[Updated] The NECROMANCER hat is in!

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-EQ2Playa432, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-EQ2Playa432 Guest


    Blame SOE for mixing it up with the Warlock. :smileytongue:
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  2. ARCHIVED-Magik01 Guest

    ..................................... :smileyindifferent:
  3. ARCHIVED-EQ2Playa432 Guest

    Looks like a warlock hat to me actually.
  4. ARCHIVED-Sonic X Guest

    Looks like a piece of crap tbh. I'll keep the old one. LAME.

    EDIT: if its that purple one other one is okay but no one should get the purple piece of crap.
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  5. ARCHIVED-Magik01 Guest

    *sighs with relief* you scared me there with that first warlock hat pick :smileysurprised: I really like this hat a lot, nice and wicked. Now if only it would show my characters hair so I actually look like a female...
  6. ARCHIVED-mcavellero Guest

    Ok my level 59 Necro is gonna hit 67 real soon lol! Wow very wicked...better than the sk hat imo... muhahahah
  7. ARCHIVED-Boran Guest

    According to the image info the helm with the horns is for warlocks and the purple thng is for necromancers.

    Both look awful and will probably look even worse on a Ratonga.
  8. ARCHIVED-Zhaal Guest

    Personally I think all the new hats look hideous.. i'll be sticking with my sk hat for my necro and the dead bear hat for my fury.. when i get them that high that is..
  9. ARCHIVED-Jalek Guest

    Ours is the big horned thing? Thats not what the report thing grimwell posted said.

    Id rather have the black thing.
  10. ARCHIVED-stgninja Guest

    I do not like the octopus hat.
  11. ARCHIVED-Andromax1 Guest

    Lol looks like Wurmskull from diablo 2.
  12. ARCHIVED-LazyPurple Guest

  13. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    I know they said you can turn in your Hooloh Hat or the Relic Hat for the new graphic, but what about the Diabolist Skull Mask or the other dropped helm?
  14. ARCHIVED-skirge66 Guest

    Think I'm going to be sick! first I waited so long to finally lose the [I cannot control my vocabulary] robe, and they put us back in robes...now this?...um...yeah...This has got to be the ugliest piece of crap hat I've seen. I'd tell em to cram it up their kiester, but some how I doubt it would fit with the 4 foot wingspan. *sigh*
  15. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    The horned one in this thread is the necro hat. You can tell because the necro in the pic has the relic BP on.
  16. ARCHIVED-LiquidFlex Guest

    Ok... that hat is just... I just....
    'what the hell batman!'

    That is just sick. Friggin' [I cannot control my vocabulary] looking... I'd go as far as saying FUGLY!
    Looks like the SK hat will remain on my necy for eternity now. It's just completely [I cannot control my vocabulary] looking, and in no way shape or form looks like it belongs on a necro's head.
    Sick... disgusting... nasty... tasteless...

    good grief.
  17. ARCHIVED-ammonite Guest

    I'm confused is that deffo the necro hat?

    I'd prefer this one

    [IMG] <--- http://eq2players.station.sony.com/images/en/features/GU31/necromancertn_.jpg

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  18. ARCHIVED-Zarafein Guest

    It is easier to name the screenshot wrong than putting a necromancer relic armor on a warlock imo
  19. ARCHIVED-Articulas Guest

    So they are turning us into Klingons?

    "Perhaps today is a good day to die!"
  20. ARCHIVED-Doral Guest