for one class to be able to do DPS like that. Funny to try and use that specific mechanic as way to get others boosted. Mages are capable of doing what scouts do. Even when not in optimal settings. I am all for making things balanced but lets not flood the forums with fallacies.
  20. Shwetty Active Member

    Really ? Mages have nothing that hits like that.