[Updated] The NECROMANCER hat is in!

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-EQ2Playa432, Jan 25, 2007.

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    Thanx for the update Saurakk. I figured it was auto updated but since they left the fabled Diabolist Skull Masque alone I was hoping that maybe they might be leaving the fabled drops alone due to how hard they are to get. Oh well, cross that one off the list then.
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    I dont think we can. I would like the option myself, but I think that is the one necro class hat we won't get the option to change.
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    I have to say at first i want too keen but its growing on me. It is very unique and the old SK type always looked slightly odd without plate vanguard style shoulders as it was probably designed for.
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    Which hats beside the hoo'loh give the necro proffesion hat graphics? would love to get one havnt had a chance to do hool'oh tho =/
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    Cap of the plaguebringer from Vaults and the relic hat.
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    To me, it looks like Shao'Kahn from Mortal Kombat 1. Ive decided that I will choose to like it. Even if it's not what I normally would have picked, it is at the very least unique, and insanely evil.
    Edit: Oh my. Ive just had a chance to read some of the replies. There's an awful lot of hate here. When I first saw my new hat (got autochanged), I was like [I cannot control my vocabulary]. But the truth is that I like it. My armor is all black and white, so that combined with this hat and a nightmare make for so great RP opportunity. All around, it's growing on me quickly. And I definitely like it a lot better than that fakish looking SK hat we used to have. I imagine I'll be in the minority on that because I was always bashing the SK hat while most necros said how perfect it was for the necro motif. Well I think this one is even more so. In truth guys, necromancy is extremely cool in this game, and we gets lots of love. There's not a lot of room to complain.

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    The Vaults hat in action

    the only thing obvious i'd like to change is the middle buck tooth on it, it looks less evil and more goofy.
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    Sweet =) what type/name of armor is that?
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    after some getting used to i have decided i like it, it could be alot worse.
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    [p]Ya gotta admit.. it looks pretty great coupled with mist form! [/p][p]Also, the swirling mist looks awesome behind the "empty" eye sockets:thumbup:[/p][p][IMG][/p]
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    I don't see this mentioned in this post anywhere, but if I were to do the class hat quest now will I get the new ugly one or the old one that I really liked? (took me forever to get to this level, would like the old look)