The BlackHand - Splitpaw

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Jolemai, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Jolemai Active Member

    02/07/13 - Wishlist Updated!

    Currently seeking a new Plate Tank and a Wizard. PST should you need anymore information :)
  2. Jolemai Active Member

    05/07/13 - Wishlist Updated!

    With summer fast approaching we have openings for more classes, with the original post edited to reflect that. Should you not see your class listed on there and what you read above does interest you, please submit an Application anyway; you're more than likely to get some raid time all the same :)
  3. Jolemai Active Member

    10/07/13 - Original Post Updated!

    Still after the aforementioned classes, especially the DPS listed. Feel free to contact me should you need anymore information.
  4. Jolemai Active Member

    16/07/13 - Original Post Updated!

    Bump for T1 DPS! With our primary targets being PoW, SGD and some CoE HMs, we need that little bit extra in the DPS department. PST should you wish to hear more :)
  5. Jolemai Active Member

    19/07/13 - Original Post Updated!

    Shadowknight, Mystic and Ranger on trial. We could still use either a Guardian or Paladin and a Wizard. For more information, PST!
  6. Jolemai Active Member

    23/07/13 - Wishlist Updated!

    Paladin on trial. Still after another Wizard to help us with our progression. PST if you wish to know more!
  7. Jolemai Active Member

    26/07/13 - Kill List and Wish List Updated!

    With The Fabled Pedestal of Sky clear and having an Assassin and Guardian on trial, our efforts have returned to obtaining results in PoW and SGD. Should you see your class above, feel free to ask me any questions about TBH should you be on the lookout for a Guild that does more than simply raid and log off.
  8. Jolemai Active Member

    30/07/13 - Original Post Updated!

    Bump for Wizard. We also have space for a few other classes to augment our raid force. Feel free to talk to one of the contacts listed above for more information.
  9. Jolemai Active Member

    06/08/13 - Wishlist Updated!

    Warlock and Wizard now on trial. Still after one or two other classes to round off our raid force so if you're after a casual raid guild then feel free to apply!
  10. Jolemai Active Member

    09/08/13 - Original Post Updated!

    Ranger on trial. Still looking for the aforementioned classes to fine tune our raid force. PST if interested :)
  11. Jolemai Active Member

    15/08/13 - Kill list and wish list updated!

    Defiler on trial. We are now also interested in a new Dirge following our campaign-opening kill of Tunare inside Arena of the Gods. Pst for more information =)
  12. Jolemai Active Member

    21/08/13 - Original post updated!

    We still have room for another Dirge, Swashbuckler, Troubadour and Warden. Feel free to contact any of the Officers lists above for more information.
  13. Jolemai Active Member

    06/09/13 - Kill list updated!

    Fresh from our first challenge mode kill this expansion, we still require an additional Dirge and have space for another Swashbuckler, Troubadour and Warden to help us push on further. PST should you need anymore information.
  14. Jolemai Active Member

    11/09/13 - Original post updated!

    Still after the aforementioned classes and those with a desire to raid. Feel free to send me a PM should you need to know more :)
  15. Jolemai Active Member

    18/09/13 - Wishlist updated!

    Now seeking a new Illusionist with good attendance. We also have room for a new Wizard. PST should you have any questions!
  16. Jolemai Active Member

    24/09/13 - Wishlist Updated!

    In addition, we are now seeking a new tank be it Brawler or Guardian. Feel free to catch me (Andarielle) online if you have any questions.
  17. Jolemai Active Member

    04/10/13 - Original Post Updated!

    Still looking for the aforementioned classes as we look to strengthen for ToV. Applications can be made at should you be interested.
  18. Jolemai Active Member

    10/10/13 - Wishlist updated!

    Guardian on trial. Still looking for the following regular raiding classes: Illusionist, Warden, Wizard and any number of non-raiders to boost our community. PST should you wish to know more.
  19. Jolemai Active Member

    29/10/13 - Wishlist Updated!

    Dirge on trial. Still looking for a few more classes as we look to grow before ToV hits. PST for more information!
  20. Jolemai Active Member

    01/11/13 - Wishlist updated!

    Paladin on trial. Still have room for some more Mage DPS and some Enchanters. Looking forward to working with you!