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    The BlackHand needs you!

    Updated 20/02/15



    The BlackHand (TBH) is once again opening its doors for new blood, new blood with the desire to raid. We are currently adding to our forces to progress on the AoM raids.
    We would like you to be part of this.

    Raid Times and Raid Information

    TBH currently raids twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) and these all start from 1930 UTC.
    For raiding (and general purpose grouping, etc), we use the TeamSpeak 3 voice program and have our own server.
    While raiding, you will gain DKP for attending and then one additional point for every additional hour spent on a raid. These can then be spent using our auction system, Master 1 donation system or our in-game raid auction: with all three being integrated with our community website, along with a full list on how they work.

    Current Progress

    In AoM we have the following clear:

    Zavith'Loa: The Molten Pools - 1/4
    Castle Highhold: No Quarter - 1/3

    We are missing the below regular raiding classes to push further and that is where you come in.

    What we Seek

    We are seeking active players - those willing to raid with us whenever we announce a raid. We require members who want to help lay the table, not just eat there. We want members who can contribute to the guild moving forward and hitting the highest goals. We want players who can be seamlessly integrated into the TBH community. I.e. those who will join in on guild chat, who will quest with and who will group with our members for instances and for general help, whilst being able to raid professionally when we raid.

    Ideally we would like the following for AoM progress:

    High Priority
    1 x Monk
    1 x Brigand
    1 x Illusionist
    1 x Warden

    Medium Priority
    1 x Ranger
    1 x Shadowknight
    1 x Swashbuckler
    1 x Templar

    Low Priority
    1 x Bruiser


    In order to raid in the AoM expansion, new applicants should to be level 100. Armour and Equipment should be mostly current expansion quality whilst spells and combat arts need to be Master quality at this stage of the game. Resists are required to be 120k un-buffed at the bare minimum, with the ability to improve on a certain resist when required. 350 achievement points minimum are also expected, as is having gotten you mythical buff. Crit Chance should be~ 900 % for most of our raids. All gear should be adorned, with white adorns expected to be of greater quality or better.
    Experience is a plus, but we will happily take on those with little experience so long as they have the desire to succeed and to help push the guild along. Finally, we do not want any passengers or slackers and would appreciate it if you could attend the majority of our raids if you are applying to raid with us.

    About us

    TBH was created in 1999 on the Sarym server of EverQuest 1. Since then we have expanded into many games, imposing ourselves on the game and sometimes even the history of the game itself. Currently, we have active branches in only EverQuest 2 but we have also dabbled in other games with Age of Conan, Aion, Ascheron's Call, Darkfall Online, Dawn of War, Enemy Territory, Eve Online, Hellgate: London, Lord of the Rings Online, Mortal Online, Rift: Planes of Terra, Star Wars Galaxies, Vanguard, Warhammer Online, World of Warcraft and most notably Anarchy Online (to name but a few,) having had our members proudly bear the TBH tag.

    Games (and guilds) come and go, but the one thing we pride ourselves on creating is the TBH community, where all members of these games can interact and get to know one another through our website and our TeamSpeak 3 server which members use daily and through this, some have known each other for years. The main focus of the TBH community has always been friendship, camaraderie and integrity which we use to push the guild towards its goals and to compete at the highest levels. This is why we shall always prevail.

    In short, we are not a hardcore guild and we are not a guild that kicks people for a poor performance, rather we improve them and their performance for the benefit of the guild.

    We have a large following from Britain and the Scandinavian countries, but also have members from Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States all of whom have contributed in making this a great guild; most notably when all our members pooled their efforts together to achieve a server first of guild level 60 and 90.

    We are currently a level 100 guild and have a fully decorated T3 Guild Hall.

    Contacting us

    Should this appeal to you, you can post an application on our website Alternatively, you may contact our officers (the Core) by the guild recruitment tool or by sending an in game tell to Splitpaw.Andarielle, Splitpaw.Barthy, Splitpaw.Tetley or Splitpaw.Yuoria - they will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

    We hope to hear from you soon!
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  2. Jolemai Active Member

    21/11/12 - Original Post and Wishlist Updated

    Beastlord and Troubadour on trial. As we begin raiding in CoE we still require a few more classes to push us to the next level; i.e one Enchanter of each type, a Defiler and a new Tank from the list above. Feel free to get in touch should you need more info :)
  3. Jolemai Active Member

    27/11/12 - Original Post Updated!*

    * Or it would be if this forum allowed it!

