Underpowered class?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Vorgier, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-hellfire Guest

    Arkinon wrote:
    What if everyone discounts what he said....because for the most part everything he said was wrong.
    Id like to think that he is the problem and not in the ball park of being part of the solution.
  2. ARCHIVED-Xil Guest

    Bigron@Unrest wrote:
    You'd also like to think that plane shift added to every availible spell mod in the game at the highest level of progression isn't exagerating the effectiveness of a specific effect either.
    You even went as far as to send the item dev a PM about how the robe was broken in order to get it fixed as soon as possible so that you could win an argument on the internet. And you used the robe too. That just blows my mind how someone could be that incredibley dense.
    You may well try to convince yourself daily that somehow you are helping, but the plain and simple fact of the matter is you have nothing to bring to the table but an overwhelming desire to win arguments on the internet. Regardless of how accurate you are about the information you present as "fact". And that my friend is absolutley worthless.
  3. ARCHIVED-hellfire Guest

    Xil wrote:
    Wow man just let i go ......your getting beyound childish now....the robe is fixed...go play the game now with out broken items helping you along.
  4. ARCHIVED-Darkevileyes Guest

    Wake up ! SOE never want alive summoner .
    And already put necro to trash can .
    In raid is not dps !!
    Cant fast solo instant .
    Out side name all degrade to 1 arrow .
    Is it "Underpowered class"?
    No! is useless class !

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