Ranger AA build(s)

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    Cabler wrote:
    Yes. This is an adventure level issue. You can only spend more than 50 points after you reach a certain level. Starting at level 70 you can spend 70 points in the Predator tree and starting at level 81 you can spend 100 points. The same is true for the Ranger tree.
    If you want more detail on AA trees, check out eq2.zam.com and look for Alternate Advancement.
    The Heroic tree requires the Destiny of Velious expansion.
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    Updating for any Rangers who have no clue how to spec, or don't read flames.

    Ranger AA Spec
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    Someone wiped out the AA Calc display. No help there anymore.
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    Someone fixed the link and it works now. However, I feel like a homeless guy with 2 dollars being told how to dress myself with a million dollar budget. What should I do first? Please?
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    As a general rule, the most bang for your buck is the heroic line, so you want to start adding to that ASAP. I personally think fill out the far left trees in the ranger line, all the range CA improvements in the predator line and bloody reminder improvements, then max the shadows line (doing the min amount per section of the shadows until you get the end AA abilities, then go back and get the rest).