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    The argument could be made that conservation increases DPS based off the increase it gives to potions, and thus you get more RC or RDA out of whichever potion you happen to use, but the increase is pretty negligable nowadays, not like before they broke it so they could then nerf it. (admittadly it was bugged even when it was at 8%, apparently just not enough for them to justify fixing it)
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    I have respecced on the advice of rangers that DO raid...I am now dps specced.
    Full str line
    Full agi line
    Int line to the 2nd to last ability.
    Ranger tree, full left and right sides (doubleshot and conservation). Middle line 5/5/5/5 (dance, focus, killing, honed).
    Just started my shadow tree....I have 5-6 points in the lower area. 3 on my pet (I have marr as my god so my deity pet increases str/wis), 2 on food/drink increase (makes my food/drink last a lil longer), and 1-2 points in double harvest (i harvest a lot). Far as the rest of my shadow tree, once I get past the first 10 points in shadow I am going to be asking rangers for the best setup for dps.
    When I get around 150aa I am going to solo spec using the mirror. I have noticed since respeccing according to other rangers input. That I am now parsing 4-5k easy wearing full t1 shard armor, good legendary/fabled jewlery, and fabled ET. I have only adorned ET and my thuuga neckpiece (dps). The rest im not adoring till I get at least full t2, maybe some jewelry, not sure yet cause I dont know if my jewelry is going to be replaced soon or not. Maybe someone here could peep my character on eq2players and recommend some better jewelry? I am stuck on the Venril Sathir step of my mythical. I have 50 hours invested in this mob since last thursday, and a few more hours over the past 2-3 weeks since I've been on this step. He is a real pita, closest we have gotten him is 16-17% but tank kept getting knockbacked around this time and power drained because VS wasn't debuffed enough (thats what I am told causes this). Any suggestions?
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    when you say full left and right, hopefully you didn't put any points in repeating arrows as that is a total waste and you are better off putting them in your shadows tree already. and you really only need 3 points in dance to be able to get extensions and the rest of the focus line. Bang for your buck wise you are probably a lot better off pulling as many points as you can out of the ranger trees and still keeping the endlines and putting them in the shadows tab, there is a lot of very good stuff there.
    As for when you get to shadows, scout tree quick strike and either off stance or sinister strikes and then evasive maneuvers.
    predator tree cut arteries and critical mastery then noxious enfeeblement.
    ranger tree would say probably the 2 stealth attack upgrades or one of them and the arrow reclamation. Getting the endlines should be a high priority for you as the one is 10% base and critical damage to all ranged combat arts and the other is a decent AE attack (although the AE portion of it could stand to be upgraded a bit)
    After you have both ranger endlines then you can go back and put points in stuff like the stealthing attack and nature's focus or whatever.
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    Stealthmode@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    What you really need are shards. Just about everything you have can be replaced with something better that can be purchased with void shards. See my list of level 80 TSO ranger gear here: http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/...topic_id=443992
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    Currently my main is a Guardian and one of my alts is a Ranger. If you are getting aggro from your tank, you are probably starting out to heavy on the DPS when combat starts.
    Also, If a DPS class is consistently getting aggro from me even with my hate reducer on them, I ask them to slow down a bit. If they don't then I let them die a few times. Eventually they get the message.
    Aggro control is not just a tanks job! If you are a DPS class watch your hate and use your deaggro CA's when needed. Slow up on your attack if you are getting close to taking aggro from the tank.
    Watch your aggro meter!. :D
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    Raahl wrote:
    It's not starting out heavy really. Keep in mind that our auto-attack hits pretty hard from the get go.
    And yes, it's the tanks job to aggro control. It's the dps classes job to de-aggro control. Asking a dps class to slow down during a fight is like asking a tank to slow down his hate. I mean...it's not that hard now with the hate meter in place.
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    Zizzu@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    You can be the guy in a pug who constantly rips aggro from the tank, or you can be the guy that adjusts so as to not rip aggro... it is really your choice when you are a powerful enough dps class.
    I lie, there is one more choice, making your own groups with tanks you trust and the classes they need to hold aggro off of you, and only grouping with those that do the same.
    Raiding is of course a bit different then grouping, and your main tank and offtank group generally will have enough aggro production that you do not have to worry about aggro once the mob is in place.
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    Noih@Kithicor wrote:
    I don't do Pugs. Therefore, I never have that issue of ripping. It's amazing when people know how to play there class.
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    Ranja wrote:
    I have a AA mirror should I be thinking of dong perfectionist for raids and the intoxication for groups and solo? or shoudl I be thinking perfectionist for groups and raids. ANd about the new TSO lines what is the best set up for a ranger?
  10. ARCHIVED-Ranja Guest

    Alenna@Guk wrote:
    Perfectionist for everything now. Intox wont get its full ticks in a group or solo, so it is a waste. And when they removed spell crit from preds, intox no longer crits so it is even more useless in raids.
  11. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    with the change in flurry and AOE should we make any changes in the predator tree AA allocation?
  12. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Depends really. If you know there is going to be a lot of Ae content I'd drop Intoxication for Surrounding Attacks. But if you know your going to be working on a single target encounter a lot I'd use Intox.
    Personally I imagine I won't be switching much if at all. Stamina line gives a nice HP boost which is awesome for HM raid stuff and I can still get 5 points in Toxic expertise with surrounding Attacks maxed out.
  13. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    Neiloch@Kithicor wrote:
    I think I'll try that and see what how that does. since I don't have to do the end of either line if I don't want to.
    hmm looks like we should be asking for a pocket AA mirror so
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    Zizzu@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    From a tank point of view (and someone who also plays a few DPS classes) I can say that LOTS of dpsers can and do out 'hate gain' the tank. (even my monk can pull agro without using any taunts, just pure DPS an it isnt a real dps class) It does not matter what the tank does, DPS will rip agro right off him if they do not use their de-hate properly (or not use it at all) or if they line up their CAs with big hits too close together.
    The main issue with PUG is if the DPS is significantly better gear than the tank there is no way the tank can hold agro. If they are relatively equal gear then it gets much easier to deal with.
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    Looking for some feedback on my current AA build. Just getting into my first few raids and trying to not suck to bad!
    My AA Build
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    JustBenHere wrote:
    Well you got all the big stuff right, except you need to max out 'cut arteries' in the TSO tree. Thats a big one for rangers on basically any fight that lasts long enough for bloody reminder's full duration.
  17. ARCHIVED-JustBenHere Guest

    Think Ill drop 5 points from Arrow Reclamation and swap em over to that. Thanks for the heads up!
  18. ARCHIVED-EQ2Magroo Guest

    JustBenHere wrote:
    Personally I'd lose the 10 points in the Shadow Tree for Focused Attacks and Hunter's Accuracy.
    You will find that you burn through the 60 procs of Makeshift Arrows before the recast timer counts down, so increasing it to 78 procs is going to mean more uptime.
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    Hello. I have been gone from the game a while, been back about a month, a lot has changed in 3 years. I am currently playing a previous alt ranger, and it wil be my main toon now. Right now she is level 34 with 70 AA. The.problem I am having is the Predator tree will only let me spend 50 points there, is this a adv level issue? I read that someone spent 67 points in Pred tree. Also, are there level restrictions on any other trees?
  20. ARCHIVED-Cabler Guest

    Also, the Hero tree says I dont have the required expansion. Thought I had them all, which am I missing?