Raid Progression Screwy: Boost HM Drunder Loot.

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Geothe, May 7, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    Mathrim@Unrest_old wrote:
    I think its pretty much 100%. "War runes are remaining" and "Items that had red slots will keep them".
    IE, item slots that had red slots for war runes are remaining in game and will continue to accept those runes. I'm sure that means that you wont also get some other proc on the charm/cloack/belt/ranged, but will continus to use war runes for them if you want to run those pieces.
    It opens up more viable options in combining procs between dov 1.0 and dov 2.0, overall a really nice thing to see.
    My gripe is more how and why the considered Skyshrine done and ready to release without also including this itemization? Awefully late to finally come around on it, and its a darn shame considering how many people already left game that likely would still be around if this had all been done cohesively.
  2. ARCHIVED-CrypticEnigma Guest

    Atan@Unrest wrote:
    Damm you Atan the devs had extremely important things to spend development time instead of fixing borked itemization like dungeon finder/dungeon maker and SOEMote....why do you think outstanding class balance issues and broken and outdated game mechanics are not on the radar.
    /sarcasim off
  3. ARCHIVED-Wilin Guest

    Atan@Unrest wrote:
    As a HM solo healer, I still run Drunder HM charms, belt and weapons on tougher fights just to get the red slots because many of the new procs are bleh.
  4. ARCHIVED-crackers_87 Guest

    As you can see SoE is not any good with proc's. It is bad when you get proc's on most group zone drops, but almost none on the raid gear. The raid gear we do get with proc's on then have the same proc on them that will not stac.They were better off with the Red Slots, that way we could use what we needed for our toons. On top of that, were is the Deagro-Dehate porc's that we had before? You need to put red slots back on all raid items SoE and let us use the proc's the we need. Also the if your going to upgrade the drunder loot you need to upgrade all of it. ((((((The Old Drunder Loot Too))))))
  5. ARCHIVED-Jrel Guest

    Okay, we got a few "upgrade" drops from the first 5 names in HM Sullon. These still need to be tweaked.
    Dominant Stilleto of Endless Laceration - Damage Rating is still the same as Underdepths Mallet, and is level 90.
    Actually, all the upgraded drops are level 90. Not a big deal however... level 90 weapons do less on a mob than level 92 iirc.
    Also, the level 90 armor has LESS MITIGATION than level 92 armor, about 0.2%. With all 7 pieces of armor, you'll have 1.4% total less mitigation. Not a big deal to me, but our tanks don't like it.
    Dominant Seraphic Shoes (cloth mage) got left out of the upgrade loop. It has a total of 3 blue stats:
    9.3% Spell Wpn Atk Spd, 10.6 CB and 10.6 Pot ... and of course, less mitigation. Mages wanted to mute them, but we convinced them the boots might be "fixed" later.
    Compare that to Skyshrine EM raid boots: 24% Spell Wpn Atk Spd, 24% Spell Wpn MA, 10 CB/Pot and 13.5% Ab Cstng Spd
  6. ARCHIVED-Atombomb Guest

    Guys, lvl 90 weapons do the same amount of damage as lvl 92.. easy to test..

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