Shadows of the Betrayed

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  1. ARCHIVED-Caoilfhionn Guest

    Mulethree wrote:
    I am having exactly the same issue. Seems that if you didn't raise kerra ts faction before trying to speak to Natasha about the signature quest, you can't advance either questline with Natasha.
  2. ARCHIVED-MrCartoon69 Guest

    I had exactly the same issue with both quests, i sent in a petition but didn't get a response yet. I finished this quest on 2 scholars before that didn't have any kerra faction at all, so it seems she is just bugged atm.
  3. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

    I suspect they never intended for us to be able to branch off and get to Q without Kerra and Humain, (Most of mine did it all, but one skipped it, though she intends to go back) and mebbe something they tweaked just now kicked in. I imagine one could delete SofB and finish off the questline, though it would require waiting 4 mroe days (an in the case of my daughter I don't know to tell her if she jsut needs to do Kerra AND pandas or just get through Kerra. Not much of a crafter that girl, but she WANTS THAT SCROLL..tehehehee)
  4. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Indeed, you were not supposed to skip the Kerra quests entirely and it was assumed that you would have already completed the base line kerra quests by the time you got the Quel'ule ones. A hotfix last week fixed it so that is now enforced - if you haven't finished the kerra quests yet then Natasha will tell you to before she helps you. However, since that change went in, it seems that if you ALREADY got the signature quest and is on the step to talk to Natasha, she is not updating either quest correctly.
    I will get this fixed up as soon as possible, however it will likely take at least a couple of days to change and test and patch in. If you can't wait, it would also work to delete the "Shadows of the Betrayed" quest, finish Natasha's last quest, and then re-examine the relic and start "Shadows of the Betrayed" again. The next time the void crafting instance is up this week should be Tuesday, and I can't guarantee the fix would be possible by then, so that is an option for the impatient.
  5. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

    It gets wonky cause the Farseas Woman directs you to Kerra. But the Paineel person directs you to Que'le with some reports. So, it splits off from one questline to two at about the same time. If the Paineel person didn't offer her quest until after Kerra and Humaine were done, it would make it more linear I suppose, but then someone might miss the Que'le part as they wouldn't know to go back for it ;) Ah, the headaches ; I enjoyed the time away from the crafting tables so many of my schoalrs did Kerra and Humaine on their own, though my jewler was lazy and didn't ;) She promsies she will though!!!
  6. ARCHIVED-Kinvore Guest

    Domino, what is the effect "1 Tradeskill XP Gain" from the final reward supposed to do? I notice it overwrites my xp potions when I equip it and may even remove tradeskill vitality. A combine that I've made before gives .2% xp when equipping the item, I remove it and use potions and I'm up to .5% per combine. I've bugged this as well, just wanted to bring this to your attention.

    This is while using Illisia's Alchemy Flask.
  7. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    It's a 1% bonus. It will show wherever you might find any exp bonuses in effect. I don't recall where this is on the default ui, but on profit it shows when you mouseover near your status total.
  8. ARCHIVED-Transen Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    I'm assuming it doesn't adhere to Daylight Savings since it's after midnight pacific standard time and the clockwork quest is still being offered.
  9. ARCHIVED-Zaldor Guest

    Transen wrote:
    That would probably be correct since the daily TS quests in SF went from a 2:00 central reset time to 3:00.
  10. ARCHIVED-Kinvore Guest

    Deveryn wrote:
    Then it's definitely broke as it overwrites xp potions and quite possibly tradeskill vitality. Don't use this item if you're crafting to level.
  11. ARCHIVED-Whilhelmina Guest

    I equiped the item, launched a potion, removed the item, put it back on and saw 56% instead of 55% so I think it's only a display bug.
  12. ARCHIVED-Sorvani Guest

    Pouncer@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Don't use it if you are crafting to level any way. I mean by level 85 have you not already gotten a Mixing Spoon or Rolling Pin? Those items provide +10% to Success chance AND +3% Tradeskill XP.
    Note: if you don't have one because you never did the Ship Out quest, you don't have to do that anymore to do the Mara daily quests.
    The effects on the signature weapons are a joke. The evac is nice, but it is supposed to be a SIGNATURE item, and we can not use it until level 85. What is the point of +1% XP gain at that level? At least give it a success chance to match the Mara gear. Then I will keep it equipped while I am crafting. Because of that, I only wear it when traveling, simply for the show value, because it is useless while crafting.
  13. ARCHIVED-Briallen Guest

    I see this mentioned yet no resolution. Found an odd bug in Palace TS instance. I completed this part on 4 toons already today but on one toon, I only get one book icon and thats from the injured one. I have deleted the portal repairs quest a few times rezoned in, reset timers, then deleted the whole shadows of betrayed quest and started over and on this one toon, the option for a book and to 'ask him a question' never appears. I did petition this as well.
    Had no problem with other toons today its very odd. (an no I didn't accept a quest from him that isn't even an option he doesnt' have a feather or book or nothing none of the times I have rezoned in)

  14. ARCHIVED-Tyrus Dracofire Guest

    i just finished it today, got weaponsmith's "forged sword"
  15. ARCHIVED-TuxDave Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Thanks for the notice. I just hit the same bug since I went straight to Quel'ule and didn't get my Kerra faction up until I hit this wall. I guess I'll just hold onto this quest until the fix is in.
  16. ARCHIVED-Qandor Guest

    Sorvani wrote:
    Ya, I kind of loled when I saw the 1%. Why bother really. If you were trying to level 10 levels that sucker could gain you a whole tenth of a level. Might save you a whole half dozen combines. whoopee. Big reward. Oh wait, only useable at 85? Might save you 3 combines in a persons rush to 90. Are they sure that 1% might not be a bit overpowered?
    I suppose the esacpe is useful provided you are a class that doesn't already have escape such as an SK. For SK's its a total zero. Never could quite understand giving classes built in perk to everyone but hey I guess everything is up for grabs nowadays.
  17. ARCHIVED-Transen Guest

    Simply put, it's an appearance item with perks. I like them.
    The crafting community has been asking for primary-slot crafting items that have a unique appearance based on that particular class. So we finally get them, and of course, someone still has to complain about it.
  18. ARCHIVED-Sorvani Guest

    Transen wrote:
    Then let me put it in my appearance primary slot, not my primary slot where I have the spoon for the success chance.
  19. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    Transen wrote:
    We have a right to complain, feedback is how things get improved! The evac is great for my mystic, the rest of my crafters all have some sort of their own, even if tinkered or totem. The item Looks cool/cute/whatever, but a Signature quest that is the big crafter finale for the expansion should have something more to it because as pointed out nearly everyone has the rolling pin or spoon which are 2h, so you can't even use these 1hers for appearnace items while you craft with the good ones!
  20. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Sorvani wrote:
    Umm.. you can. That's where my coercer's is with her enervated mythical in her primary slot. That's even where Rijacki's is with some wand in her primary.
    But... I think what you were trying to say is "let the evac work from the appearance slot" which would be incredibly handy.

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