Underdepths: Dozekar the Cursed is Rediculous...

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    Kryvak@Everfrost wrote:
    In addition to the post before yours, combined with this hence the statement I made...
    "If you are doing it right..."
    Talathion I know you get a lot of flack but I am really not trying to give you any here, this fight is simply nowhere near the level of difficulty you are making it out to be.
  2. ARCHIVED-UnseenTC Guest

    Lempo@Everfrost wrote:
    Yeah, I've never had too many problems running this fight with PuGs, except for how mind-numbingly long it takes, and I usually need to explain what the person doing the golem is supposed to do each time I run it.
  3. ARCHIVED-FarinIX Guest

    Tanked the adds 3 times now FTW.. never had a problem with aggro, never had a problem with wipes. I don't raid, i just got the best gear i could from instances and contested before trying UD. Now upgrading with faction armor, it gets easier. As more and more folks run through the content, this encounter will get easier and easier. Just be patient.
  4. ARCHIVED-Orest_X Guest

    I think it is a fair fight, not too hard but just way too long. Overall I like the Zone.

    I did him several times with my main, healer, but not yet with my SK Tank. Just curious, any tipps for SK how to get the adds ? Just stand in front of the group and taunt adds as fast as possible, so far so good.

    But it seems they spawn from different directions. Any pattern to where they spawn, so I know where to look/head first ? If you miss it as a tank, it will most likely result in a wipe....thats why I am grateful for any tanking tipps regarding these adds.

  5. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    The only problem with the zone, is I could run all 3 of the other zones faster then I can Underdepths.
  6. ARCHIVED-ratbast Guest

    the key is to lay in wait in level chat. let casual groups spend hours doing the whole zone, then crumble on dozekar and try to reform. then you swoop in and help them get their update. you dont get any of the alt loot throughout the zone, but you get a dozekar head for 20 minutes of pug work. gonna be casual players working this questline for months, that mount is sweet.
  7. ARCHIVED-Wurm Guest

    ratbast wrote:
    Where the heck where you earlier tonight? :p
    I think the last fight is too hard for anyone not in raid gear but thats just me I guess.
  8. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    Wurm wrote:
    There are good tips in thist thread Wurm, let me stress that. THERE ARE GOOD TIPS in this thread
    Also it isn't just you, SOE shares a lot of the blame in that, not because the fight is that difficult at all, but because the "it takes raid gear" mindset is just allowed to continue to propogate. People have learned that they can claim this for long enough and not really put forth any (or minimal) effort -OR- continue with 'tunnel vision' attempts because they know in time SOE is going to make it easier.
    Honestly if you can get to this mob you can KILL this mob, it is not the most difficult fight of the zone.
  9. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    Talathion@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    The other 3 zones do not drop a fantastic statted mount, which btw is a greater reward than the difficulty of the zone, but at least it didn't turn Tormax HM mount into a plushie.
  10. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    The droprate on that mount must be like... 0.2%.

    Honestly, if the mount drops everyone in the group should get it, not just one person, should be some kind of crate.

    Or a reward for doing the entire zone in 30 minutes.
  11. ARCHIVED-Mohee Guest

    The only problem I've ran into with this fight, is that sometimes when the adds spawn, they fly at warp speed (usually directly to the healer) and 1 shots them before the tank can even get a chance to snap them off the group.
    Anyone else have this problem?
    Mobs spawn, and move about 100x faster than mobs are supposed to, straight to the healer.
  12. ARCHIVED-Wurm Guest

    Good tips in this thread... OK.
    Let me list out how this fight went the first time I tried to tank it (using tips gained here in this thread). Health listed below to give people an idea what gear we had since crit mit went away its a good way to estimate gear level.
    1) Paladin 92/320 - EM/HM DOV1 Gear plus new gear from Skyshrine >49k health self buffed (Fully Mastered and Adorned)
    2) Fury 92/??? > 42k health self-buffed
    3) Warlock 92/??? (Golem try 2) > 42k health self-buffed
    4 Coercer Ranger 92/??? (Golem try 1) > 42k health self buffed (the Coercer left after a wipe on the fire ring Droag, forget the mob's name).
    5) Assassin 92/??? > 42k health self-buffed
    6) Inq > 92/??? > 42k health you get the point...
    Try one: Ranger/Golem trys to get wedged in Position 1 gets knocked off by wing buffet. Pops up in the back Dragon AOEs whole group running past. We pick ourselves up keep fighting Ranger/Golem can't get wedged... happens again.
    We reset.
    Try two: Warlock says he knows the fight and has been the Golem more than once in the past, he gets the job.
    Golem gets wedged first try, rest of group loosely groups up at position 2 (the dragon skull on the ground).
    Adds spawn oneshot Inq then me (with 35% damage reduction from prestige and all my wards and deathsave up, one sec I'm standing next sec I'm down) when the Fury pics him up. Adds fly to help the Dragon beat on the Golem Next group of Adds spawn I have rez-sick, deathsave down I hit the floor again but at least they didn't one-shot the healer this time, Adds go join the other group beating on the Golem... and up and down and up and up and down so many time my gear is broke and I have to pop a bot in the middle of the fight. Meanwhile the adds are all over the Golem, we have the Dragon down to 38% but know its hopeless. We continue to fight until the inevitable happens and we wipe.
    We decide to say screw it disband and leave, I'm so mad at this point I have to get up from the keyboard and take a walk. Nothing gives a Tank a bad rep faster than BS like this.
    I grab a beer out of the fridge and jump into my raid alliance chat and ask if anyone wants to try to beat Dozekar in UD, the SK lols and says, "Which instance yours or mine?" We talk and he relates an almost exact same scenario as I just wrote.
    I decide the heck with it and go to bed.
    As my German friends like to say... "spass ist was anderes"
  13. ARCHIVED-Wurm Guest

