[Updated] The NECROMANCER hat is in!

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-EQ2Playa432, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-MadLordOfMilk Guest

    "It's not bad, it's different"... :smileyindifferent: That's hardly a valid argument IMO. The SK helm was GOOD and different, the monk helms were GOOD and different (though they were on dof monks), the swashy helm is GOOD and different... need I go on?
  2. ARCHIVED-skirge66 Guest

    Just a thought. How about getting the art team that designed the class armor, in the same room with the team that designs the class helms to compame notes? It's painfully obvious the 2 groups don't comunicate with each other or we would have something truely unique, armor and helms that ...i don't know....actually go together
  3. ARCHIVED-ikfa Guest

    I think SOE needs to hire some 10th grade high school Art student to do their artwork,
    it would sure look more imaginative and probably creative.

    The problem is, the artists have gotten away from pen and pencil drawings and
    are creating these things from scratch on the computer. This entire process
    creates exactly what we see: Sharp edges and lack of any shading.

    I will be keeping 'hide hood or helm' enabled and remain in my lame pants wearing skeleton form.
  4. ARCHIVED-DarkZeonic Guest

    As of jan 31st update it states the necromancer hat is now in game! Im looking forward to seeing it at a better angle, sacrificing my hoo loo hat for the graphic and keeping the diabolic skull mask the way it is if it truly sucks from all angles lol.

    Jahvert 70 necromancer- AB server
  5. ARCHIVED-Link2199 Guest

    I am just so gorram happy that they havent screwed up the High-end Necro hats...and that its "so far" optional to change the relic/hooloo, I sware I would have to /showhelm it off if they forced it on my really sweet looking black/red Skull helm (forget the name but you tougher necro's know of what I speak the one with 30 to int and good resists :) )
    But then what can you expect when sony take 6 months of hassle to get it done, they just mesh together some deleted quest mob from the sea with the hat graphic and send it out as a message "you annoy us for months? we will pi$$ you off for good!!!"
    Begs the question, why are Necros always the ones who get the crap modifications?
  6. ARCHIVED-DarkZeonic Guest

    wow i just got in game and got this helm from hooloo.... i must say it looks gay as hell. On my character it looks like the bastard child of barney the dinosaur and tarinax, with some tentacles on the side for extra gayness woot! Good thing I have the diabolisk skull mask instead.
  7. ARCHIVED-shadowscale Guest

    this looks horrable on iksar, its flat. yes flat. dont have any back up helms so i guess i go helmless now. sigh
  8. ARCHIVED-musicalie Guest

    You know i didnt like the picture i saw but when i got in game to actually look at the hat i like it picture really doesnt do it justice. Not to mention the new relic vs hoolah looks different as far as color for now is what i can tell i dunno b/c i sold that long ago. But overall i like the hat i didnt at first but its cool now. The new relic i speak of is the EOF relic hat. Which was changed in the update not the relic hat you needed gems in order to get the item.
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  9. ARCHIVED-Princess Ivy Guest

    It's not too terribly bad, despite being a little... fishy. I just wonder if there will be a slight difference between the male and female versions, like the old hats are. I'd like that, maybe. I don't wear my Hooloh hat as it is - just for backup gear - and the relic is a flaming waste of time, space, and a good bag slot. Therefore I'll probably change my H. hat for curiosity's sake. =)
  10. ARCHIVED-LazyPurple Guest

    I turned my relic one in...it's Okay - odd thing I had the Legendary Plague Bringer with me and it auto changed it as well. I only hailed him once and poof they both changed. It did not change the fabled hat that drops in Labs though /whew
  11. ARCHIVED-Gargamel Guest

    ARRGGGGHHHH my legndary drop version (cap of the plague bringer) was auto changed, and I never talked to HooLoh at all!!!

    Can I petition this, or is a bug, or just the finger from SoE?
  12. ARCHIVED-Leelee Guest

    My poor necro looks like someone killed a goat and shoved it onto her head....

    I was hoping it was the purple beetle butt helm so it would match her outfit....sadly no, its the Goat helm of suck...

    Why couldnt we of gotten like a band of skulls....like the Fury version only with little skulls with like candles in them...very Brell-ish.....hell ANYTHING but a dead freaking GOAT on my head!
  13. ARCHIVED-shadowscale Guest

    one improvment that could be made for iksar is for the center ridge to be elevated so its not so....flat and widen the eye slots so they arnt so squinty. thats my main complant so far is its waaayyy to flat on an iksar and makes it look like a crab on our head.

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  14. ARCHIVED-evhallion Guest

    Here is a breakdown of the class hats and what happened with them:
    KoS Class Hats
    Hoo'Loh's Necromantic Hat - Legendary Questable - Optional Trade in at Hoo'Loh - Yellow Color
    Cap of the Plague Bringer - Legendary Drop (Vaults) - auto changed to new design - Purple Color
    Deathcaster Cap - Fabled Relic (Labs - Lyceum) Optional Trade in at Sol Eye forge - Black Color
    Diabolist Skull Masque - Fabled Drop (Labs) - Unchanged - Red Color
    EoF Class Hats
    Cap of Spirit Siphoning - Fabled Drop - auto changed to new design
    Najena's Voidcaller Hood: Legendary Drop (Unrest?) - (not ingame yet)
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  15. ARCHIVED-stgninja Guest

    Mine was autochanged :smileymad:

    Anyway here are the back and side views of the helm:


  16. ARCHIVED-Boran Guest

  17. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    Patch notes said these were changed to the new look.
  18. ARCHIVED-Sosumya Guest

    The new cap on a froglok makes it look like a honda civic drifted into the sea...... and nailed a squid........ with buck teeth.
  19. ARCHIVED-Gargamel Guest

    Well I hate it.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm for the new content and development, I'm just pissed some people were allowed to have a choice in switching, and others (unfortunate?) enough to have the harder-to-get drop versions get screwed, for the lame reason (guessing) that there wan't an NPC in game to talk to give the option and nothing more.
  20. ARCHIVED-jwesley565 Guest

    If anyone figures out haw to change the Diabolist Skull Masque please post, I would like to know despite the reactions......


    70 Necromancer (Venekor)

    Transcendent Order
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