    With raiding well and truly underway for TBH, we are still on the look out for a few more classes. Ideally a new Tank (Bruiser, Guardian or Paladin) for MT/OT duties and one Healer from each archetype would benefit us greatly. for Applications!
  4. Jolemai Active Member

    30/11/12 - Original Post Updated!

    Whilst still looking for a new Tank (any of the above mentioned is wanted), another Healer would be a much needed addition in the form of a Defiler, Cleric or Druid. PST for more information :)
  5. Jolemai Active Member

    04/12/12 - Original Post Updated!

    In addition to a new Tank we could also use a pair of Enchanters to enhance our raid force. PST for more information!
  6. Jolemai Active Member

    07/12/12 - Original Post Updated!

    Still after a new, regular raiding Tank of any variety. A Defiler wouldn't go amiss either :)
  7. Jolemai Active Member

    12/12/12 - Wishlist Updated!

    Fury, Paladin and Shadowknight on trial. With our Tank slots filled for now we could still do with a Defiler and a Cleric (of either type) to go with them. Feel free to get in touch should you be interested!
  8. Jolemai Active Member

    18/12/12 - Wishlist Updated!

    Currently after the following:

    High Priority
    1 x Coercer
    1 x Illusionist

    Medium Priority
    1 x Defiler
    1 x Templar
    1 x Warlock
    1 x Warden

    Low Priority
    1 x Dirge
    1 x Inquisitor
    1 x Mystic
    1 x Troubadour
    1 x Wizard

    and Gnomes.
  9. Jolemai Active Member

    21/12/12 - Wishlist Updated!

    Defiler and Inquisitor on trial. As we amass more kills in all three CoE zones and our strength returns by the day, we still find that we need a few more Members. If you're on the aforementioned list (or even if you aren't), get in touch to see what we can do for you.
  10. Jolemai Active Member

    08/01/12 - Wishlist Updated!

    Warlock and Monk on trial. Still looking for more regen and buffs as we look to push on in the new year. Drop me a PM should you wish to know more.
  11. Jolemai Active Member

    11/01/13 - Original Post Updated!

    Beastlord on trial. We still have space for another Bard, Enchanter, Templar or Warden for regular raiding purposes, and room for any number of non-raiders. Should you need to know more, don't hesitate to get in touch with any of the listed contacts on the OP.
  12. Jolemai Active Member

    22/01/13 - Original Post Updated!

    Still looking for more Bards, Enchanters and the odd Healer. Also our raid days have now changed to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Feel free to contact any of our Officers in game for more information.
  13. Jolemai Active Member

    29/01/13 - Kill list updated!

    As we progress further into the CoE expansion a few more classes are required. Whilst ideally you would be free to raid three times a week we understand that at times, real life can get in the way so even if you are only free for one raid a week then don't hesitate to talk to us, we may be the right Guild for you!
  14. Jolemai Active Member

    08/02/13 - Wishlist Updated!

    Now seeking a new Defiler at high priority. We also have room for another Swashbuckler. Feel free to contact me in game should you require more information.
  15. Jolemai Active Member

    12/02/13 - Killlist Updated!

    Two more bosses purged from Harrow's End shows that we are still moving forwards despite needing fresh faces for raiding. Currently after a Bards, Enchanters and even a few more Scout DPS. PST if interested.
  16. Jolemai Active Member

    15/02/13 - Original Post updated!

    Currently have an Assassin on trial, but we still require the following:

    High Priority
    1 x Coercer
    1 x Defiler
    1 x Illusionist

    Medium Priority
    1 x Dirge
    1 x Templar
    1 x Troubadour
    1 x Warden

    Low Priority
    1 x Swashbuckler

    Catch one of our Recruiters in game for a chat if interested :)
  17. Jolemai Active Member

    20/02/13 - Original Post Updated!

    Still after the aforementioned classes for casual raiding. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  18. Jolemai Active Member

    26/02/13 - Wishlist updated!

    Dirge and Conjuror currently on trial. Still looking for another a few other classes, PST if interested!
  19. Jolemai Active Member

    01/03/12 - Original Post Updated!

    Still after some new blood, especially Enchanters. Head to if interested.
  20. Jolemai Active Member

    13/03/13 - Wishlist Updated!

    Paladin and Warden on trial. A pair of Enchanters, Templar and Troubadour would be perfect while some DPS would also be excellent additions. PST if interested!