[Updated] The NECROMANCER hat is in!

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-EQ2Playa432, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-MadLordOfMilk Guest

    So they cut off the sides of the SK hat and smashed a squid into it? @#$%.... it took an expansion and a half to make that crap? You'd think it would at least look good for being this late...
  2. ARCHIVED-shadowscale Guest

    im dreading how that will look on my iksar, but will probably ajust to it like everything else so far.
  3. ARCHIVED-LyricDawnhagen Guest

    It will be interesting to see what this will look like on a Ratonga.
  4. ARCHIVED-TicklesEQ Guest

    I don't know what the fuss is. IMO, new hat > SK hat :D Definitely evil looking :D
  5. ARCHIVED-Estean1 Guest

    I don't see what the fuss is personally.. Everyone in the forums is soo doom and gloom..
    - When necros get nerfed - and we have alot and I'm sure we will in the future.. I don't like it- and even though I'm not proud of it I side with the doom and gloom and hate the positive posters that says.. yes nerfing is cool! we deserved it! but this hat is not the case.
    - I don't think this hat is too ugly.. personally I will upgrade it but even if I hated it the one we have is one of the best looking in the game - don't change.
    - feel glad you don't have the potato sack head of enchanters, or the burger king hat inquisitors have to wear.. I personally
    - will wear this hat with pride because its something only a necro can wear.

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  6. ARCHIVED-MadLordOfMilk Guest

    You don't see what the fuss is? :smileyindifferent:

    Those are my issues with it. It doesn't even look like one thing, it looks like random parts were jammed together from three different beasts. Oh, and it hardly fits the rest of our armor (cloth w/a hard-**** skull on your head?). Looks sorta like the artist pushed a bit too much for something out of hell.
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  7. ARCHIVED-cspinner Guest


    same this looks cool and also looks kind of star trekish though hmm...
  8. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    Because most folks nowadays will find something wrong with anything just to complain about it, because they have nothing better to do. The new necro hat is so-so, bit out of place when compared to the rest of our armor, but for everyone crying about sharing a helm with SK's this is the answer you get for it...deal with it or leave.
  9. ARCHIVED-Thakar Guest

    Are we going to be able to change over all Necro hats to that graphic? Such as Diabolist Skull Masque?
  10. ARCHIVED-Sonic X Guest

    You wouldn't be happy with anything and omg write actual text over the image :p

    Now that the devs have said that this is the necro one im interested in a better angle on the warlock one because its supposed to be "H.R. Geiger"-ish.
  11. ARCHIVED-Uanelven Guest

    lol It's just a hat! :smileyvery-happy:
  12. ARCHIVED-Kiris Guest

    Same, from what they said the Black hat has some neat affect. I think our hat looks like a turkey thats been burnt and stuck on our head.

    /shrug oh well Ill just keep the SK one, that one looks decent, not like a dead chicken.
  13. ARCHIVED-MadLordOfMilk Guest

    1. I formatted my HD so I didn't have Photoshop readily available, and Paint just creates a white box behind the text
    2. I like most of the other hats... this one just has little that's GOOD about it. I mean, for one, the parts are randomly thrown together. There are black fin-looking spikes that jut out of the top for no apparent reason, the horns look like tentacles because of the texture, and all of this is randomly put on top of a skull that for some reason has one tooth twice as long as the other, on top of a random swirling texture on the side... it looks thrown-together, esp. considering I was able to find a flaw with almost every single part of the helmet (why is it STILL a helm!?). I don't want some half-***** class helm for the rest of EQ2's life :smileymad:
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  14. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    I think it falls in line with the rest of the game really...half-*****.....but still not worth complaining over, at least it's "original" :smileyvery-happy:
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  15. ARCHIVED-Shailas Guest

    I wont be wearing it. I'd prefer the warlock hat as well.
  16. ARCHIVED-jwesley565 Guest

    I do admit that it will need some getting used to, but yes it is original and we all know SOE is not going to change it so might as well just live with it. Just remember we are still better off than some other classes and their hat's.
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  17. ARCHIVED-Nemissis Guest

    eh its not to bad.... differnt then i thought.... but not to bad.
    Bah that was weird it posted twice lol
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  18. ARCHIVED-Nemissis Guest

    eh its not to bad.... different then i thought.... but not to bad. Wounder what that will look like on an iksar..................
  19. ARCHIVED-Tokamak Guest

    I feel that /showhood is more in keeping with an evil mage, and for sure it looks better. I would have liked our class hat to reflect this in its design, but I will remain an asbo hoodie wearing delinquent when this change goes live.
  20. ARCHIVED-Teksun Guest

    As a new Necro and an old Ranger, I think that hat is GREAT!!! Definately better than the Ranger scarf :(