    Mohee wrote:
    Yes I've seen this happen... :)
  14. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    Well the only thing of concern is all the unknown AA's, it is hard to even give a possible cause but that could be it.
    The warlock really needs a troub or an illy or you need to get a diff toon for him. tank must grab the adds immediately, there is time, keep more than 1 set of eyes out for them. Hopefully everyone is at least listening in voice chat.
    Your pull spot/positioning doesn't look bad.
    The adds gotta go down quick.
    Having the warlock in the suit controlling the golem is very very bad, even without his buffs he should be on the adds if that is the best setup you can get.

    *** Edit ***
    Render distance can be an issue, if you have it set too low or the max # of close/far mobs to render is too low then you will lose precious time on the adds, and the healer suffers.
  15. ARCHIVED-Wurm Guest

    Lempo@Everfrost wrote:
    With very good reason. Other than the twitch hip-shooter 1 - 2% running Drunder in Ry'gorr its true.
  16. ARCHIVED-Wurm Guest

    Lempo@Everfrost wrote:
    It was a pug, bro. Beggers can't be choosers I'm hoping the guild has some time for this fight between raids so we can stack the deck a bit.
    Edit: Well considering everyone was level 92 everyone had at least 280 AA and I'm thinking more. I would have loved to have left the Ranger in the Golem suit for the Warlock's DPS, but like I said he was having positioning problems.
    I run Extreme Quality Settings, only graphic issue I was having was the ring of fire mob, I thought I was out of the ring, me laying face down on the floor showed me I wasn't. I compensated by running further out though so it worked.
  17. ARCHIVED-Wurm Guest

    So I agree with Tala on two things otherwise I think the fight is doable.
    1) The adds hit too hard and need to be toned down a bit. ^^ instead of ^^^ would probably be OK. The warp to the healer thing needs to be looked at as well.
    2) The Dragon needs slightly less health or the Golem needs slighty more DPS. 20 min + fights are not fun. Getting cramps in your fingers is a good sign a mob has too many hit-points.
  18. ARCHIVED-Kenpachii Guest

    The fight doesnt need to be changed.

    I have done the fight where the golem didnt even wedge himself and just kept getting knocked around while the rest of us stood in the corner killing the adds and just running in to dps between adds.
    The only thing you need to do is pickup the adds and kill them, and the fight is over.
    Changing this fight to be easier, with less hitpoints/dps on the dragon or the adds would just be silly and make the fight and the zone just too easy. Whats the point of that?
    If its too hard, or taking too long then run the other 3 instances till you get enough gear so its not so hard or doesnt take so long.
  19. ARCHIVED-Wurm Guest

    Kenpachii wrote:
    Have enough gear. Making a fight drag out by inflated hit-points is even sillier. Adds one shotting a fully buffed / warded tank with a death prevent up and > 55k Health = they hit too hard.
    And the gear in the zone sucks, lets be honest, its not that good for the people who can do the zone. For people still wearing WL gear its fabulous, they however aren't the people in this zone now are they?
    I thought progression for Skyshrine was EM SS ---> UD ---> HM SS / UD Challenge (BTW we did do UD Challenge in the run I posted, by throwing the potions the whole zone up to the fire ring guy with no problems, and the gear drops were meh).
    EDIT: The only reason people are doing this zone is the mount and the dragon head, they certainly aren't doing it to have "fun".
  20. ARCHIVED-arthemis1er Guest

    If your group can burn thru the 1st set of adds and still burn Dozekar a little after that it means that the fight is won.
    Either Dozekar has too much HP or the Sentinel do not hit hard enough.
    Ran this yesterday with a group and made it on the 3rd trial (1st one bad positioning and people were not focused, 2nd one a DPS went AFK)
    Overall this is a tedious fight as as i mentionned on the first line : if you can burn thru the 1st set without trouble, the fight is over. It is just looooong for no real reason but gives an epic feeling (which it has)

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