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Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Effidian, May 3, 2008.

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    Anekuh wrote:
    I think he's saying: needing the deaggro on top of the other 2 we already have. Lately my tank has been good enough (in group settings) that I can just rely on bliss and hit the green deaggo only occasionally.
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    I'm a level 80 Ranger and I'm always looking for improvement. Current build is agl>84481, Int>86441 and Wis>84 Still have 7 points to go. Ranger side focused on Multishot, Poison and Focusing.
    With doing alot of reading I was wondering on changing to the following: Agl>47481, Int>44681 and Sta>4484 to add about 1K of hit points for more survival. The added wisdom and the deaggro is nice but if my tank has me amended, I really do not need the deaggro buff. I use Bliss, Mental breach and Enfeebling Poison.
    I was just wondering if it is basically a personal choice, or do I need to get a little more ruthless in my choices of acheivements. Looking at the bottom line of how useful I can be in both groups and raids.
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    Mirkanon wrote:
    Groups - If you're not pulling aggro, you don't need the hp.
    Solo - If it never reaches you, you don't need the hp.
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    Mirkanon wrote:
    You are DPS. The STA line is really not that good unless you want to pretend tank. If you are " Looking at the bottom line of how useful I can be in both groups and raids." then you need to do the most DPS your class is capable of. This means not spec'ing the STA line. With the recent changes that Aerlick gave us the best build for max DPS is Agi,Int, Str (without perfectionist if you raid) Maybe perfectionist is better over intox if you group more.
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    could someone explain to me the 4418 agi (2 more points) to me? is that his overal agi and then he put 2 points in to it?
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    Waverebel00 wrote:
    It means that you should spend 4 points on each of the first 3 items in the preditor agility line, then 8 points on the 4th (Ranged Expertise). Finally you need to spend 2 more points on any of the first 3 items in order to get to the required 22 points you need to then select the 5th item in this line. The OP makes no specific recommendation, however I would suggest you spend these last two points on the 2nd item (point blank shot), giving you a final spec of 46482 agi.
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    Just a clarification coming from the PVP side of things. I maxed out pathfinding evac and snare on the predator tree. Are those wasted points? I don't see anyone else mentioning them here.
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    You are PvP and have different needs. It is crucial to keep your 'friends' at the greatest possible distance away from you to succeed. ;)
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    im specced a bit differently but somewhat similar

    str : 4448
    agi : 46481
    int : 74481
    this is pretty common now the difference gets out!

    ranger achievement tree:
    5 caustic
    5 fettering poisons (which is still broke)
    5 ancillary poisons
    1 conservation (which got fixed the other day)

    snare 5
    immobolizing lunge 5
    roped shot 5

    dance of the forest 2
    focus fire 5
    honed reflexes 5
    killing instinct 5
    extension 1

    searing shot 5
    fittest survival 5
    triple burst 5
    shower of arrows 5
    double arrow 1

    i am a raid ranger but with this setup i can solo pretty much anything altough ya dont really need AAs to solo anything as a ranger! i didnt get the pf AAs cause i got him to 80 jeweling and did the craft quest for the soltice earring which gives more then enaugh runspeed trouhgout the game also with jboots and the panic ring can get it up to 75% and it doesnt stack on top of pf so i saved 5 AAs there tried the stream of arrow lines a bit but figured it was just not worth having over the soloability stuff so removed those 5 points too! now i used to have only 4 in fettering cause it was broken but cause i never use my defensive stance anyways figured might aswell but it in there in hope of them fixing it / crosses fingers
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    Guys, why dont you get the last abillity in STR path ?

    Its really good, your sniper shot recast is 10min not 15 and it's making 15% better DMG.

    Just wondering why ?
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    Hawkman14 wrote:
    Because it sucks that is why:) It affects two abilitys and that is it: Sniper and Shower. Intox gives you more DPS. However, if you only group Perfectionist might be better. But in a raid setting it has been proven again and again that intox gives you more DPS.
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  13. ARCHIVED-Ranja Guest

    Vifarc wrote:
    Interesting. How is it working? Do you use a shield? I kinda wish rangers had a round shield line. It would be nice. Do you tank for your group regularly?

    Can i ask why you did not just roll a tank if you wanted to tank? Or a rogue(brig or swash) they are phenonemal tanks.
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    I did a solo spec just to increase survivability on nameds in JW and KJ. Rolling another toon would take several months to get to 80 whereas my Ranger is 80 but is tuned for grouping right now. Love that AA mirror.
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    Ranja wrote:
    I use shield when I solo, or when I tank for my group. I dual-wield when in group (if not tanking of course).
    I rarely tank for my group, maybe once every two months, but then I am actually fierce. And as a power-puller, I rarely loose aggro.
    As a character, I prefer scouts, then tanks in second. Yep, my main is a Ranger, but my alt is an off-tank Paladin, and my third is a MA Brigand.
    I love running fast, safe fall, breathing underwater (EQ1), stealth, etc, thats why I am a Ranger. I like much the bow, but I prefer blades and toe-to-toe. I like much tanking, but I prefer being support than leader... You see
    As a solo player, I am very disapointed when I kill my mob before she reaches me: I want to trade some blade carings with.
    I know this template is not really wanted for serious raids ...
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    Not end game hardcore raids, but you can tank raids as a ranger...I used to a lot pre tier 8. dont be the hero, not MT on x4s, but MA on pets, Ive 1 grpd raided contested many times in my travels. Rangers can tank, just not as GOOD as other classes.
    Anyway, my specs are full agi, partial str, partial int, 2 paths in ranger line, about 98 AA so far, lvl 78 ranger. I know I screwed my aa up, never really studied it. And now the shadow tree adds even more considerations. Ill write down my exact tree paths tonight and post them here. Im not the best dps, used to be but not anymore. Too much needs to be done to get me where I need to be, but AA trees are a start.
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    Stealthmode@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    A start would be to move your partial points in str and int into one line. I would fill out Int to max crits (dont get intox if you dont raid ) and then once you have Agi, Int, Double attack and Extension and 5 in causitc - you can work TSO or finish up to get Conservation.
    Conservation does not affect DPS but it does help our wallets.
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    Sure it does. Conservation increases trigger amount on damage dealing poisons.
  19. ARCHIVED-glowsinthedark Guest

    That doesn't increase DPS, just means that you don't have to buy as many poisons.
  20. ARCHIVED-Orcendread Guest

    You are right. I always read "trigger" as an increase in the proc rate. You just get more triggers off of a single potion. Thanks.